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Summary listing of Cortland Co. Cemeteries

Partial List of Cemeteries in Tree Talks

Political Graveyard site for Cortland County

Cortland County Tombstone Carvers


Dutch Hills Cemetery Holmes Cemetery
Lower Cincinnatus Cemetery - pre 1850

City of Cortland

City of Cortland - Cortland Rural Cemetery burials


Blodgett Cemetery Forest Hill Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery (#13) M J Noe farm


Underwood Family Cemetery


Harford Cemetery Old Farm Cemetery
Purvis Farm Cemetery (aka Tanner Farm, Cotterill Farm, Willow Crossing) Rummer Farm Cemetery (aka Willow Crossing, Carpenter Farm)


Atwater Cemetery Brook Cemetery
Gillett Cemetery Glenwood Cemetery Work in progress
Scott Union Cemetery


Clarks Corners Cemetery Highland Cemetery
Hunts Corners Cemetery Luce Hill Cemetery
Price Ayers Cemetery Parker Street Cemetery
Quail Hill Cemetery


Gerard Cemetery Killawog Road Cemetery
Marathon Cemetery Sherwood or Fralick Cemetery
Tarbell or Sessions Cemetery Texas Valley Cemetery


McGraw Village Cemetery


Elmwood Cemetery Preble Village Cemetery
Cemetery number 2


Solon Baptist Cemetery


Phelps-Field Homestead Cemetery Potter Hill Cemetery
Taylor Rural Cemetery


Apulia Cemetery Haskins family Cemetery
Truxton Village Cemetery


Seager (Sager) Cemetery Unnamed cem. near M. E. Church - AKA Pioneer Cem.
Virgil Rural Cemetery


Burlingame Cemetery Greene Burying Ground

NOTE:   The majority of the information presented on these pages is from Cortland Historical Society files from readings done during the 1920's and 30's. If you have any additional information and/or corrections, please send them to me at the e-mail address below.

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail Tim Stowell

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