Brandt Family Cemetery

Brandt Family 

From, Volume #1, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1969. Recorded November 1962 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

On a dead end road running south and branching off the Leeds- Cauterskill Road just before it crosses the Thru-Way as you approach from the west. About 1/4 mile down on this road behind the home of C. Van Zile, this road known as the Paul Horn Road. Plot in very bad condition overgrown with tall brush and small trees. Has been a large plot, only two stones standing rest down. In a few years (from 1962) it will be hard to find the plot.

John Brandt born Jan 2, 1789 died Dec. 2, 1863 aged 74 yrs 11 mo.

Catharine Brandt, wife of John Brandt died Jan 28, 1843 aged 53 yrs.

Laney M. Plank, wife of Peter Brandt born Nov. 19, 1806 died April 20, 1866.

Peter Brandt born Oct. 16, 1814 died March 12, 1879.

Burlington, son of Laney and Peter Brandt born Nov. 20, 1848 died July 9, 1849.

Elizabeth M. Brandt, daughter of Peter and Lana M. Brandt died June 16, 1883 aged 38 yrs., 11 mo.

Reginald Brandt, son of Watson and Gertrude Brandt born Jan 3, 1888 died Jan. 23 1889.

Maggie Layman, daughter of Isaac and Sallie M. Layman died March 14, 1876 aged 10 yrs., 5 mo, 21 days.

Charity G. Plank, daughter of Isaac N. and Electra G. Plank died July 2, 1882 aged 10 yrs, 9 mo.

Electra G. Spring Plank, wife of Isaac N. Plank died July 20, 1884 aged 31 yrs, 1 mo.

Margaret A. Brandt born Sept 23, 1851 died Feb. 24, 1876.

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