Carpenter Bible records
Bible Records
Carpenter Bible
inherited by Joseph Knapp

The entries below are from the Asaph Carpenter family bible, passed down to Joseph Knapp by his grandmother. Joseph is a descendant of this line. To see the actual bible pages, please follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Asaph Hammam Carpenter June 28, 1800
Almira Clark May 26, 1801
Helen Mar Carpenter May 17, 1828
Francis Bicknell Carpenter August 6, 1830
Clement Dewitt Carpenter May 30, 1832
Henrietta Sevensworth Carpenter February 21, 1834
William Wallace Carpenter November 21, 1835
Mary Elizabeth Carpenter October 2, 1838
Daniel Webster Carpenter May 17, 1841
Henry Clay Carpenter May 17, 1841
Asaph H. Carpenter and Almira Clark October 3, 1826
Francis B. Carpenter and Augusta H. Prentiss August 5, 1851
C. Dewitt Carpenter and Adaline A. Ball September 25, 1855
Helen M. Carpenter and Rufus S. Eells September 5, 1860
Henry Clay Carpenter September 16, 1842
William Wallace Carpenter July 17, 1863
        Wounded at Gettysburgh Pa July 1, 1863
Helen M. Eells, Homer, August 6, 1871
Mary E. Carpenter, New York, January 25, 1881
(Died at 107 West 44th St. where her brother Frank and family were boarding)

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