Postmasters in 1898 - Cortland County
Cortland County
1898 Towns and

In 1898, Edgar L. Murlin published "The 1898 New York Red Book", which listed every postoffice in NY. For each, it listed the county it was in, and the postmaster at that time. Below are the entries for Cortland County.

Office Postmaster
Blodgett Mills Edward P Leech
Chenango Sabria J Shepherd
Cincinnatus Philo C Wheeler
Cortland Benton B Jones
Cuyler Luther Holmes
East Freetown Philander D Grant
East Homer Arthur D Holmes
East River William H Moore
East Scott Joel Gillett
East Virgil John Lewis
Freetown Corners John M Davis
Harford John A Waole (Wavle?)
Harford Mills Hiram Kells
Homer Charles E Wills
Hunts Corners Geo S Wheeler
Keeney Francis Webster
Little York Daniel T Bowdish
McGrawville Burdette T Burlingham
Marathon Chas A Brooks
Messengerville William S Dickinson
Mount Roderick Irving W Phelps
Preble Herman D Hunt
Scott Merton A Whiting
Solon Wm J Corcoran
South Cortland Frances A Sanders
South Cuyler Albert D Barber
Taylor George W Gage
Taylor Center Wells G Albro
Taylor Valley Wilson B Hawley
Texas Valley George W DeLand
Truxton John HB Gordon
Tula Helen L Lawrence
Union Valley Martha A Brooks
Virgil Rodolph Price
Willet Charles J Harris

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