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Immigrants to New Sweden

The Eagle (Orn)
Sailed from Gothenburg on February 2, 1654
Captain Jan Jansson Bockhorn
Arrived at New Sweden May 22, 1654

A great many colonists went over with the expedition. Twelve boys from the Bilding College of Stockholm were also sent. About a hundred families were left behind on account of lack of room on the vessel. The roll list has been lost, so it is not possible to know the exact number.

The Gyllene Haj (Golden Shark) that was scheduled to leave with The Eagle (Orn) was badly damaged, so all the colonists had to squeeze into the Eagle. John Rising, Commander, reports the number of colonists swelled to 350 or more, upon the arrival of the Haj.
According to Rising's journal, "On April 10, 130 persons were sick," many having died were thrown overboard. By April 16, 230 persons were sick, some being so affected with dysentery and fever, that they jumped into the sea. About 100 of the 350 passengers died from diseases and famin by the time it reached New Sweden.

John Rising, Commander

Johan Papegoja, returning to New Sweden

Sven Skute, returning to New Sweden
Appointed Captain of the lands people.

Elias Gyllengren, returning as Lieutenant

Mans Stake, provost-marshal

Peter Martensson Lindestrom, engineer

Anders Kampe, armorer

Peter Larson Hjort, Reverend

Matthias Nertunius, Reverend

Anders Olofsson (Olsson), corporal

Peter Peterson, trumpeter

Peter Peterson, drummer

Johan Schalbrick from Reval, drummer

Anders Larson, sergeant

Lars Andersson, muster clerk

Nils Larson, constaple

Hans Walter, bookkeeper

Soldiers, Servants and Freeman:

Hakan Persson Akerman, soldier

Salungen Anders, freeman

Anders the Finn, freeman

Benjamin Anderson, freeman

Eric Andersson, soldier - and wife
Eric died on the journey or in New Sweden before June 9, 1654.

Hindrick Andersson, freeman
Was ill on June 9, 1654.

Jons Andersson, Smidt (blacksmith)

Lars Andersson (there are two or three with the same name)

Nils Andersson, miller - and wife
He died on the ship or before June 9, 1654

Nils Andersson, carpenter, soldier
Hired at Stockholm in 1653 for 4 R.D. a month. Probably same as Nils Andersson, miller (above

Olaf Andersson, Husgalen (housecrazy)

Mans Andriasson, freeman

Isack Backare, baker

Olof Bagge, freeman - and wife
Olof died on the journey or in the colony before June 9, 1654

Erick Bengtson (Benckson), soldier

Israel Bengtson, soldier

Mathias Bengtson, freeman
He lived at Kingsessing, New Sweden.

Mats Bengtson
Probably the same person as Mathias Bengtson

Olof Bertilson Likagod (just as good), soldier

Hustro Agneta, Braueversche*
*it is difficult to see what the name is, but braueversche may mean that she brewed ale in the colony.

Cornelius Burke

Lars Bus

Nils Carson, boy (jung oder pojke)

Abbe Clasen, skipper

Anders Clementsson, soldier

Lars Andersson Collins

Gosta (Josta) Danielson, soldier
Hired at Stockholm in 1653 for 4 R.D. a month

Gustaf Danielson

Johan Danielson, Arklimastare (gunner)

Jan Eckhoff, freeman

Abraham Dricksson

Lars Ericksson, freeman - and wife
He died in the colony before June 9, 1654. His widow took oath of allegiance to the Swedish Crown.

Lars Esbjorsson Skraddare, tailor
Hired in Stockholm for 4 R.D. a month.

Lars Esbjorsson, soldier
Probably the same person as the foregoing.

Margareta Eskelsdotter, daughter of Elskel

Abraham Eskelsson, soldier

Mats Eskelsson

Mathias Esselse, freeman

Peter Evers

Gabriel Samuelson Forsman, soldier

Samuel Person Friland, freeman

Hindrick Larson From (good, pious), soldier

Otto Grimm

Anies Gustaffson, freeman

Johan Gustaffson (Gostasson), gunner

Rolof de Haes's widow

Nils Hakansson, freeman

Anders Hanson, gunner
Probably the same as Anders Hansson who was paid 15:18 R.D. in 1641 by the Admiralty. He perhaps died on the journey.

Klas Hanson, freeman

Olof Hanson, Friskebonde (fish-peasant)

Peter Hermers

Anders Hijden (Hiden)

Anders Hindricksson, freeman

Hindrick Hindricksson, soldier

Johan Hindricksson, freeman
He was ill June, 1654.

Olof Isgra (Icegrey), soldier

Hindrick Jacobsson, soldier

Johan Jacobsson, freeman
May be the same person listed next as mill wright.

Johan Jacobsson, mill-wright

Johan Jacobsson, freeman

Peter Jacobsson, freeman

Anders (Andries) Janson, freeman

Bernt (Baernt) Janson
May be the same as Bengt Jonson

Hans Janson, the Finn

Girret Johansson

Herman (Harman) Johansson, freeman

Henrick Johansson, freeman
This can harly be the same as Hindrick Johanson who escaped from Ft. Trefaldighet, for he joined Elswick on his own accord on August 31.

Hindrick Johansson
Escaped from Ft. Trefaldighet in 1655

Karin Johansdotter, the daughter of Johan

Philip Johansson

Simon Johansson, soldier

Thomas Johansson - and wife
Thomas died during the journey or in the colony before June 9, 1654.

Anders Jonson, soldier

Bengt Jonson, freeman

Joran (George) Jonson, freeman

Hans Jonson, soldier
May be the same person as Hans Janson Finne

Olof Jonson

Paul Jonson, freeman
Lived at the Schuylkill

Nils Joransson, soldier

Jacob Junge, from Gothenburg

Jan Justen, freeman

Anders Klemelson (Klementsson)

Marten Krum, soldier

Lukas Kypere (barman)

Karin Larsdotter, the daughter of Lars
Small maid-servant of the Company

Karin Larsdotter
large maid servant of the Company

Anders Larson, freeman
Was ill June 9, 1654.

Bartil Larson, freeman - and wife
He died on the voyage or before June 9, 1654.

Hindrick the Finn Larson, soldier

Jons Larson

Lars Larson,

Markus Larson

Mats Larson, freeman - and wife
He died on the voyage or in the colony before June 9, 1654.

Pawel Larson

Peder (Per) Larson, soldier

Frans Lorensen (Lorans), probably a dutchman

Lukas Kruger, Sigesmundus (Cordewanbereiter, preparer of cordowan leather)

Lars Mansson Klockware, parish clerk

Karin Matzdochter

Anders Matson Kjaring (Woman)

Hindrick the Finn Matson, freeman

Johan Matson Skrika, soldier

Martin Matson, freeman

Mats Matson, the blacksmith

Mathias (Mats) Matson
Lived at the Schuylkill, probably on Province Island.

Morten (Martin) Matson

Nils Matson from Torshall, Sodermanland - millwright

David Michelsson Fischer

Erick Michelsson, soldier

Jacob Michelsson

Lambert Michelsson, freeman

Nils Mjolnare, the miller

Peter Mort, Proviant-screiber

Mortin (Martin) Mortenson, freeman

Borge Nilson Jute (Dane?)

Per (Peder) Nilson, soldier

Torgel (Torkil) Nilson

Olof in Slobijen

Bjorn Olofsson,

Johan Olofsson

Lars Olofsson,

Mathias Olofsson
Probably same person as Mats Olofson. Lived at the Schuylkill.

Nils Olofsson Raf

Mans Pafvelsson (Pawelson)

Peter (Per, Peder) Pafvelsson,

Jon Persson

Johan Persson,

Samuel Persson i Bogen(at the Bog)

Samuel Peterson, freeman

Hans Preutz (Pryss, Prentz), stone cutter, soldier
Hired at Stockholm 1654.

Pafvel Nilsson Quist, soldier
Hired at Stockholm in 1653.

Olof Rase, soldier

Marten Rosenmann

Lars Jonson Rudenius,
Hired at Stockholm in 1653.

Samuel i (at Frijandan)

Johan Schaggen

Peter Schal (Skall),

Skate i (at the) Slobyen, freeman

Jan Schoffel, freeman

Jonas Skog, freeman

Jan Mansson Skog

Johan Skute, son of Captain Skute

Nicholas Smed, the blacksmith

Lars Swartz (Black)
He may have been a negro or called Black (Swartz) on account of his complexion.

Anders Svenson, sailor

Claes (Klas) Thomasson, freeman

Elin Thomasdochter, maid servant

Anton Thorsson

Alexander (Sander) Thorsson

Hired in 1653, sword cutler, bladesmith, furbisher

Nils Matson Utter, soldier
Hired at Stockholm in 1653.

Peter Hanson Wendel, ensign

Anders Zakariasson, soldier

Provisions and supplies:
12 Barrels of butter
20 barrels of bread
136 barrels of beer
several hogsheads of wine
other foodstuffs
shoes, clothes, implements
sails and supplies
1 large iron chain 6 fathoms long
3 large saw blades
1 large iron hammer or sledge
100 plow shares
5,000 small nails
2 broad axes
1 cross-cut saw
2 drawing knives
1 small saw
1 line of 20 fathoms length
1 saw crank
1 adze
1 ax
1 hammer
1 still
1 salmon net

Return trip:
The Orn departed July 15, carrying a cargo of tobacco, arriving in Gothenburg about September 24, 1654.

Compiled from:
The Swedish settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, 1911.

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