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The 1820 census is now completely on-line. Listed below are links for the towns that existed at the time of the 1820 census. Some of the towns have been broken down for easier loading.

In the original census, the names are semi-alphabetical within each town. All of the A's are lumped together, then all of the B's and then all of the C's, etc. Originally, I posted the census in the census taker's order. Currently, I am in the process of converting the data over to a strictly alphabetical order.

Cincinnatus       Freetown       Harrison (Marathon)

Homer pages 517-524       Homer pages 525-532       Homer pages 533-540

Homer pages 541-548       Homer pages 549-554       Homer pages 555-559

Preble       Scott       Solon       Truxton pages 590-597

Truxton pages 598-605       Truxton pages 606-612       Truxton pages 613-616

Virgil pages 616-621       Virgil pages 622-629       Virgil pages 630-638       Willet

There is also an everyname index for the 1820 census. It is in 4 sections for easy loading. Information on the 17 African-American living in Cortland County at the time is located at the end of the last section.

Index A-C       Index D-I       Index J-R       Index S-Z and African-American

Statistical totals are used in each category. Households listed under Head of Household only. (For example, if an elderly father moved into his son's household, only the son would be mentioned.) No other names given.

      Columns Breakdown:
Page number Surname First name First set of numbers:
  • Male under 10
  • Male 10 and under 16
  • Male 16 - 18
  • Male 16 and under 26
  • Male 26 and under 45
  • Male 45 and over
  • Second set of numbers:
  • Female under 10
  • Female 10 and under 16
  • Female 16 and under 26
  • Female 26 and under 45
  • Female 45 and over

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