Athens Mortality Schedule 1850 Census

Mortality Schedule from the 
Census of 1850 ~
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Persons who died during the year ending June 1st 1850

Name Age Sex Color (White, Mulatto, Black) Free or Slave Married or Widow Place of Birth Month Died Profession, Occupation or Trade Disease or Cause of Death Number of Days Ill
Francis W. Spoor 1 M       NY August   Dropsy 28
Margaret Woolsey 40 F       NY May   Consumption 7
Anna Morton 10         NY April   Inflammation, Rheumatism 7
Maria Halenbeck 1         NY March   Con Br__ 7
Charles Van Loan 2 months         NY October   Spasmodic 2m
Rebecca Coon 4 months         NY November   Inf. Lung 20
Alice Clough 4         NY July   In Bran ? 14
Catharine Cosby 35         NY September   Disentry 7
Margaret Angevine 56         NY July   Aff. Heart  
John B. Coffin 56         NY June Boat Captain Cholera 2
Richard M. Brown 50         NY August Shoemaker Cholera  1/2
Richard Griffen 40         Ireland September Laborer Consumption 6
Joseph Nott 16         NY August Laborer Dropsy 8
Rebecca Van Loan 2         NY March   Fits 2
Joseph Sager 27         NY August Farmer Consumption 100
Helena Hallenbeck 3         NY January   Dropsy 14
Mary Buckley 6         NY February   Palsy 60
William Buckley 3         NY February   Palsy 7
Caterine Buckley 2 months         NY February   Brain Fever 7
Jack Groom 80         NY September Farmer Old Age 24
Howard Paslow 11 months         NY August   Con Bran 14
David H. Smith 1         NY July   Dysentry 14
Helen Day 10 months         NY March   Whooping cough 7
Mary E. Decker 3 months         NY February   Inf. Lungs 12
Sally Perry 21         NY April   Consumption 24
Edgar Bradt 10 months         NY April   Meales 6
Almira White 74         NY May   Old Age  
Allen Dederick 11 months         NY September   Dysentry 28
Staats de Groot 6 months         NY August   Chol. Infan 14
Silas Dean 51         NY August Carpenter Cholera 1
Maria de Groot 80         NY August   Old Age  
Albert de Groot 64         NY November Farmer Apoplexy  
Wm. I. Hallenbeck 60         NY April Farmer Palsy 1y
Deborah Cash 59         NY October   Consumption 90


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