Poor House Occupants 1860 Cortland County
Cortland County census
Poor house entries - 1860

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In the 1860 census, the Poor House is split over 2 pages -- 429 and 430. Although all the occupants are listed under only 1 household / dwelling, Alvah Benjamin is listed at the top of both pages.

Page 429
Benjamin Alvah 52 Keeper of Poor House
Dan Black 85 Unknown Deaf and Dumb
Wood Augustus 78 NY Insane
Cole Calvin 60 do Indiotic
Layton Edwin 35 do Insane
Philips William 78 VT Old age
Green Foster 30 NY Insane
Rickardt Zebina 49 do Cripple
Finch Orrange 60 do Insane
Horton Hiram 40 do Idiotic
Brilson Cornelius 89 do Old age
Bortol George 28 do Sick
Pierce Laura 40 do Insane and idiotic
Philips Mary 40 do Sick
Bush Esther 33 do Idiotic
Lane Mary 56 do Insane
Brawly Kate 40 Ireland do
Salsbury Mary Ann 55 do Idiotic
Pender Temperance 45 NY Insane
Hopkins Esther 80 do Old age
Wordon Amanda 60 Mass do
Groe Mary 35 NY Insane
Greenman Eliza Ann 48 do do
Hopkins Louise 16 do Cripple
Norton Harriet 43 do Idiotic
Norton Henry 7 do
Hawley Lois 35 do Sick
Hawley Russell 5 do
Segar Franklin L. 11 do
Cole Mary 7 do Insane
Bean (Benn?) Thankful 68 do Sick
Bean Rachel 41 do
Fritz Franklin 5 do Idiotic
Smith William 78 do Intemperate
Cronkrite Stephen 56 do
Capwell (Casswell?) Mary 75 RI Ill Health
Hopkins William 15 NY
Hall William 86 do Old age
Laraby Alunsing 61 do Ill Health
Laraby Saloma 57 VT Ill Health

Page 430
Benjamin Alvah --- Repeat
Keeper of Poor House
Fenton Sarah 27 NY Ill Health
Perry David W. 76 Mass do
Penny David 75 do do
Wiser James 84 do Old age
Parker Esther 17 NY Cripple
Johnson William 61 VT Ill Health
Johnson Sarah Ann 53 do do
Tryon Sylvanus 6 do Orphans
Tryon Frederick 2 do do
Ells Margaret 25 Germany Insane
Hawley Polly 55 VT Cripple
Hollenbeck Sarah J. 28 do Sick
Bradbury Mary 22 do do
Pratt Milton 1 NY
Parker Hannah 9 do Sick
Ripley Clarinda 28 do do
Ripley June 6/12 do
Shopley Julia 56 do Insane
Wilson Clarissa 43 do do
Wood Phebe 78 do do
Hall Eunice 35 NY Insane
Stewart James 60 Ireland Sick
Crane Mary 61 Mass Insane
Hicks Jane 27 NY do
Hall Sophia 3 do Orphans
Johnson Amos 25 do Insane
Bouton Phebe 35 do Idiotic
Peck Maryett 45 do do
Chamberlin James 47 do do
Hall Ann 2/12 do
More Alminas 75 Mass Old age
More Emma 22 NY Insane
Rorebacher Isaac 55 do Sick
Peck Clark 22 do do
Carmon (Carman) Jane 70 do do
Tugood John 75 Mass do
Forsher (Forshee) Sarah 60 do do
Willoby William 69 do do

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