Tarbell (Sessions) Cemetery - Marathon
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Tarbell (Sessions) Cem.

Marathon - Tarbell (Sessions) Cemetery
No. 5 on 1876 Atlas Map Lot. 599

Cemetery on what was formerly the A. Burgess place, next owned by Harry Leste and in 1949 owned by J.S. Howard. Called Tarbell or Sessions cemetery.

BARROWS, Amelia d/o Lynn(?) & Rhoda A. d 30 Oct 1849
      age 6yrs 6mos
  John s/o Enos & Lucy d 20 Feb 1839
      age 1yr 6mos 21 days
BEMIS, Lucinda d 25 Aug 1863 age 84yrs 3mos
  Samuel d 21 Nov 1836 age 41yrs 5dys
  Anna w/o Samuel d 20 Jan 1828 age 75yrs
  John d 18 Jul 1848 age 67yrs 10mo 16dy
  Aaron d 18 Aug 1844 age 23yrs 9mo 29dy
  Polly w/o John d 11 Dec 1837
      age 52y 8m 10 days
          Her mind was tranquil and serene
          No terror in her looks was seen
          Her savious's smiles dispelled her gloom
          And smoothed her passage to the tomb.
  Ruby d/o J. & D. d 10 Sep 1808
      age 1yr 2mos 12days
BENEDICT, Deacon Aaron d 21 Jan 1845
      age 89yrs 9mos 16days (Rev. Sol)
          Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
          From which none ever wakes to weep
  Betsy w/o Aaron d 20 Mar 1849
      age 69yrs 8mos 3dys
ROYCE, Anna d/o Nathaniel
          (probably s/o James and Clarissa Royce)
      & Adah d 5 Mar 1835 age 22y 2m 13dys
          Why then should I fear death's grim look
          Since Christ for me did die
          For king a Cesar rich and poor
          The force of death must try.
  Clarissa w/o Peter d 7 Mar 1820 age 36yrs
BROWN, John d 9 Aug 1852 age 69yrs
  Nancy w/o John d 16 May 1862 age 75yrs 9mos
CRAIN, Franklin d 22 Mar 1856 in his 31st yr
      Near the stone of Franklin Crain is a Large stone
      the face of which has badly flaked off, making
      it unreadable, but at the foot is a stone with the
      initials, D.C. (probably Crain)
CRANDALL, Mary F. d/o Asa T & Samantha d May 1860
      age 13 years
HARRISON, Camden s/o Luther O. & Lucinda d 1809
      age 5 years
HOUGHTALING, John s/o John & Abigail d 26 Jul 1849
  *** age (can't be read)
  William his son d 30 Sep 1849 age 1yr 6mos
JENNINGS, Seth d 1 Sep 1820 age 60yrs
  Hannah w/o Seth d 9 Sep 1826 age 61yrs
  Polly d/o Seth & Hannah
      d 11 Jun 1814 age 15yrs
KEYES, Horace H. s/o Thomas & Catherine
      d 7 Aug 1849 age 2 yrs 5 mon
MORSE, Benjamin d 23 Apr 1820 age 88yrs
          Go aged sire, Survey the tomb
          See where the savior lay.
          Say boasting death. Where is thy sting.
          And graves where is thy victory.
          (Buried by side of Mrs. Benedict and was
          very likely Mrs. Benedicts father, possibly
          a revolutionary soldier from Connecticut)
SCOFIELD, Nancy w/o Daniel (david) d 6 Mar 1843
      age 49 yrs 4 days
          Yet these now rising from the tomb
          With lustre brighter far shall shine
          Revive with everduring bloom
          Safe from disease and decline
  Lucinda, d/o Daniel (david) & Nancy
      d 12 May 1836 age 15y 9m 7d
          Let sickness blest, 1st death devour
          If heaven must recompense over pain
          Parish the grass and fade the flower
          If firm the word of God remains
SESSIONS, Cyrus d 13 Aug 1857 age 60yr 5m 3d
  Leonard d 4 Aug 1853 age 81y 7m 21d
  Esther w/o Leonard d 10 Mar 1856
      age 91yrs 8mos 10dys
          Dearest parent thou hast left us
          Here thy loss is deeply felt
          But tis God that has us
          He can all sorrows heal.
  Dorinda d/o ----- & Celestia d 24 Aug 1853 age 24 years
  Lester, d 6 Nov 1834 age 25yr 9mo 27dy
          This man received a fatal blow
          By an unruly beast
          And left this world of pain and wo
          To dwell with God in peace
  Urial d 7 Dec 1845 age 67yrs 9mos 27days
  Sally w/o Urial, Esq. d 26 Aug 1820 age 51y 10m 26dys
          My children dear, Assemble here
          A mothers grave to see
          Not long ago I dwelt with you
          And soon you'll dwell with me.
  Lydia (probably w/o Cyrus) d 11 Jul 1859 age 69y 5m 15d
  Infant d/o Marcus (?) & Celestia
      d 19 Jan 1819 age 1 month
SIMMONS, Ariel (?) w/o Daniel S. d 29 Oct 1838
      age 28yr 3mo 29d (d/o deacon Aaron Benedict)
          Farwell my husband you I leave
          Though long and sorely you will grieve
          This grave contains your lovely bride
          And your sweet babe lies by my side.
  Lucy Ann d/o Daniel S & Ariel d 13 Aug 1838 age 6 weeks
  Infant s/o Daniel S. & Elizabeth
      d 5 May 1840.
TARBLE, Polly w/o Cyrus d 20 Dec 1841 age 48y 9mos 4days
(Tarbell)         Weep not for as my husband dear
          Because I am gong to leave you here
          For I shall land on Canaans happy shore
          To meet with friends to part no more.
  Polly Ann, d/o Cyrus & Polly d 29 Jun 1851
      age 23 years
  Eleazer d 8 Jan 1850 age 80yrs 9mo
  Silence Wood w/o Eleazer d 26 Jan 1841
      age 71yrs 6mos
          The last dread scene is past, the trial over
          And pain & death shall rach thy frame no more
          Thy spirit freed from every earthly care
          Shall in the love of thy Creator care
  Miranda w/o John d 30 Mar 1842 age 27y 2m 7d
  Susanna w/o John d 30 Mar 1847
      age 25 yrs 10 mo 21 days
WOOD, Lucy w/o Nathan d 7 May 1824 age 73yrs
  Silence w/o Eleazer Tarble d 26 Jan 1841
      age 71yrs 6mos

There are several footstones with initials lying around but so unconnected to any monument as to make them impossible to derive more information.
Sample: Infant son.....Rufus & Betty C .....
      (No dates or other names)

These records were copied by Mr Frank Place and Mr Elwyn Jackson on 27 March 1949 Transcribed by Mrs Donald N Elder 6 Apr 1949. Additions and corrections made by Leslie Peebles - Marathon Town Historian during the 1950's.

Note written by Leslie Peebles:
This burial ground is first right turn from Jennings Creek road, then first right turn again and close by this second turn on a knoll on the left of the road. Note- less than 1 mile southeast of this cemetery is a larger one lying in Broome co, in the edge in the edge of settle of Killawog. Located behind the old potato cellar owned by Mr Hunt on a knoll behind his residence. There are quite likely related families to those in the Tarble or Sessions cemetery, there interred.

Note written by Vicki Hall Titus:
This cemetery currently seems to be entirely in the town of Lisle, in Broome County. The Lisle Historian, Eleanor Ticknor, indicates that Lisle is responsible for the cemetery (mowing, etc.). Follow this link to see a version of this cemetery compiled by a Broome Co. NY researcher.

Transcribed by JoEllen Langwell from scanned images of LDS tape number 1304772, supplied by Pat Stefnik and Vicki Hall Titus.

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail Tim Stowell

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