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As recognition of all the hard work the many fine volunteers of the New York GenWeb put in, I have decided to feature a different county page and coordinator each month. I have to say, though, that I have never worked with a finer bunch of people. Thanks to each person for their efforts.

* * * March, 1997 * * *


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You won't find alot of high tech gadgetry on the March Feature County page, just good solid historical and genealogical information. For researchers with an interest in Jefferson County, NY, Nan Dixon's Jefferson's page is a virtual goldmine of information. Nan has a section for the history of each town, village and city in Jefferson County. Typical of this is her Town of Lorraine page, which has a map of the town, historical information, communities, churches, schools, a list of the veterans from the Revolutionary War- through World War II that are buried there; as well as a list of the early settlers, and a link to the local historical society.

Each month, Nan features a new area on the page. This month's feature is Jefferson County books . Previously, she has featured a surname exchange and a very unique treatment of Jefferson County Pioneers. She has an impressive collection of both Resources and Look up volunteers , which speaks well of her connections with the genealogical community.

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What else can you expect to find when you stop by and visitJefferson County? Lots more maps, using the expertise of helpers Jon Holcombe and Marvin LaRock. And every month a new feature to keep you coming back for more.

A few of the people Nan wants to mention for their help on this page include: The Jefferson County Genealogical Society helps both individually and as a group. And as a group, they are a great bunch! Individually, those people on the look ups, I think all members, have given of time, expertise, suggestions, contributions (Ed Lee of South Jeff Historical has been GREAT!) There's another gal in Florida, not yet up on the look ups, whose personal library is to kill for, and she's offered to do look ups in everything! There's Shirley Farone, out in Ohio, whom I've never met, who does everything, including pouring oil on troubled waters when needed. And Phyllis Putnam, who's been fielding the Lyme Heritage queries, and Alice Corbett who's our flub-finder (she can spot a typo at a hundred yards!)

Bill (Dixon), who started out as tech is now full fledged partner. As you see from the above (and I haven't mentioned the Bartletts and Maurice Herron and Helen McDonald) this is not a one person venture, which I mistakenly started out thinking it would be. Can't forget Jerry Reed, with advice and encouragement (which pours in from every side).

Be sure to visit this month's featured county today! You'll be glad you did.

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