Cairo 1850 Mortality Schedule

Mortality Schedule from the 
Census of 1850 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Persons who died during the year ending June 1st 1850

Name Age Sex Color (White, Mulatto, Black) Free or Slave Married or Widow Place of Birth Month Died Profession, Occupation or Trade Disease or Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
James Webster 91       M Conn February Farmer Old Age 120
Brazilla Borton 48         Conn May Bell Founder Typhoid Fever 11
Samuel Rackmire 64         NY November Farmer Consumption 28
Aaron Stone 82       M NY September Shoemaker Old Age 28
Josephine Abeel 17             NY February   Consumption 63
Wm. Henry Norton 4 months         NY January   Consumption 60
Emeline Norton 35         NY December   Consumption 40
Samuel Runyan 51         NY July None Consumption 515
Mary Broadbent 73         NY September   Consumption 3y
Ann Heusted 28         NY April   Consumption 11/2 y
Hannah Knapp 68         NY March   Consumption 100   
Samuel L. Hayes 53       M NY October Cal. Dropsy 2m
John A. Scribner 38         NY September Boatman Mumps 42
Sherwood W. Day 1         NY September   Chol. Inf 6
Margaret Crooker 73         Mass. December   Diarrhea 96
Peter Parks 25         NY May   Consumption 1y
John Cornwall 40       M NY November Hatter Dissentary 4m


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