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Cortland County
Historical Society, Inc.

25 Homer Ave.       Cortland, NY 13045


Before publication of any materials from the CORTLAND COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY'S collections, the researcher must obtain permission to use such materials by requesting in writing, and expleining how the materials will be used. In addition to permission from the Society's Director, permission of the person who donated the material may also be required.

Copies of manuscripts, genealogical records, or published books, articles, etc., which in whole or in part were produced through research at the Historical Society, should be donated to the Kellogg Memorial Research Library for the benefit of other researchers.

All published, duplicated or exhibited materials from the Society's collections must be credited to the Society and cited, for example, as John Smith Papers, Cortland County Historical Society, Cortland, NY.

The Historical Society reserves the right to close any of its collections, in whole or in part. Researchers who do not abide by these and other published rules for library use, can be denied access to the Research Library.

Materials housed in the Research Library are the result of intensive efforts of volunteers since 1925. The Society cannot be held responsible for erroneous or incomplete information supplied by volunteers and others. The researcher must determine the validity and pertinence of the information regarding his or her research.

Researchers must register when entering the Research Library.

Briefcases, backbacks, tote bags, etc. may be inspected by Society personnel before it is removed from the Research Library.

Please do not lean on material; make NO notations in or on material.

Do not reshelve any material.

Researchers may be required to don white gloves while inspecting some of the reference material.

Do not follow personnel into, or enter by oneself, the personnel's work areas. WE WILL BE PLEASED TO MAKE COPIES FOR YOU.

No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted. NO CHEWING OF GUM!

The CORTLAND COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY is a not-for-profit corporation, that receives no funds from Cortland County residents taxes. Its mission is to collect, preserve and interpret the County's documents and artifacts, and to share the knowledge gained from those many sources.

SUGGETT HOUSE MUSEUM is open Tuesday thru Saturday, 1 - 4 p.m. All tours are quided. Adult non-member fee is $2.00; children under 16, free. Group tours by appointment.

The Research Library is handicapped accessible.

Contact the Society by:

    US Mail:
    Cortland County Historical Society
    25 Homer Avenue
    Cortland, NY 13045

    Telephone: (607) 756-6071


If you have any suggestions, please e-mail Tim Stowell

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