Gillett Cemetery, Cortland County

Gillett Cemetery

3 Miles NW of Little York, Cortland County, NY, just off of Cold Brook Road

There are about 47 gravestones in the cemetery, excluding small stones containing just initials, designating individuals within family groupings. I was able to read about 43 of the stones with inscriptions other than initials. There were about four that I could not read at all. I only had about an hour to write down the inscriptions. I'm sure that a person with more time would be able to do a better job. Also did not write down any of the poems or verses.

The cemetery was well cared-for, and the grass newly mowed. There was no sign or marker indicating who takes care of it. The man living next door told me that the cemetery is maintained by the Town of Scott.

NameDate of deathBirth or AgeRemarks
ALVORD, Oscar18731871son of Samuel and Sarah
ALVORD, Samuelnot shown1831
ALVORD, Sarah M.19051826wife of Samuel
ARNOLD, EuniceJuly 16, 186384yor possibly 18 years
ARNOLD, PollyApr. 14, 182140y 13dwife of Philip Arnold
DOUBLEDAY, ErminaMar. 9, 183122y 3m 13dwife of Charles W. Doubleday
FISK, Emily E.??, 186121ydau. of Leonard & Martha
FISK, George L.Dec. 22, 186328yson of Leonard & Martha
FISK, LeonardMay 14, 187180y
FISK, MarthaApr. 12, 187783ywife of Leonard
GILLET, Pelina GenellSep. 19, 18328y 25ddau. of John S. and Sally Gillet
GILLETT, Ann----dau. of John H. and Julia?
GILLETT, Horatio N.Jan. 4, 188586y
GILLETT, JohnNov. 11, 1810June, 1754"Captain on the Continental Line, Revolutionary War" - old stone and new brass plaque
GILLETT, John 18781784husb. of Nancy Stevens. newish stone
GILLETT, John???, 1872
son of Martin (?) and ???
GILLETT, John H.18751812
GILLETT, Julia A.18931815wife of John H.
GILLETT, MarillaNov. 3, 187073ywife of Horatio N. Gillett
GILLETT, Mirabell------dau. of Charles H. and Martha
GILLETT, WilliamOct. 11, 184058y
GOODALL, DavidFeb. 1, 1820

HEALD, Abigail---
wife of E. W. Heald
KINGSLEY, Celestia S.Jan. 6, 1851
wife of Ansel R. Kingsley
LAMB, EdwardOct. 9, 182914y 10m
MILLER, Nancy18801791wife of Zenas
MILLER, Zenas18721789
MULINEX, Helen M.Aug. 23, 186417ywife of John R., poem
MULINEX, William R.June 11, 186933y
NORTHRUP, MaryDec. 14, 184418ywife of James Northrup and dau. of Horatio & Marilla Gillett
NORTHWAY, Almira--
dau. of Augustus & Nancy
NORTHWAY, Augustus J.June 26, 18492m 14dson of Augustus & Nancy
NORTHWAY, BetseyMay 27, 185371ywife of dea. Janna
NORTHWAY, Betsey M.June 12, 18496y 3mdau. of Augustus & Nancy
NORTHWAY, ErastusMay 23, 182322y 1m 24dEldest son of Janna & Betsey. poem
NORTHWAY, JannaAug. 8, 184468y 1mpoem
NORTHWAY, Lefa H.Aug. 22, 185752ywife of Augustus
NORTHWAY, NancyApr. 12, 184936y 23dwife of Augustus
PRATT, JacobOct. 6, 182651y 11m 10d*
PRATT, SelinaMay 23, 1856w/o Jacob. *
REED, Lucretia--
wife of John Reed
SALTMARSH, Thomas W.Jan. 26, 184832y
SMITH, Erastus I.Feb. 2, 1825
brother of Jonathan
SMITH, JacobNov. 19, 1866
86y 1m 7d
SMITH, JonathanMar. 11, ????
son of Jacob & Lois Smith
SMITH, LoisJuly 17, 184156y 2m 11dwife of Jacob
STEVENS, Elisha1880

STEVENS, ElizabethMay 18, 190382ywife of Horace B.
STEVENS, EuniceJune 12, 187986ywife of Elisha
STEVENS, Horace BillingsJuly 31, 190480y
STEVENS, John H.Feb. 10, 18621y 7m 12dson of Horace B. & Elizabeth
STEVENS, Nancy B.18821794wife of John Gillett. newish stone.
WATSON, Harris A.Aug. 2, 184411y 6m 13dson of ??? B and ???
WILCOX, MamreFeb. 11, 175972y wife of Ansel Wilcox

* Jacob Pratt and Selina Trowbridge Pratt (born Apr 10, 1781) were my g-g-g-grandparents.
-- Dick von Briesen

Contributed by:
Dick von Briesen
August 25, 2002
updated April 18, 2004.

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