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Thanks to the efforts of JoEllen Langwell, the 1870 census entries for Lapeer are complete online and Benny Klock is working on Preble to get it on-line. Listed below are links for the pages currently on-line. A column translation is listed after the links.

The census itself is full of errors. Surnames are sometimes listed as first names, for example with Lapeer family 16 - Johnson Royal is really Royal Johnson. Also, obviously male names are described as female, and vice-versa. No attempt has been made to correct these errors, but they will be noted at the bottom of the census as we find them/are notified of them.


      Pages 799-800

      Pages 801-802

      Pages 803-804

      Pages 805-806

      Pages 807-808


      Pages 831-832

      Pages 833-835

      Pages 836-837

      Pages 838-841

Columns Breakdown:
Surname, First name Age Gender Color Occupation Value of
Real Estate
Value of
Personal Estate

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