Angle Family Cemetery

Angle Family Cemetery


G 34 - 38 Beech Ridge Road, Town of Lexington
Above, to the right, is a photo of the Angle Barn, near the cemetery
Above, to the left, is a photo of the cemetery
Photos courtesy of Barbara Thompson

Submitted by Carole Truesdell

ANGLE, Melissa A., d. Nov. 29, 1881, aged 50y, w/o Wm. L. PLANCK
PLANCK, William L., d. Dec. 22, 1902, aged 72y8m22d
        " One precious to our hearts has gone
          a voice we loved to hear is stilled
          The place made vacant in our home
          Can nevermore be filled"
PLANCK, Addison J., b. 1867, d. 1884
         "Gone but not forgotten"
PLANCK, Newton G, d. August 29,1884, aged 22y4d, s/o Wm. L. and Melissa PLANCK
ANGLE, Daniel, d. Dec 2,1840, aged 107y
" He was born in the city of Brunswick in Germany.  He came to this country under Bourgoyne.  Was 3 years a soldier of the Revolutionary Army from which he was honorably discharged at West Point.  For his service he received a pension from the government.  He lived and died an honest and exemplary man in the hope and belief of blessed immortality."
ANGLE , Catherine, d. February 12, 1813, aged 56y6m, w/o Daniel ANGLE
ANGLE, Madison P., d. Apr. 8, 1856, aged 18y11m29d, s/o Christopher and Amy ANGLE
ANGLE, Daniel E., d. Aug. 27, 1856, aged 28y9m14d, s/o Christopher and Amy ANGLE
ANGLE, Mary E., d. May 22, 1867, aged 37y9d, w/o Henry H. RIVENBURGH
           " Dear brother I have come
             I long to be with you
             My days on earth are done
             I bid this world adieu"
Father and Mother
ANGLE, Christopher, d. April 2, 1882, aged 85y2m23d
Amy, d. Sept. 11, 1885, 84y7m14d, w/o Christopher (ANGLE)
HUBBARD, Valeria C., d. October 24, 1872, 23y2m21d
HUBBARD, Franky, d. aged 1y8m25d, s/o Dennis H. and Harriet HUBBARD
HUBBARD, Dennis H., b. Sept. 9, 1817, d. October 30,1888
ANGLE Harriet, b. October 29, 1824, d. January 10, 1893, w/o Dennis HUBBARD

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