Bronk Family Cemetery

Bronk Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the grounds of the historic Bronk Museum, Rte 9W, Town of Coxsackie. The Museum is situated across the road from the Coxsackie Correctional Facility. The cemetery is surrounded by a white wooden fence and is very well maintained. About 20 yards from the family cemetery is an area designated as the slave cemetery. Thirteen fieldstones mark the graves of slaves of the family. In addition, two headstones are located here and are detailed below. 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf November 8, 2000

  1. Robert Bronk, d. January 16, 1837, aged 47y11m17d. For 23 years a Minister of the gospel and for 21 years a pastor of the R.D. Church in Watervliet. He was an uncommonly logical and warm hearted preacher.
  2. Catharine, d. May 20, 1833, aged 37y8m7d, w/o Robert Bronk
  3. Alida Caroline, d. March 7, 1831, aged 8y8m, d/o Robert and Catharine Bronk
  4. John, d. July 11, 1833, aged 3y8m21d, s/o Robert and Catharine Bronk
  5. Catharine Delamater, eldest d/o Rev. Robert and Catharine Bronk, d. July 26, 1842, aged 26y
  6. In Memory of Leonard Bronk, d. April 22, 1828, aged 76y11m
  7. In Memory of Catharine, d. January 22, 1812, aged 58y4m, w/o Leonard Bronk

Slave Section:

  1. Ezra Bronk, d. September 3, 1898, aged 68y, Co. H 8th Reg. Priv. Col. Troops
  2. Mary Ann, d. January 8, 1880, aged 48y, w/o Peter Hotaling

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