Catskill 1865 Mortality Schedule

Mortality Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Deaths occurring in the Town of Catskill in the County of Green, NY during the year ending June 1, 1865, excepting those persons in the service of the United States, or from wounds or disease acquired in said service.


Name of Person Deceased Age Sex Color Civil Condition Date of Death Native State or Country Trade or Occupation Disease or Cause of Death
First Election District
Wm. C. Van Loan 48 M W M 16-May Ulster Carpenter Heart
Peleg Mattoon 44 M W M 1-Jun Greene ?? Fever
Phebe Morehouse 78 F W W 19-Jan Mass Old Age
Frank Elmdupe 62 M B M 16-Nov Ulster Laborer Debility
Joseph Joesbury 45 M W M 14-Apr England Printer Accidental
Cornelius Newkirk 56 M W M 12-May Ulster Laborer Consumption
M.S. Vedder 38 M W M 10-May Greene ?? Bileroy Coleo
Jane Selleck 68 F M W 2-Feb New York Fever
Mrs. Brandow 69 F W W 5-Jan Greene Fever
Miss Brandow 36 F W S 28-Feb Greene Consumption
W. Casgelb? Infant 4 F W S 20-Feb Greene Infancy
Eliz. Cross 82 F B W 3-Jan Col. Old Age
Mary V. Shenbye? 28 F W M 12-Apr Greene Consumption
Mary V. Ssluyway? 1 F W M 30-Apr Consumption
Second Election District
Maria Stacy 3m F W S 13-Aug NY Dropsy on the Bowels
Ida M. Abrams 8y9m F W S 8-Oct NY Typhoid Fever
Charles Brandow 46 M W M 16-Sep NY Farmer Typhoid Fever
Catharina Cling 55 F W M 8-Aug Germany Finisher Heart Disease
Lizzie B. Secord 1 F W S 12-Jul NY Congestion of the Brain
Mary Davis 9w F W S December NY Cramp of the Stomach
William Wrigley 41 M W M 15-Jun England Inn Keeper Inflamation on Kidneys
Thomas Brooks 29 M W M 11-Jun England Loom Fixer Drowned
Alice Timmerman 4 F W S 17-Jun NY Inflamation on Brain
Emma F. Wood 2y6m F W S November 2 NY Dyptheria
Third Election District
Hozen Lasher 52 M W M 1-Sep New York Farmer Bilous Fever
Jane C. Pelham 50 F W S


New York Liver Complaint
Fourth Election District
David Yound 10 M W S 5-Dec New York Struck by Chain of Hay Press
George Post 8y1m M W S 16-Jan N. York Dropsy
Sallie Smith 50 F W M 25-Mar New York Apoplexy
Minie Finger 6m F W S 29-Jan New York Dysentary
Asa Magee 10 M W S 20-Aug New York Dropsy
Paul Troumpbour 72 M W M 22-Nov New York Farmer Consumption
Willie Dederick 4m M W S 25-Apr New York Inflamationon the Lungs
William Mason 55 M W M 6-Jun Germany Gardner Tumor
Seth Eliott 72 M W M 26-Sep New Hampshire Farmer Heart Disease


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