1896 Town of Durham

The Town of Durham
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Deborah A. Abrams---farmer 51 acres   PO Cornwallville
Henry Abrams---farmer 51 acres   PO Cornwallville
Henry E. Abrams---farmer   PO East Durham
Miller Abrams---laborer   PO East Durham
Nelson Abrams---laborer  1 acre   PO Durham
Charles Alger---laborer   PO East Durham
Hiram Alger---mechanic   PO Oak Hill
Henry Andrus---laborer   PO Sunside
Lyman Angle---farmer   PO Durham
David Anthony---PO Durham
Fred S. Anthony---moulder   PO Oak Hill
George D. Anthony---laborer   PO Durham
Harriet C. Anthony---housekeeper   PO Oak Hill
Henry Anthony---farmer 30 acres   PO Durham
Herman D. Anthony---moulder  PO Oak Hill
Watson Anthony---laborer   PO Durham
William G. Anthony---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Joseph Armstrong---farmer 50 acres   PO South Durham
Lillie J. Armstrong---farmer 49 acres   PO South Durham
Charles W. Arnold---shoemaker   PO Oak Hill
Mary Augustus---housekeeper   PO Oak Hill
Melvin Augustus---teamster   PO Oak Hill
Arthur Austin---laborer   PO Cornwallville
Garwood Austin---laborer   PO Cornwallville
Porter Austin---laborer   PO Cornwallville  

Alberti Baker---lawyer   PO Oak Hill
Amanda Baker, Mrs.---widow   PO Cornwallville
Arcelia E. Baker---milliner  1 acre   PO Durham
Charles J. Baker---moulder   PO Cornwallville
Reuben Baker---miller    PO Oak Hill
Hezekiah Baldwin---farmer  PO Norton Hill
John S. G. Baldwin---farmer   PO Durham
Joseph Baldwin---town clerk---PO Durham
Martha C. Baldwin---seamstress  1 acre   PO Durham
William Baldwin---farmer 177 acres   PO Durham
Henry Barker---laborer   PO East Durham
Joseph Barlow---farmer 90 acres   PO East Durham
Edwin Barnes---farmer 45 acres   PO South Durham
Froman Bartholomew---laborer   PO East Durham
Burton Bascom---salesman---PO Durham
Christopher R. Bascom---carpenter   PO Durham
George Bascom---clerk   PO Durham
Jeremiah B. Bascom---mechanic   PO Durham
William Bascom---farmer 85 acres   PO Durham
Joseph Bear---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Peter Bear---farmer 61 acres   PO Norton Hill
Henry Becker---farmer---PO Oak Hill
Peter H. Becker---teamster   PO East Durham
Ward C. Becker---hotel keeper and postmaster   PO East Windham
Adelbert Bell---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Sally Bell---seamstress---PO Oak Hill
Harvey J. Bell---farmer   PO Oak Hill
William P. Bell---expressman   PO Oak Hill
Dewitt Benjamin---merchant   PO East Durham
James Benn---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Lawrence Benton---laborer 3 acres   PO Durham
Addison J. Blakeslee---laborer   PO Durham
Amasa Blakeslee---farmer 123 acres   PO Durham
William Blakeslee---laborer   PO Durham
Edward Bliss---laborer   PO Durham
Melvin Bogardus---laborer   PO East Durham
Melvin Bogardus---laborer   PO South Durham
Myron Bogardus---postmaster   PO South Durham
William G. Bogardus---farmer 57 acres   PO Sunside
Charles Bois---laborer   PO East Durham
Nelson S. Boon---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Calvin Borthwick---farmer and justice  176 acres   PO Cornwallville
George J. Borthwick---farmer   PO Durham
Hiram S. Borthwick---farmer   PO Durham
John F. Borthwick---farmer 128 acres   PO Durham
Joshua G. Borthwick---farmer 192 acres   PO Durham
William S. Borthwick---teacher   PO Cornwallville
James N. Boughton---farmer 3 acres   PO Cornwallville
William Boughton---carpenter 1 acre   PO Cornwallville
George Boulivant---farmer 10 acres   PO East Windham
Benjamin Bowman---laborer   PO East Durham
Charles H. Brand---farmer   PO Durham
Edmund Brand, Mrs.---120 acres   PO Durham
Wattles A. Brand---farmer 108 acres   PO Durham
Zelotus Brand---farmer   PO Durham
Romaine Brandow---farmer   PO Durham
Manley Brazee---farmer   PO Durham
William Brazee---farmer   PO Durham
O. D. Briggs---laborer   PO Cornwallville
Charles A. Brown---farmer 47 acres   PO Cornwallville
Edward Brown---mechanic   PO Cornwallville
Garrett Brown---farmer 31 acres   PO East Durham
Sobieski Brown---farmer 160 acres   PO Cornwallville
Wesley R. Brown---farmer 54 acres   PO Durham
Phoebe J. Bryant---PO Oak Hill
Gilbert Bullock---carpenter   PO East Durham
Bradley Bunce---laborer   PO Durham
Harry D. Burhans---mechanic 2 acres   PO Durham
John H. Burhans---mechanic 2 acres   PO Durham
N. Burlingham---jeweler   PO Oak Hill
Calvin W. Burnett---printer   PO Oak Hill
Ezra Burroughs---farmer 110 acres   PO Norton Hill
Alva Bush---laborer   PO East Durham
Frank Bush---carpenter   PO East Durham
Levi Bush---farmer 4 acres   PO East Durham
James Bush---laborer   PO East Durham
Anable Butts---farmer   PO East Windham
Frank Butts---farmer   PO East Windham
Isaac Butts---farmer and hotel keeper  243 acres   PO East Windham
Mark Butts---farmer   PO East Windham  

Newell Cain---farmer   PO Oak Hill
David Campbell---farmer 96 acres   PO Durham
Eli Campbell---farmer   PO Durham
Jerome Campbell---carpenter 5 acres   PO East Windham
Marion B. Campbell---63 acres   PO Durham
Thomas Campbell---farmer 90 acres   PO Durham
Charles W. Carter---hotel keeper  1 acre   PO Oak Hill
Elizabeth Carter---farmer 5 acres   PO East Durham
Thomas Catlin---farmer 22 acres   PO East Durham
Mary Chappel---farmer 13 acres   PO East Durham
Margaret Cheritree, Mrs.---widow   PO Oak Hill
Theodore Cheritree---teacher   PO Oak Hill
Walter S. Cheritree---iron founder  PO Oak Hill
William Chesbro---carpenter   PO Norton Hill
Joel R. Chittenden---undertaker   PO Durham
H. Chown---clergyman   PO East Durham
John Clancy---mechanic   PO Oak Hill
John Claver---farmer 84 acres   PO South Durham
Theodore Claver---farmer 72 acres   PO South Durham
Amos Cleveland---farmer 215 acres   PO East Durham
Dorance A.  Cleavland---farmer 111 acres   PO Oak Hill
George Cleavland---farmer 153 acres   PO Norton Hill
John C. Cleavland---laborer   PO Potter Hollow, Albany Co, NY
Judson E. Cleavland---farmer 130 acres   PO Oak Hill
Kirtland B. Coe---farmer 60 acres   PO Durham
James Cole---farmer 75 acres   PO Norton Hill
Thomas H. Cole---farmer   PO Cooksburg, Albany Co, NY
Joshua Collard---farmer   PO Cornwallville
D. Collins---clergyman   PO Durham
Platt C. Collins---farmer   PO Durham
Thaddeus Collins---farmer   PO Durham
Charles Colwell---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Elbridge Conkling---laborer   PO East Durham
George Conklin---physician  1 acre   PO Durham
Edwin Cook---laborer   PO Oak Hill
George Cornell---moulder   PO Durham
Alfred Covey---laborer   PO East Durham
Enos Covey---farmer 50 acres   PO East Durham
Alanson C. Cowles---lawyer  12 acres   PO Durham
Cornelius Cowles---mechanic  3 1/2 acres   PO Durham
Augustus B. Craft---hotel keeper   PO South Durham
Jacob Craft---farmer 52 acres   PO South Durham
Edwin S. Crandall---mechanic   PO Durham
Sydney Crandall---farmer 72 acres   PO Durham
Asahel Craw---laborer   PO Durham
Edward W. Craw---laborer   PO Durham
Stanford Craw---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Rienza Cross---laborer   PO Cornwallville
George Cunningham---farmer 80 acres   PO Freehold
Henry J. Cunningham---farmer   PO Durham
Jeremiah Cunningham---farmer 160 acres   PO Durham
Robert Cunningham---farmer 158 acres   PO Durham 

John L. Darling---farmer   PO Durham
Clarinda P. Davis---housekeeper   PO Oak Hill
Silas Deane---miller   PO Oak Hill
Luther Decker---teamster   PO Durham
William E. Decker---laborer 1 acre   PO Oak Hill
Hiram Deitz---foundryman   PO Oak Hill
Robert T. Deitz---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Erastus Delamater---farmer   PO East Durham
George Delamater---carpenter   PO Cornwallville
John Delamater---laborer   PO Cornwallville
Titus Delamater---farmer 108 acres   PO Norton Hill
William Delamater---farmer 10 acres   PO Norton Hill
Charles Delong---blacksmith   PO South Durham
Peter H. and Rufus Denton---farmers 79 acres   PO Durham
Aurelia H. Dewitt---hotel keeper   PO Oak Hill
Birdsley C. Dewitt---hotel keeper   PO Oak Hill
Clark Dewitt---veterinary surgeon   PO Oak Hill
Isreal Dewitt---farmer 100 acres   PO Oak Hill
John Dewitt---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Wesley E. Dibble---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Albert O. Dingman---farmer   PO Potter's Hollow, Albany Co, NY
Watson Distin---farmer   PO Durham
Charles L. Dodge---physician   PO East Durham
Harriet Doolittle, Mrs.---farmer   PO Oak Hill
William H. Doolittle---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Arthur Drace---farmer 34 acres   PO Cornwallville

Obadiah Earl, Mrs.---farmer 50 acres   PO South Durham
Elias B. Earles---farmer   PO Durham
George Easland---farmer 117 acres   PO Durham
Eilliam Ecklor, Mrs.---widow   PO East Durham
Benjamin Edwards---laborer   PO East Durham
Catharine Elliott, Mrs.---widow   PO Durham
Edwin D. Elliott---farmer 75 acres   PO Durham
Edwin W. Elliott---farmer 60 acres   PO Durham
Freeman Elliott---clerk   PO Durham
Peter Elliott---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Seneca M. Elliott---boarding house keeper   PO Durham
Theodore Elliott, Mrs.---98 acres   PO Freehold
John Evans---PO Norton Hill

James M. Fanning---merchant   PO East Durham
William B. Faulk---merchant   PO Durham
William B. Faulk, Mrs.---housekeeper 20 acres   PO Durham
Frank Fields---farmer   PO Sunside
William E. Fields---farmer 80 acres   PO Sunside
Oscar B. Field---farmer 260 acres   PO Durham
Estella Finch---milliner   PO Oak Hill
George E. Finch---farmer 1 acre   PO Durham
John H. Finch---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Warren Finch---farmer   PO Durham
Ambrose H. Flower---farmer 120 acres   PO Oak Hill
Frank Fogler---tailor 15 acres   PO Cornwallville
Frank Fogler, Jr.---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Joseph Fogler---farmer  PO Cornwallville
Emerson Ford---merchant   PO Oak Hill
Isaac Foster---farmer 120 acres   PO East Durham
Mary France, Mrs.---widow   PO Cornwallville
Ira M. France---farmer  140 acres   PO Cornwallville
Matthias France---farmer 175 acres   PO Cornwallville
Jennie E. France---175 acres   PO South Durham
Andrew Freese---stage driver   PO Oak Hill
Robert Freese---farmer 142 acres   PO Medusa, Albany Co, NY
William O French---farmer 127 acres   PO East Durham
Charles Furry---farmer 3 acres   PO East Durham

Alfred Gaylord---farmer  26 acres   PO East Durham
Melborn Gibson---farmer  50 acres   PO Oak Hill
Oscar Gibson---farmer  35 acres   PO Oak Hill
Henry N. Gifford---farmer    PO Oak Hill
Niles S. Gifford---farmer 144 acres   PO Oak Hill
Annette Gilbert---32 acres   PO Durham
Anson Gilbert---farmer   PO Durham
David Gilliland---physician   PO Oak Hill
Morton E. Glover---farmer   PO East Durham
Adolphus I. Goff---farmer   PO Durham
Charles A. Goff---farmer   PO Durham
Eugene Goff---farmer   PO East Windham
Harriet Goff---PO East Durham
Nelson Goff---laborer   PO East Durham
Orville Goff---farmer   PO East Durham
Ostrander Goff---farmer 190 acres   PO East Windham
Robert Goff---farmer 175 acres   PO Durham
Burton Goodfellow---farmer   PO East Durham
Elmer Goodrich---carpenter   PO East Durham
Charles E. Graham---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Delia D. Graham---farmer 83 acres   PO Oak Hill
Frank H. Graham---painter   PO Oak Hill
H. O Graham, Mrs.---widow   PO Oak Hill
Irving H. Graham---moulder---PO Oak Hill
Frances A. Grant---farmer 50 acres   PO Oak Hill
James Greene---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Lewis Green---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Alice M. Gridley---PO Oak Hill
Warren Griffin---clerk   PO East Windham

Winfield S. Hagadorn---mechanic 1 acre   PO Oak Hill
Andrew J. Hagadorn---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Ward Haines---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Charles A. Hall---farmer   PO Oak Hill
William Hallenbeck---laborer 1 acre   PO Oak Hill
John Halliday---laborer   PO Durham
Albert J. Hallock---farmer  31 acres   PO East Durham
J. Fanning Hallock---butcher 1 acre   PO East Durham
Lewis B. Hallock---butcher  1 acre   PO East Durham
Caleb S. Hand---carpenter  1 acre   PO Oak Hill
Charles D. Hand---hardware   PO Oak Hill
John H. Harrington---farmer 94 acres   PO Durham
Elwin Haskins---farmer 93 acres   PO East Durham
Henry Haskins---farmer 150 acres   PO East Durham
Electa A. Hatfield---widow   PO Durham
Theodore W. Hatfield---laborer   PO Durham
Fred. Hay---clerk   PO Durham
Lucinda Hay---widow   PO Durham
Harriet Head---farmer 50 acres   PO Norton Hill
NOTE: typist interested in this family
Lovett Head---farmer   PO Norton Hill
George Hedges---farmer 216 acres   PO East Durham
Henry Hedges---farmer   PO East Durham
Anna Hendricks, Mrs.---widow   PO Durham
William Hendricks---teamster   PO Durham
Emory J. Hill---cooper   PO East Durham
John Hill---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Lewis Hill---barber   PO Cornwallville
Platt A. Hill---carpenter   PO Cornwallville
Frank O. Hisert---mechanic   PO Durham
Alonzo Hitchcock---farmer   PO Sunside
A. A. Hoagland---carpenter   PO Oak Hill
Page T. Hoagland---editor of the Record newspaper   PO Oak Hill
Lucius E. Hollenbeck---farmer  PO Cooksburg, Albany Co, NY
Linus Hopson---farmer   PO South Durham
Benjamin C. Hotchkiss---farmer 86 acres   PO Durham
Samuel Hotchkiss---laborer 2 acres   PO East Durham
Stewart Hough---farmer 55 acres   PO East Durham
Arthur Hubbard---laborer   PO Durham
Edwin T. Hubbard---farmer 366 acres   PO Durham
Ira C. Hubbard---farmer 65 acres   PO Potters Hollow, Albany Co, NY
Sylvester Hubbard---laborer   PO Durham
Thomas Hubbard---farmer 4 acres   PO Durham
Smith Hughes---miller   PO Durham
Fletcher Hulbert, Mrs.---farmer 97 acres   PO Durham
Levi S. Hulbert---farmer   PO Durham
Austin L. Hull---farmer 210 acres   PO Durham
Byron G. Hunt---dentist   PO Oak Hill
Cyrus L. Hyde---photographer   PO East Durham  

Joseph J. Infuhr---tailor   PO Durham
Robert Irwin---blacksmith   PO Durham
Schuyler Ives---PO Durham
Seward Ives---PO Durham  

Georgianna Jennings---farmer 160 acres   PO East Durham
Jerome B. Jennings---farmer   PO East Durham
Maggie Jennings, Mrs.---widow   PO East Durham
Alvin Jones---farmer   PO South Durham
Daniel S. Jones---farmer   PO East Durham
Henrietta Jones---farmer   PO South Durham
John Jones---farmer 8 acres   PO East Durham
Lewis C. Jones---prof. of chemistry   PO East Durham
Nancy K. Jones---farmer 46 acres   PO East Durham
Sutherland D. Jones---farmer  95 acres   PO East Durham

Henry Kennicutt---farmer   PO Sunside
James Kennicutt---farmer   PO Sunside
William H. Kennicutt---farmer   PO Sunside
Curtis O. Kenyon---farmer  14 acres   PO Durham
Perry S. Kenyon---farmer  70 acres   PO Oak Hill
James Knowles---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Joseph Knowles---farmer 83 acres   PO Oak Hill
Kingsley S. Knowles---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Nelson Knowles---teacher   PO Oak Hill

Adelbert Lampman---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Frank Laraway---undertaker   PO Oak Hill
William C. Latta---blacksmith   PO Cornwallville
Catharine M. Law---housekeeper   PO Oak Hill
Erwin Lawrence---farmer 111    PO Cornwallville
Jennie Lawrence, Mrs.---PO Cornwallville
David Lawyer---laborer   PO Oak Hill
David J. Lawyer---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Lincoln E. Layman---laborer   PO East Durham
Sylvanus Layman---farmer   PO East Durham
Marion Lewis---teacher   PO East Durham
Gaylord Lockwood---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Eliza Lord, Mrs.---widow   PO Oak Hill
John Lorton---reporter  1 acre   PO Durham
Alexander Lounsbury---farmer 97 acres   PO Oak Hill
Lewis M. Lounsbury---teacher   PO Medusa, Albany Co, NY
James Love---laborer   PO Durham  

George H. Mabey---farmer 96 acres   PO Oak Hill
Horace Mabey---farmer 93 acres   PO Durham
Orville Mabey---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Henry S. Mace---farmer 75 acres   PO East Durham
Andrew Mackey---farmer 55 acres   PO East Durham
Daniel J. Mackey---farmer 60 acres   PO East Durham
William Matthews---laborer   PO Durham
Edward Mattice---teamster   PO Cornwallville
Elias Mattice---farmer 111 acres   PO Cornwallville
Mabel Mattice, Mrs.---widow   PO Cornwallville
William Mattice---farmer   PO Cornwallville
A. McAllister---harnessmaker   PO Oak Hill
Ira McCoon---laborer   PO Durham
Fred. McCullough---PO Norton Hill
Anthony McFarland---farmer   PO East Durham
John McGaharaty---farmer 10 acres   PO Oak Hill
James Meloy---blacksmith   PO East Durham
Barton Miller---farmer 154 acres   PO Norton Hill
Charles O. Miller---farmer   PO East Durham
Fred. Miller---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Hanford Miller---laborer   PO Durham
Oscar and John Miller---farmers 120 acres   PO Norton Hill
William H. Miller---laborer   PO Norton Hill
John P. Millett---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Lysander L. Minor---PO Cornwallville
Marcus S. Minor---teamster   PO Cornwallville
Andrew Moore---farmer 96 acres   PO Oak Hill
John Moore---mason   PO Cornwallville
Lafayette F. Moore---clergyman   PO East Durham
Nelson E. Moore---PO Durham
Weller Moore---PO East Durham
Owen W. Moore---farmer 140 acres   PO Durham
Madison More---farmer 55 acres   PO Freehold
Ransom More---farmer 142 acres   PO East Durham
John Morehouse---farmer   PO East Durham
James D. Morris---laborer  5 acres   PO Durham
George A. Morrison---teacher   PO Norton Hill
James Morrison---farmer   PO South Durham
Joseph Morrison---farmer   PO South Durham
Elihu Morse---farmer 100 acres   PO Durham
Orville Moss---farmer 133 acres   PO Durhan                         
Reuben Moss---farmer 100 acres   PO Durham
Eugene Mulberry---PO Durham
J. W. Mulberry---bottling works   PO Oak Hill
William H. Mulberry---farmer 130 acres   PO Oak Hill
John Murta---farmer 132 acres   PO East Durham
Leroy Murta---farmer   PO East Durham
Omar J. Murta---farmer 134 acres   PO Cornwallville

Albert D. Nelson---farmer 110 acres   PO East Durham
Elisha E. Nelson---carpenter 31 acres   PO East Durham
Charles and Elizur D. Newell---farmers 159 acres   PO Durham
Edwin A. Newell---farmer 128 acres   PO Durham
Minor Newell---farmer   PO Durham
Emory E. Newman---farmer 178 acres   PO Durham
Henry Niles---farmer 9 acres   PO Oak Hill

John W. Oliver---laborer   PO Cornwallville
William H. Oliver---farmer 53 acres   PO Durham
Daniel Olmstead---farmer  237 acres   PO East Durham
Daniel Olmstead---farmer   PO South Durham
Elmore E. Olmstead---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Ichabod Olmstead---farmer 145 acres   PO Sunside
James Olmstead---farmer 50 acres   PO South Durham
Merwin Olmstead---clerk   PO South Durham
Sherwood  J. Olmstead---laborer   PO Acra
William Olmstead---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Calvin F. Orr---laborer   PO Oak Hill
John W. Orr---barber---PO Oak Hill
William H. Orr---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Charles W. Osborn---huckster   PO Oak Hill
Emeline Osborn, Mrs.---widow   PO Durham
George H. Osterhout---farmer 40 acres   PO East Durham
Burt Overbaugh---farmer   PO Durham
Frank Owens---speculator 14 acres   PO East Durham  

Albert Paddock---farmer 187 acres   PO South Durham
Egbert B. Paddock---laborer   PO East Durham
Frank Paddock---teacher   PO East Durham
George E. Paddock---farmer   PO South Durham
Milan Paddock---farmer 50 acres   PO East Durham
William H. Paddock---farmer 15 acres   PO South Durham
Aaron Palmer---farmer    PO Durham
Gideon Palmer---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Lorenzo Palmer---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Alexander Parks---veteranarian and farmer  215 acres   PO Durham
Edward J. Parks---farmer   PO Durham
Elijah W. Parks---farmer 145 acres   PO Cornwallville
Elisha N. Parks---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Lyman Payne---merchant   PO Sunside
Frank C. Perrine---painter   PO East Durham
Robert Perrine---clergyman   PO Sunside
Charles W. Pierce---foundryman   PO Oak Hill
Charles E. Place---farmer 96 acres   PO East Durham
Frederick J. Pohl---clergyman   PO Durham
David Poland---farmer   PO East Durham
Dennis Poland---laborer   PO East Durham
Maria Post---housekeeper  1 acre   PO Durham
William B. Porter---farmer   PO Durham
Winslow J. Potter---farmer 140 acres   PO Sunside
Addison Pratt---farmer 45 acres  PO Durham
Charles Pratt---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Ezra Pratt---farmer 143 acres   PO Oak Hill
George W. Pratt---farmer 200 acres   PO Durham
George W. Pratt, Jr.---farmer   PO Durham
Walter R. T. Pratt---cooper   PO Durham
Zadoc A. Pratt---musician   PO Durham
Orville J. Prior---peddler   PO Durham
Rufus S. Prior---peddler  5 acres   PO Durham
James W. Proper---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Proctor H. Potter---farmer 166 acres   PO Durham  

Lewis R. Randall---salesman   PO Durham
Samuel A. Randall---blacksmith   PO Durham
Ellis Reed---laborer   PO Durham
Henrietta Reed, Mrs.---farmer 50 acres   PO Durham
James H. Reed---blacksmith   PO Durham
James J. Reed---mason   PO Durham
Alfred F. Reynolds---carpenter 6 acres   PO Durham
Charles Reynolds---carpenter   PO Cornwallville
Edgar Reynolds---farmer   PO Durham
Henry S. Reynolds---farmer   PO Durham
William S. Reynolds---painter   PO Durham
Charles Richmond---carpenter   PO East Durham
George Richmond---farmer   PO Durham
James H. Richmond---East Durham
John Rierdon---clerk   PO East Windham
Henry Rivenburgh--merchant   PO Durham
Edwin R. Robinson---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Angelica Rockefeller, Mrs.---widow   PO Oak Hill
Omar Rockefeller---farmer   PO East Durham
Amos Rockerfellow---farmer 100 acres   PO East Durham
Oswin Rockwell---farmer  114 acres   PO Cornwallville
Fletcher Rogers---farmer 180 acres   PO East Durham
William Rogers---farmer   PO Durham
Orliff Rundle---farmer 100 acres   PO Oak Hill
John Rushmore---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Darwin Russ---farmer   PO Cornwallville
George C. Russ---farmer 150 acres   PO Sunside
Mary Russ, Mrs.---widow   PO Cornwallville
William L. Russ---farmer   PO Sunside  

Leonard Safford---physician   PO East Durham
George H. Sanford---farmer 50 acres   PO East Windham
Newman T. Sanford---farmer   PO East Windham
William M. Sanford---farmer 100 acres   PO East Windham
Cornelius A. Schermerhorn---farmer 109 acres   PO East Durham
John Schermerhorn---farmer   PO East Durham
Leander Schofield---farmer   PO East Durham
Philo Schofield---laborer 17 acres   PO East Durham
Aaron B. Scutt---farmer 260 acres   PO East Durham
Richard R. Scutt---laborer 5 acres   PO Oak Hill
Theodore Scutt---farmer 76 Acres   PO Durham
William E. Scutt---farmer   PO East Durham
James Seabolt---PO Norton Hill
Everett Searing---farmer 100 acres   PO East Durham
Herbert Searing---carpenter   PO East Durham
Richard E. Searing---farmer 71 acres   PO East Durham
Luman Searles---farmer   PO East Durham
Joseph Setford---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Lewis H. Setford---laborer   PO Cornwallville
William W. Seymour---farmer 94 acres   PO Durham
William D. Shafer---physician   PO Oak Hill
Samuel Shear---farmer   PO East Durham
Edgar Sherman---mail carrier   PO Cornwallville
David Shufelt---saloon keeper   PO South Durham
Frank Simmons---PO East Durham
Elisha P. Simpson---farmer 50 acres   PO East Durham
John Simpson---farmer 137 acres   PO East Windham
Abram O. Smith---farmer 121 acres   PO East Durham
Addison Smith---merchant   PO Cornwallville
Armenius Smith---farmer 300 acres   PO Cornwallville
Basil H. Smith---farmer 105 acres   PO Cornwallville
Bela Smith, Mrs.---widow 54 acres   PO Cornwallville
Charles W. Smith---druggist   PO Cornwallville
David H. Smith---mechanic   PO Durham
Diantha Smith, Mrs.---farmer 100 acres   PO Cornwallville
Edgar Smith---carpenter   PO Oak Hill
Edward Smith---farmer 1 acre   PO Cornwallville
Hilton C. Smith---painter   PO Cornwallville
Minthorn Smith---farmer 362 acres   PO Oak Hill
Oberin Smith---farmer   PO Freehold
Platt A. Smith---farmer 116 acres   PO Durham
Rhodes Smith---farmer 136 acres   PO Potter's Hollow, Albany Co, NY
Scott L. Smith---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Truman I. Smith (T.I. Smith & Co)---Cornwallville
T. I. Smith & Co---merchants   PO Cornwallville
William S. Smith---carpenter   PO Cornwallville
Alzie Snyder---farmer  11 acres   PO East Durham
Bula Snyder, Mrs.---widow   PO Oak Hill
Frank Snyder---laborer   PO East Durham
George L. Snyder---butcher   PO Sunside
Hiram Snyder---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Leah Snyder, Mrs.---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Wallace B. Snyder---carpenter   PO Oak Hill
William V. Snyder---farmer 278 acres   PO Cornwallville
Fred. C. Sommer---clergyman   PO Durham
Frank Spaulding---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Isaac D. Spencer---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Grosvenor Stannard---farmer 92 acres   PO East Durham
Eunice Stannard, Mrs.---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Luther N. Stannard---farmer 143 acres   PO Norton Hill
Martin Stanton---farmer   PO Sunside
George Steadman---mason   PO Oak Hill
John Steadman---farmer   PO Oak Hill
John Steele---farmer   PO East Durham
John Stewart---farmer 118 acres   PO East Durham
Robert Stewart---laborer   PO East Durham
Lewis St. John---farmer   PO Medusa, Albany Co, NY
Edwin J. Story---horseman   PO East Durham
Samuel Strauss---merchant   PO Oak Hill
Aurelia Strong, Mrs.---farmer 140 acres   PO Cornwallville
Edgar L. Strong---farmer   PO Durham
Ellsworth Strong---farmer 70 Acres   PO Cornwallville
Horace Strong---farmer 151 acres   PO Durham
Louise Strong, Mrs.---widow   PO Cornwallville
Lyman H. Strong---farmer   PO Durham
Martha Strong---teacher   PO Cornwallville
Thomas B. Strong---postmaster   PO Cornwallville

Dwight Taylor---farmer   PO East Durham
Elmer Taylor---laborer   PO Norton Hill
George W. Taylor---laborer   PO Oak Hill
R. Edwin Taylor---farmer 136 acres   PO East Durham
Thomas Taylor---miller 3 acres   PO South Durham
George W. Thompson---clergyman   PO Oak Hill
D. L. Thomson---photographer   PO Oak Hill
Egbert Thorne---teacher   PO East Durham
Ira Thorp---mechanic   PO Durham
William E. S. Tilson---real estate agent 1 acre   PO East Durham
Erastus Traver---farmer   PO East Durham
Esbon Traver---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Glenn Traver---farmer   PO Durham
Ransom Traver---farmer 167 acres   PO Norton Hill
O. J. Traver---farmer   PO East Durham
Ethiel Travis---PO Durham
Hattie I. Tripp---clerk   PO Oak Hill
Isaac U. Tripp---merchant 27 acre  PO Oak Hill
Charles D. Tubbs---mechanic   PO East Durham
George Tubbs---farmer   PO East Durham
Martha Tubbs---farmer   PO East Durham
John O. Turner---laborer   PO East Durham
Andrew J. Tuthill---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Solomon Tyler---laborer   PO East Durham  

Adelbert Utter---farmer   PO Sunside
Elijah Utter---farmer   PO Sunside
Herbert Utter---clerk  PO East Durham
Isreal P. Utter---farmer 260 acres   PO Oak Hill
James L. Utter---farmer 190 acres   PO Oak Hill
George Utz---PO South Durham
Peter Utz---laborer   PO South Durham  

Fred. Vail---clerk   PO Oak Hill
Rufus VanAiken---cooper   PO Durham
George L. VanAuken---farmer 108 acres   PO Norton Hill
Albert B. VanDyck---laborer   PO Durham
Samuel VanDyck---laborer   PO Potter's Hollow, Albany Co, NY
William VanDyck---teacher   PO East Durham
W. Gates VanOrden---farmer 123 acres   PO East Durham
Alanson VanTassel---shoemaker 3 acres   PO East Durham
Allen VanTassel---farmer  26 acres   PO East Durham
Ann VanTassel, Mrs.---farmer 89 acres   PO East Durham
Charles VanTassel---laborer   PO East Durham
Courtland VanTassel---farmer   PO East Durham
Reuben VanTassel---farmer 87 acres   PO East Durham
William C. VanWagoner, Mrs.---farmer 134 acres   PO Durham
William C. VanWagoner, Jr.---farmer   PO Durham
William K. VanWagoner---farmer   PO Durham
John VanWormer---farmer 1 acre   PO Durham
Charles Vincent---PO South Durham
Elmer Vincent---laborer   PO South Durham
Mila Vincent---laborer   PO South Durham
Samuel Vincent---laborer  8 1/2 acres   PO South Durham
Peter Vroman---laborer 1 acre   PO Oak Hill  

Luther S. Wade---hardware 50 acres   PO Durham
Clayton Wagner---clerk   PO East Durham
Dauius Wagner---farmer   PO East Durham
Frank Wagner---boarding house keeper   PO East Windham
John J. Waldron---mechanic 6 acres   PO East Durham
Duane Walker---farmer   PO South Durham
Selah Walker---laborer   PO East Windham
Josie E. Waters---farmer   PO Durham
Richard Watson---farmer 110 acres   PO Cornwallville
John Webb---PO Oak Hill
William West---moulder   PO Oak Hill
Althea Wetmore, Mrs.---farmer 117 acres   PO Durham
Clark Wetmore---farmer 200 acres   PO Cornwallville
Ferris Wetmore---farmer 151 acres   PO Cornwallville
Hobart Wetmore---farmer 131 acres   PO East Durham
Frank Whitcomb---foundryman     PO Oak Hill
Nehemiah C. Whitcomb---foundryman  1 acre   PO Oak Hill
Arthur White---farmer 16 acres   PO Durham
George M. White---hotel keeper   PO East Durham
Lewis J. White---farmer 1 acre   PO Oak Hill
Mark White---peddler   PO Oak Hill
Mark White, Mrs.---millner   PO Oak Hill
Samuel White---PO Oak Hill
Walter White---PO East Durham
William White---farmer  120 acres   PO East Durham
William C. White, Mrs.---farmer 50 acres   PO East Durham
William Whitman---farmer 35 acres   PO South Durham
William Wilbur---laborer   PO East Windham
Ransom B. Williams---farmer 3 acres   PO East Durham
Orson Winans---farmer 216 acres   PO Oak Hill
William Winans---farmer 68 acres   PO East Durham
Uriah B. Winchell---2 acres   PO Oak Hill
Abram Winegard---moulder  4 acres   PO Oak Hill
Charles Winegard---farmer 103 acres   PO East Durham
Louis Winegard---farmer   PO Cornwallville
Courtney B. Wood---farmer   PO Norton Hill
Henry Wood---farmer   PO Durham
Amos Woodard---farmer 263 acres   PO Cornwallville
Jared Woodard---farmer 100 acres   PO East Durham
Jerome E. Woodard---farmer 150 acres   PO Cornwallville
Lucy Woodard, Mrs.---widow   PO Durham
Edwin Woodruff---hotel  3 acres   PO East Durham
George Woodruff---farmer   PO Durham
Hiram Woodworth---farmer   PO East Durham
William S. Woodworth---peddler   PO South Durham
Anson B. Wright---farmer 70 acres   PO Oak Hill
Charles Wright---laborer   PO East Durham
Charles Wright---farmer   PO Oak Hill
Oliver Wright, Mrs.---farmer   PO East Durham
Willman Wrightman---cooper   PO East Durham

Josiah T. Yale---farmer 175 acres   PO South Durham
Phoebe Yales, Mrs.---widow   PO South Durham
Charles A. Youmans---blacksmith   PO South Durham
John Youmans---farmer 96 acres   PO East Durham
Amos Zelie---laborer   PO Oak Hill
Jacob Zelie---farmer 2 acres   PO Oak Hill

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