Cortland Co. 12th Regiment
Cortland County Civil War Units
12th Regiment - Company D - Homer

Here is a roster of Company D, submitted by Robin Moore.

George W. Stone-Captain
Lucius C. Storrs-Lt.
George Snyder-Ensign
Origen S. Storrs-1st Sgt
Charles W. Greene-Sgt
John M. Couch-Sgt
Davis Jones-Sgt
Albertus Webb-Corporal
John Muldoon-Corporal
Charles H. Davis-Corporal
Henry Shirley-Corporal
Jay F. Bates-drummer
George W. Head-fifer

John T. Andrews, Elihu Babcock, Charles E. Barnes, Albert C. Barker, Lester H. Benedict, Nelson R. Bennett, Robert P. Bush, Erastus H. Carver, Le Roy Cole, Henry A. Curtice, Frederick Darbey, Albert J. Donaldson, John Flannelly, George Gernsey, David D. Goodell, John E. Gray, Andrew Hammon, Newton I. Hawley, Richard Hill, Edgar Hine, Henry W. Hitchcock, Joseph Hotchkiss, Benjamin F. Jones, Thomas Kellean Jr, Eli F. Lewis, Daniel Morse, Adolphus Morse, Richard Morse, Henry Murray, William N. Owen, Daniel Pender, Lyman Pender, Albertus Pierce, Eugene A. Rawson, John Rogers, Ira Scriver, Hosea L. Share, James Smith, Warren Smith, Henry K. Stephens, John H. Sweeney, Albert Taintor, Norman Thompson, Edgar O. Thompson, Charles Todd, Samuel Trimm, Duane Trowbridge, Richard Valentine, Oren O. Wakefield, John W. Walter, Eugene F. Whitcomb, Lewis Williams.

This data submitted by:

Robin Moore

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