Van Schaack Family Cemetery Van Schaack Family Cemetery

Van Vechten Family

This is an abandoned cemetery of some size, with no stone wall or fence of any kind to mark its perimeter. The burials are spread over a fairly large area, with many fieldstones to mark burials. The cemetery is in very poor condition and it is probable that there are many buried tombstones or markers under the leaf litter of generations.

The cemetery is located on the east side of Cold Spring Rd. in the Town of Coxsackie, about one mile north of the Athens/Coxsackie town line. There is a long driveway to the right and the cemetery is about 50 feet in and another 200 feet south of that driveway on a little knoll in the forest.

Transcribed February 4, 2006 by Sylvia Hasenkopf


  1. In Memory of Labechie Van Vachten, d. August 31, 1790, aged 73y
  2. In Memory of Isaac Witbeck, d. August 30, 1793, aged 55y
  3. R.W. (footstone only)
  4. R.M.W. (footstone only)
  5. In Memory of Rebecca Van Schaack, w/o Caspar I. Hallenbeck, with her babe by her side, d. September 25, 1819, aged 31y11m2d
  6. John R. Gay, d. October 1832, 39th year of his life
  7. In Memory of Hannah and babe, consort of Asahel Pelton, d. October 26, 1822, in the 31st year of her age
  8. In Memory of William Cornwell, d. May 12, 1829, in the 86th year of his age
  9. Mr. Thomas Day (no dates or age)
  10. A.I.V.S. (footstone only)
  11. In Memory of William Cornwell, s/o Gilbert and Rhoda Cornwell, d. May 2, 1816, in the 19th year of his age
  12. Henry and Jane, son and daughter of Gilbert and Rhoda Cornwell, Henry d. January 26, 1812, aged 10m, Jane d. July 9, 1814, 4w
  13. George, s/o Wm. and Susanah Edwards, d. June 2, 1811, in the 4th year of his age
  14. In Memory of John Cornwell, s/o Lewis and Mary Cornwell, d. April 4, 1813, aged 2y4m
  15. James, s/o Peter and Mary Cornwell, d. January 13, 1825, aged 1y7m5d
  16. In Memory of Betsey Barker, d. September 5, 1795, aged 1y1m11d (fieldstone)
  17. R.B. (no other details)
  18. Ba____ Bal___n, of England (broken fieldstone)
  19. James, (missing) from England, d. August 12, 1789 (fieldstone)

DAR Records Vol. 580 Pgs. 97 - 103, Prepared by Hannah W. WHITTLE, for On-Ti-Ora Chapter
Presented to NYS Library 1988

Clarifications of stones listed above:

5. This transcription states she died in 1849

7. from Mass.

8. CORNWALL, Hannah, his wife, aged 68y, Dec. 31, 1882     (Note: the year must be incorrect as she was born abt 1758-SH)

9. DAY, Thomas, aged 60y, Oct. 11, 1808
    Sarah, his wife, aged 81y, May 3, 1838

16. Possibly Baker

Stones that could not be found in 2006L

  1. Rachel Clow,  d. April 1, 1792, aged ?
  2. Christopher Brown, d. February 7, 1850, aged 51y
  3. Richard Whitbeck, b. June 25, 1773, d. April 20, 1866
  4. Roxanna A. Parsens, (Marie), his third wife, b. February 22, 1796, d. January 3, 1880 (possibly attached to Richard Whitbeck)
  5. Alma Charlot Tiffney, d/o William and Sarah Tiffney, b. March 16, 1824, d. February 6, 1825

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