Bethel Cemetery

Interments in the Bethel Cemetery

NOTE: I have no additional information about the people buried in this cemetery. I don't know who maintains the records, but if I can find out, I'll place the address on this page.

Bethel Cemetery - East Side (also known as Rowe Cemetery)

BARTLET, Caroline Case, wife of John Bartlet, d. Sep 8, 1866, ae 87y
BARTLET, John, d. Feb 16, 1865, ae 73y
BOWMAN, Carrie E., dau of David and Lucinda, d. Jul 15, 1862, ae 3y 9m 19d
BRUCE, Elizabeth Holmes, wife of Walter Bruce Jr., 1848 - 1897
BRUCE, Harriet, wife of Walter, d. Sep 9, 1873, ae 65y
BRUSIE, Christina M., wife of Charles, d. Jul 6,1853, ae 22y 8m 6d
CASE, Amy Tripp, wife of James Case, d. Oct 15, 1868, ae 78y 5m 14d
CASE, Clarissa, wife of Jeremiah, d. Apr 16, 1851, ae 63y
CASE, James, d. Feb 8, 1864, ae 79y 10m 2d
DARLING, Bradford, d. Jun 25, 1841, ae 46y
DARLING, Caroline, dau of Bradford, d. Jan 19, 1838, ae 7y 20d
DARLING, Nancy, dau of Bradford and Harriet, d May 7, 1844, in her 9th year
DOTY, Mary Ann, dau of Elias and Christina, d Sep 8, 1851, ae 22y 5d
ENO, Olive, wife of Stephen, d Feb 1, 1818, ae 48y
GRAY, Jane, wife of Robert, d Mar 20, 1878, ae 51y 3m 2d
HARRIS, James R., d Feb 6, 1839, ae 43y
HARRIS, Maria, dau of James R. and Maria, d Oct 2, 1859, ae 23y 9m 17d
HULL, Alice Finch, dau of Phebe M. and Peter E. Hull, d Aug 13, 1858, ae 3y 3m 11d
K____, infant son of L.K. and H.K. b Feb 19, 1839
McINTASH, Anna, wife of George, d Jun 13, 1849, ae 63y 3m
McINTASH, George, d May 9, 1876, ae 88y
MOSHER, Catherine, wife of Christopher, d Jan 20, 1832, ae 80y
MOSHER, Christopher, d Oct 5, 1824, in his 78th year
MOSHER, Hugh, d Mar 10, 1831, ae 46y
MOSHER, Mary, dau of John H. and Charity, d Jun 28,1843, ae 1y 3m 20d
OWEN, Burnet, d Sep 3, 1882, ae 87y 10m 27d
OWEN, Elizabeth, wife of Burnet, b Sep 7, 1795, d Feb 23, 1885
OWEN, Jonathan C., b Nov 11, 1817, d Feb 23, 1885
OWEN, Katy Ann, b Mar 25, 1816, d Feb 10, 1873
OWEN, Lillian, dau of Jonathan and Mary, b Sep 21, 1866, d Feb 14, 1871
OWEN, Mary A., wife of Jonathan C., b Jan 31, 1824, d Feb 24, 1898
OWEN, Mary E., dau of Jonathan and Mary, b. Jan 3, 1843, d Feb 15, 1847
PITCHER, Catherine, dau of Jonas and Julia, ae 13y 20d
PITCHER, Sally Ann, dau of Jonas and Julia, d Aug 7, 1851 ae 21y
REYNOLDS, Perry, son of Nathaniel and Waty, d Feb 20, 1838, ae 12y 4m
REYNOLDS, Polly, wife of Daniel, d Aug 23, 1830, ae 30y
ROWE, Andrew, d Apr 21,1849, ae 78y 4m 4d
ROWE, Andrew, d May 6, 1877, in his 57th year
ROWE, Betsey M., wife of John P., d Aug 24,1854, ae 69y 11m 14d
ROWE, Chauncey, b Apr 19, 1820, d Jul 13, 1891
ROWE, infant of Clinton and Mary, d Feb 2, 1844
ROWE, Dinah H., wife of John A., d May 4, 1852, ae 60y
ROWE, Eleanor, wife of Michael, d Sep 5, 1852, ae 71y 10m 18d
ROWE, Eliza, wife of Matthew, d Feb 10, 1885, ae 68y 4m 10d
ROWE, Hawley, d Dec 23, 1882, ae 60y
ROWE, Henry, d Jun 14, 1850, ae 50y
ROW, Henry, d May 26, 1831, ae 25y 11m 21d
ROWE, Jane Ann, wife of John Rowe, dau of James and Amy Case, d Mar 13, 1844, ae 21y 2m 17d
ROWE, John A., d Mar 21, 1844, ae 47y
ROWE, John M., d Dec 23, 1848, ae 69y 5m
ROWE, John P., d Nov 29, 1838, ae 60y 7d
ROWE, Lewis, d Aug 20, 1852, ae 46y 7m 27d
ROWE, Maria, wife of Lewis, d Oct 7, 1850, ae 39y 3d
ROWE, Matthew, d Mar 17,1860, ae 48y
ROWE, Mehitable, wife of Andrew, d May 4, 1854, ae 77y 2m 10d
ROWE, Michael M., d Jan 20, 1884, ae 72y 4m 15d
ROWE, Nancy, b Apr 19, 1820, d Jul 29, 1891
ROWE, N. Tibbels, d Apr 10, 1887, ae 76y
ROWE, Philip, b Feb 12, 1802, d Jun 8, 1873
ROW, Philip, d Dec 17, 1846, ae 44y 3m 8d
ROW, Polly, wife of Philip, d Sep 9, 1837, ae 33y 3m 8d
ROWE, Platt, d Jul 3, 1865, ae 52y 1m 15d
ROWE, Pricilla, wife of Tibbels, d Sep 28, 1835, ae 33y
ROWE, William A., d Dec 31, 1888, ae 71y 10m 8d
SANFORD, John T., d May 27, 1849, ae22y 2m 16d
SCOTT, Alpheus, b Feb 14, 1801, d Apr 19, 1870
SCOTT, James, b Aug 9, 1842, d Dec 19,1866
SCRIBNER, Abraham, d Jan 27, 1851, in his 54th year
SCRIBNER, Amanda, wife of David A., d Oct 15, 1877, ae 57y
SCRIBNER, David A., d Jun 24, 1878, ae 74y
SCRIBNER, Frederick, son of David A. and Amanda, d Jun 9, 1856, ae 9m 27d
SCRIBNER, Jared, d May 19, 1842, ae 82y 3m
SCRIBNER, John W., son of David and Amanda, d Jan 7, 1861, ae 3y 7m 13d
SCRIBNER, Sybbil, wife of Jerard, d Jul 22, 1852, ae 84y 11m 22d
SHELDEN, David, d Aug 18, 1829, ae 66y 9d
SHELDEN, Jane, wife of Alan, d Jul 30, 1857, ae 79y 1m 5d
SHELDEN, Richard, d Feb 22, 1835, ae 13y 9m 23d
SHELDEN, Capt. Thomas, d Oct 12, 1805, in his 64th year
SIBLEY, Clarrissa, wife of Freeman P., d Jul 2, 1846, ae 28y 8m 8d
SMITH, Catherine, wife of William, d Aug 18, 1839, ae 65y 1m 20d
SMITH, Tamma, dau of William and Tamma, d Oct 21, 1837, ae 20y 24d
TANNER, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel S., d Nov 30, 1846, ae 23y 8m 2d
TANNER, Rachel, d Oct 13, 1845, ae 78y
TANNER, Samuel, d Oct 2, 1832, ae 71y 3m 28d
THOMAS, George L., only son of Richard and Harriet, d Mar 18, 1850, ae 17y 2m 18d
THOMAS, Harriet, wife of Richard, d Oct 22, 1843, in her 39th year
THORN, Amay, wife of Van Ransaeller, d Dec 7, 1871, ae 61y 6m
THORN, J. C., son of Van Rensselaer and Ruaney, d Mar 13, 1866, ae 24y 3m 2d
THORN, Mulford, b Oct 20, 1846, d Dec 9, 1873
THORN, Rockwell, youngest son of Van Ranselar and Ruama, d Jul 30, 1861, ae 12y
WHEELER, Nancy, dau of Stephen and Mary, d Jul 6, 1850, ae 3y 4m
WHEELER, Newton, son of Stephen and Mary, d Jul 28, 1846, ae 11m 28d
WINANS, Ambrose, d Jul 27, 1848, ae 45y
WINANS, Elizabeth, dau of David, d Sep 10, 1810, ae 30y
WINANS, Nathaniel, son of ______, d Jan 23, 1805, ae 11m 27d
WINANS, Seymour, d Mar 30, 1834, ae 50y
WOOLDRIDGE, Mary, d Jul 1, 1864, ae 74y
WOOLDRIDGE, William T., d May 26, 1872, ae 82y

Bethel Cemetery - West Side

BUTLER, Mrs. Temperance, d May 20, 1802, ae 28y
CASE, Polly, consort of James Case and dau of Matthias and Catherine Rowe, d May 22, 1810, ae 33y
DAVIS, Hiram, d Mar 21, 1837, ae 40y 6m 9d
DORCHESTER, Elanor, wife of Walter Dorchester and dau of Henry Hoffman Esq., d Apr 19, 1819, ae 29y
FAIRMAN, Amos, d Dec 12, 1811, ae 39y
GARDINER, Phinias Osborn, son of Garus, d Feb 9, 1812, ae 30y 11m
GERMOND, Milton A., son of Lewis and Effa, d May 28, 1852, ae 10y 1m 12d
HOFFMAN, Cary, dau of Henrick and Cary, d Jun 28, 1791, ae 3y
HOFFMAN, Elizabeth, wife of Mathias, d May 28, 1845, ae 74y
HOFFMAN, Hendrick, d Feb 4, 1789, in his 70th year
HOFFMAN, Henry, son of Henry and Catherine, d Dec 28, 1815, ae 8y 5m 16d
HOFFMAN, Mary, wife of Matthias, d Feb 12, 1796, ae 31y
HOFFMAN, Mathias, d May 25, 1832, ae 70y 11m 5d
HOFFMAN, a.s. to Matthias and Polly, d May 3, 1791, ae 3d
HOFFMAN, Sibbel M., wife of Hendrick, d Jul 26, 1805, ae 83y
HOWARD, Eve, wife of John. d May 27, 1852, ae 79y 7m 1d
HUSTED, Sarah Ann, wife of Jackson, d Jul 23, 1851, ae 19y 8m 16d
LEVI, Eliza, wife of John W., d Aug 14, 1850, ae 35y
McDONALD, Roger, d Jan 24, 1797, ae 65y
PULVER, Hannah, dau of Philip and Charity, d Dec 7, 1815, ae 27y
ROW, Andrew, son of Philip, d Jun 8, 1784, ae 22y
ROWE, Catherine, wife of Elijah, d May 14, 1824, ae 44y
ROWE, Catherine, wife of Mathias Rowe and dau to Philip Rowe, d Nov 29, 1786, in her 39th year. With her infant in her arms.
ROW, Mrs. Dolly, wife of Matthias, d Sep 14, 1818, ae 40y
ROW, Elijah, son of Philip, d Apr 24, 1787, ae 20y
ROWE, Elijah, d Jul 21, 1853, ae 69y 6m 9d
ROWE, Eliza, dau of John P. and Betsey, d Jun 8, 1812, in her 3rd year
ROW, John, son of Philip, d May 8, 1789, ae 34y
ROW, Jonas, son of Philip, d Dec 30, 1785, ae 19y
ROW, Katherine, dau of Matthias, d Sep 8, 1784, ae 8y
ROWE, Maria, dau of Elijah, d Feb 12, 1820, ae 3d
ROWE, Mathias, d in 1821, ae 83y 2m 28d
ROW, Philip, d Mar 18, 1797, ae 68y
ROWE, Philip, d Jul 13, 1851, ae 41y 3m 24d
ROWE, Rebeckey, d in 1829, ae 82y
ROW, Rebecky, dau of Philip N. M. and Betsey, d Sep 29, 1818, ae 4y 3m 21d
ROW, Mrs. Zerviah, wife of Philip, d Jan 28, 1786, ae 63y
SHELDEN, Alan, d Feb 28, 1826, ae 56y
SHELDEN, Cynthia, dau of Allen and Jane, d Apr 20, 1846, ae 51y 2m 19d
SHELDEN, Harriet, dau of John W. and Deborah, d Sep 7, 1836, ae 5y 5m 19d
SHELDEN, Jane, dau of Edward and Hariet, d Sep 24, 1855, ae 3m 21d
SHELDEN, Josephine, dau of Edward and Hariet, d Oct 1, 1848, ae 2y 3m 26d
SHELDEN, Mary, dau of Edward and Hariet, d Jan 3, 1851, ae 10d
SHELDEN, Mary T., d Sep 6, 1838, ae 7m
SHELDEN, Smith, son of Alan d May 5, 1813, ae 16y 7m 11d
SMITH, Henry P., d May 29, 1846, ae 32y
SMITH, John Tice, d Sep 16, 1823, ae 78y
SMITH, Phebe, wife of John, d Sep 29, 1821, ae ____
SMITH, Polly, wife of Andrew, d Sep 6, 1818, ae 28y 11m 21d
TROWBRIDGE, Eliza, d Apr 1, 1817, ae 15y
TROWBRIDGE, Lucretia, dau of Matthew and Rachel, d Feb 17, 1812, ae 1y 3m
TURNER, Clarissa, wife of Cornelius, d Apr 19, 1834, ae 59y 11m 13d
WILSEY, Ambrose, son of Cornrod, d May 3, 1821, ae 12y
WILSEY, John T., d Jul 27, 1814, in his 69th year
WINANS, infant son of Brush S. and Weltha, d May 24, 1845
WINANS, Tammy, dau of David and Tammy, d Apr __, 1810, ae 25y 9m

Bethel Cemetery - Private yard adjoining on the East

BARRETT, Elizabeth Gray, wife of Lawrence Barrett, d Dec 20, 1892, ae 62y
GRAY, Christeen M., wife of Morris I. Gray, d Aug 19, 1848, ae 43y 6m 16d
GRAY, Frank P., d Jul 29, 1886, ae 36y 6m 6d
GRAY, Loritta, wife of Morris I., d Jun 22, 1875, ae 61y 10m
GRAY, Morris I., d Mar 20, 1886, ae 62y 7m 20d
GRAY, Oscar, d Feb 10, 1891, ae 36y 8m 7d
GRAY, Platt C., d Mar 2, 1856, ae 28y 3m 28d
GRAY, Ruhamia S., dau of Morris I. and Christeen M., d Aug 6, 1848, ae 18y 8m 23d
REYNOLDS, Edmund, d Aug 23, 1836, ae 70y 9m 8d
REYNOLDS, Hannah, wife of Edmund, d Nov 20, 1840, ae 74y 9m 16d

Bethel Cemetery - Quaker burying ground

BARRINGER, Louisa (no dates)
BARRINGER, Mulford (no dates)
BARRINGER, Sally Ann (no dates)
BRIGGS, Catherine, wife of James, d Nov 13, 1837, ae 41y 11m 3d
CARMEN, John T., d 8th mo., 21st da., 1879, ae 51 y 2m 14d
CARMEN, Mary, dau of John and Elizabeth, d 6th mo., 2nd da., 1874, ae 4y 4m 14d
CASE, Dinah, d Dec 24, 1862, in her 91st year
CASE, John W., son of Anna, d Dec 13, 1820, ae 2y 4m
CASE, Jonathan, d Oct 23, 1838, ae 79y 9m
CASE, Wilson, d Jan 12, 1822, ae 31y
HOAG, Charles, d 1st mo., 23rd da., 1840, ae 68y
HOAG, Henry C., d Apr 23, 1838
HOAG, John T., d 5th mo., 8th da., 1849
HOAG, Mary C., wife of John T., d 7th mo., 14th da., 1858
OWEN, Caroline B., dau of Barnet and Elizabeth, d Aug 17, 1838, ae 1y 17d
OWEN, Nancy, dau of Elizabeth and Barnet, d Jan 9, 1838, ae 5y 6m 2d
SMITH, Nancy, d Apr 12, 1869, in her 83rd year
SMITH, Reuben, d Jun 22, 1835, in his 62nd year
SHWART, Elizabeth, d Oct 19, 1853, ae 61y
THOMPSON, Enos, son of Jesse P. and Phebe, d Oct 30, 1840, ae 8y 8m 6d
THOMPSON, Jessie P., d Sep 25, 1864, ae 75y 3m 13d
THOMPSON, Phebe, wife of Jesse P., d Apr 18, 1858, ae 69y 9m 2d
TRIPP, Elizabeth, d May 4, 1848, ae 80y 9m 6d

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