Van Orden Family Cemetery

Van Orden Family

From, Volume #2, Cemetery Records of Old Burying Grounds in the Town of Catskill 1946-1969. Recorded April 1965 by Dorothy and Walter Smith. Retyped by Celeste MacCormack.

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A Van Orden burying ground on the very tip of Greene Point along the Hudson River, this forms the north end of Inbocht Bay. In a pasture, no fence, a fence at one time as there are some wood posts left. One stone broken off and one stone down. Site visited in July 2001 by Sylvia Hasenkopf. All remnants of the fence are gone and stones are engulfed in vegetation. Stone for Emily is gone, stone for Almeda is on the ground and stone for Mary is broken in half. Could not find Snyder name on Mary's stone.

Samuel D. Van Orden died April 16, 1883 aged 23 yrs, 2 mo, 6 days.

Almeda C. Van Orden died Dec. 19, 1886 aged 21 yrs, 8 mo 7 days.

Mary Elizabeth Snyder, wife of Samuel Van Orden died Jan 18, 1862 (or 63) aged 38 yrs, 3 mo 11 days. This on a short wide double stone.

To the memory of two infant sons of Samuel and Mary Elizabeth Van Orden.

Emily -- daughter of Jacob T. B. and Catherine Van Orden died Sept 4, 1857 aged 2 yrs, 11 mo, 18 days.

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