Armstrong Family Cemetery

Armstrong Family

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This cemetery is located on the east side of King's Road in the Town of Coxsackie, about one quarter of a mile from the junction of Plank Road and King's Road. It is situated in a clump of trees about 200 yards in from the road as you come from Plank Road. It is in poor condition, with many stones fallen and buried under the leaf litter.

Transcription by Sylvia Hasenkopf on November 9, 2001 

1. Annatia Jonas, b. January 12, 1749, d. January 13, 1815, aged 64y11m

2. James N., s/o David and Eliza C. Mead, d. April 19, 1835, aged 1y5m

3. Richard Hallenbeck, d. June 6, 1866, aged 29y

4. Henry A. Armstrong, d. March 30, 1875, aged 29y4m

5. Broken stone

6. William Armstrong, d. July 30, 1889, aged 76y3m

7. Judith Vosburgh, w/o William Armstrong, d. May 18, 1883, aged 71y11m

8. Julia Ann, d/o Wm. and Judith Armstrong, d. March 14, 1864, aged 13y7m

9. Sarah Catharine, d/o Wm. and Judith Armstrong, d. March 27, 1841, aged 5y1m22d

10. Sylvester Armstrong, d. October 7, 1838, aged 20y11m18d

11. John S., s/o Wm. and Judith Armstrong, d. September 2_, 186(3?), aged 20y7m12d

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