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Pension File -
Deliverance EATON
Widow Elijah

Extract from Rejected Pension Application of Deliverance EATON widow of Elijah EATON:

Elijah EATON Sr. left Connecticut for Columbia County New York sometime before 1771. Elijah's service in the Revolutionary War was described in an application for a pension (#R3208) of his wife, Deliverance, on 22FEB1844(then residing Cortland Co. NY), in which she claimed Elijah served one month or more in Capt. BEEBE'S Company of Col. WATERMAN'S regiment July 1777. Around 1780, Elijah Sr. went to Albany as juryman, enlisted eight months in the army & served most of his enlistment...balance served by man he hired with help of a Capt. OSTRANDER ...Deliverance didn't remember dates well...remembered that Elijah was serving the year Burgoyne was taken prisoner...on another occasion Elijah was drafted one month & hired a man named Erasmus(?) WILSON to take his place...went to Albany from Schodack to see him while he was on jury duty, but he had left with his unit down the Hudson River...on another occasion after several weeks service, Elijah went home & persuaded Deliverance's brother, Henry MOTT, to go back to Saratoga in his place...Henry MOTT was under 21 years of age and a minor was bound to Elijah's care.

Elijah recorded births & marriage in family bible...Deliverance signed application with her mark "X". She went on to say "...she however well knows that he was in the service as aforesaid - In the last town she has often heard him say he was in a skirmish-that the man who stood next to him was shot through the jaw-".

Deliverance Mott EATON was living in Willet with son Peter before she died.

Family Group Sheet for Elijah Eaton

BIRTH 02SEP1742 Ashford Windham CT
MARRD 21MAY1771 Chatham Columbia NY
DEATH 03MAR1805 Schoharie NY
OTHER RESIDENCES Schodack Rennssalaer NY
MILITARY RECORD French & Indian War, Revolutionary War
HIS PARENTS Nathaniel Eaton Perry, Easter(Esther)
WIFE*Deliverance MOTT      
BIRTH 08DEC1751 Portsmouth Newport RI
DEATH 09SEP1849 Willet Cortland NY
BURIAL Willet Village Cemetery       Willet Cortland NY
Columbia Co., NY      
HER PARENTS John Mott Elizabeth Greene


-1 Nathaniel 22JAN1772NY 22SEP1860NY m1 Ann ?
m2 Phebe ?
-2 Elizabeth 22FEB1775NY 18DEC1846 m John/Isaac R. HART
-3 Elijah 06JUL1777NY 03SEP1804 m Nancy SLOAN
-5 Johanna 10FEB1783NY m Thomas CRIPPEN
-6 John 09SEP1785NY 15FEB1968IL m1 22DEC1805NY Lydia PRESTON
m2 25OVT1829NY Lucy L. DAINES
-7 Mary/Polly 12JUL1788NY 26MAY1882NY m 01JAN1805NY Robert TENNANT
-8 Lydia 05JUN1791NY m1 Henry HARE
m2 William SHERWOOD
-9 Peter 06MAR1793NY 11MAY1881NY m1 14JUN1825 Polly Van SISE

First three children b. Chatham, Columbia Co., NY.

    Most of the children resided in Cortland Co. at some point.

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