Clara Walker Autograph Book

Clara Walker's Autograph

In the possession of and contributed by Jean Witherington

Belonged to Clara M Walker born in 1868 at Four mile Point near Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY.

She was the sister of Ira Gage Walker, Minna B Saunders, Wellington Walker, George Washington Walker and Inez Worden ; daughter of William Walker and Hannah A Bedell.

Clara Walker married Joseph Clairmont in 1890.

William Walker was the son of John Walker and Mary Kennedy

Hannah A Bedell was the daughter of Thomas P Bedell and Rhoda M Brewster.


Name                                 Address                                     Date                                 Comment

L C Campbell                 Castleton, NY                         Nov 13, 1883

John Kennedy                 Coxsackie, NY                        May 1, 1885

P.R Bedell                        Coxsackie, NY                        Nov 22, 1885

M N Hansburg                Coxsackie, NY                        March 11, 1888

Mrs Adelaide Dedrick   Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY     No date

Ira G Walker                    Scotch Plains, NJ                     Oct 6, 1886

E A Seeley                        no city                                       June 2, 1885

Agnes A Seeley                     "                                            June, 2, 1885             Your great Aunt

Hanna P Broussean       Schodack Landing, NY            Jan 6, 1886

Mrs John W Van Dyck  no city                                         Oct 18, 1884

Alfred Walker                Newburg, Orange Co, NY       Jan 14, 1888              your uncle John Alfred?)

Annie Stranahan            Athens, Greene Co, NY           Nov 13, 1883

J C Kennedy                   Pittsfield, Mass                         Dec 19, 1886             your uncle (John)

Ida M Miller                   Coxsackie, NY                          Mar 25 1886

C W Backus                    Coxsackie, NY                          Nov 17, 1885

Frank N Stranahan        Athens, Greene Co, NY            Nov 13 1883

Kate M Campbell         no city                                         April 22, 1885             your friend

Ada B McIntyre             Canaan, Conn                            June 15, 1887                         "

R C Martin                      Schodack Landing, NY           Feb 15, 1886 "

Minnie Saunders           no city                                        Dec 16, 1884                 your sister (Minnie Walker)

Maggie C Campbell           "                                              Apr 22, 1885                 Your friend

F A? Campbell               Coxsackie, NY                           Apr 22, 1885

Joseph A Salois              Phenise?, RI                                6 Aug 1885                   Cousin

Mrs R Bedell                  Coxsackie, NY                             Jun 8, 1884

Etta K Sayest?                Coxsackie, NY                              Nov 27. ?                      Cousin

Emma Broussean          Schodack Landing, NY               Sep 23, 1885                  Friend

M Louise Bronssean     Schodack Landing, NY              Jan 6, 1886                      Locust Bank

Addison Bedell             Coxsackie, NY                             June 8, 1884

Alex Prince                     Newburgh, NY                           September 10, 1886

Alfa Dederick                 Staten Island, NY                       Dec 9, 1887                      Cousin

Annie E Spoor                Coxsackie, NY                            May 16, 1886                          "

Minnie Flansburg          Coxsackie, NY                            April 1, 1887                    friend

Mrs G A Bedell              Coxsackie, NY                            Nov 22, 1885                    Aunt

Nettie Reed                     Schodack Landing, NY             no date                             friend

Winnie "Dude" Bronssean Schodack Landing, NY        Jan 7, 1886

J Stevens Schermerhorn Castleton, NY                             no date

Fannie Martin                 Schodack Landing, NY              2-4-86

William C Hoffman     Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY         April 5, 1887                    friend

George Walker             Coxsackie, NY                              May 8, 1885                     Uncle

Mrs Myron Bedell        Coxsackie, NY                             Jan 28, 1888                       friend?

Myron Bedell                Coxsackie, NY                             June 7, 1884

Lottie Walker                 no city                                         May 8, 1885                        aunt

Josie Stratton                 Newburgh, NY                           Sept 5, 1886                        friend

Maggie Gilmore           Newburgh, NY                           July 12, 1884

Mr Archie McNeal       Newburgh, NY                            Sep 7, 1886

Wm Stranahan             Athens, NY                                   Nov 14, 1883

Minnie I Russ               Catskill, NY                                 Sep 26, 1884                       friend

Fred G Page                  Coxsackie, NY                             Nov 19, 1885

W J Bedell                     Coxsackie, NY                              Nov 18, 1885

Erwin Kennedy            Pottsfield, Mass                            1888                                   Cousin

Mrs H Stranahan          Athens, NY                                     Nov 19, 1883

Libbie Donnery            Albany, NY                                    Sept 13, 1887                    friend

Janet F? Taylor             no city                                              June 24, 1884

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