Town Development

Original settlement was by the Dutch near Kinderhook, in the north-west corner of the county, followed by a Palatine German settlement at Germantown (then East Kamp) in the southwest corner of the county. The eastern border was settled in the 1750's by New Englanders from Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the 1780's a group of New England Quakers from Nantucket and surrounding areas created the city of Hudson.

The original land disbursement in Columbia County was in the form of Patents:

Patent Acres Date
from Indians
Van Hoesen (Hudson)
1662 1667 Jan Frans van Hoesen
Major Abraham Staats (Stockport) 200
1667 Major Abraham Statts
Major Abraham Staats (Stockport) 400
1685 Major Abraham Statts
Flodder/Baker (Kinderhook)
1667 1667 Jacob Jansen Flodder
Capt. John Baker
Wessels/Teunissen (Kinderhook)

Dirck Wessels
Gerrit Teunissen
Lower Manor (Claverack) 700,000 (Including remainder of Manor) 1649 1685 Killian van Rensselaer
Livingston Manor 160,240 1684 1686 Robert Livingston
de Bruyn (Kinderhook)
1668 1686 Jan Hendrick de Bruyn
Powell Tract (Stuyvesant)

Burghart/van Schaack (between Kinderhook and Claverack) 4,000

Conradt Burghardt
Elias van Schaack
van Alen/van Schaack (Kinderhook)

1703 Lawrence van Scaack
Lawrence van Alen
(East of Kinderhook Creek) 6,000
1731 Burgar Huyck, et. al.
Mawighanunk Patent (Northeast of Kinderhook) 4,380
1743 Stephen Bayard,
Cornelius van Schaick,
John Baptiste van Rensselaer,
Johannes van Deusen,
Barent Vosburgh
Wawieghnunk Patent

1743 William Bayard,
Stephen Bayard
(East of Kinderhook Creek)

1668 Peter van Alen
Gore (between Claverack and Livingston Manors) originally part of Claverack Manor 10,152
1767 Abraham Lott, et. al.
On Kinderhook Creek 700
1788 John van Ness

1791 Given to settlers in actual possession
Lands between Canaan to the north, Claverack to the south, Canaanto the East and Kinderhook to the west

1793 Given to settlers in actual possession

The original towns of Columbia County were Canaan, Claverack, Germantown, Hillsdale, Hudson City, Kinderhook, and Livingston.

Town Date
Created From
Livingston Manor 1686  
East Kamp 1709 Livingston Manor
Kinderhook 1772 Original Town
Kings District 1772 Original Town
Livingston 1772 Original Town
Germantown 1775 East Kamp (town renamed)
Canaan 1778 Kings District
Hillsdale 1782 Claverack
Hudson 1785 Claverack
Columbia County Formed 1786
Clermont 1787 Livingston
Chatham 1795 Kinderhook, Canaan
Granger 1803 Livingston
Gallatin 1803 Livingston
Ancram 1814 Gallatin (town renamed)
Taghkanic 1814 Granger (town renamed)



Chatham, Hillsdale, Canaan

New Lebanon 1818 Canaan
Ghent 1818 Chatham, Claverack, Kinderhook
Stuyvesant 1823 Kinderhook
Copake 1824 Taghkanic
Gallatin 1830 Ancram
Stockport 1833 Hudson, Ghent, Stuyvesant
Greenport 1837 Hudson
Germantown 1858 Germantown, Clermont

Reprinted with permission from Michael Bathrick, 2008.