1649 Katt - New Sweden Immigrants
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New Sweden Immigrants

In the Katt
Left Stockholm July 3, 1649
Captain Cornelius Lucifer
Never reached New Sweden

This ship was damaged off the Coast of Porto Rico, captured by Spaniards and then burned. The colonists were taken to the island. Many Women and children died in captivity. In all, nineteen of the colonists besides some soldiers and sailors who were able to escape from Porto Rico, returned to Sweden.

Commander Hans Amundson Besk - and wife and children, in all 7
All escaped and returned to Sweden

Reverend Matthias Nertunius
Escaped and returned to Sweden. Eventually returned to the New Sweden colony, probably on the Mercurius 1655, listed as Reverend Mathias.

Joachim Lycke, bookeeper
Escaped and returned to Sweden

Johan Jonson Rudberus - with wife
Johan escaped and returned to Sweden

Timon Stidden, barber-surgeon - with wife and two* children
All escaped and returned to Sweden.
[*Some Sources report 5 children.] He returned to the colony, probably on the Orn, 1654 as he is listed with others receiving new wages.

Per Larsson Bryggiare, brewer - born in Reduegs district
Escaped and returned to Sweden

Swen Hackeson Brad - born in Iland
[Probably the same person as Sven Hakansson Brodd who returned on the Haj in 1654]

Jan Jansson Bockhorn, mate

Joran Duffua, gunner - with wife and two children; a boy and a little daughter

Hans Parson - with wife

Guune Turckelson Timmerman, carpenter - with wife and 2 children, born in Sivedaheiat.

Olufson Roth, gunner - born in Gioteborg

Tolle Anderson Kiempe - born in Uddewal

Par Anderson Snickare, jr - born in Gioteborg

Par Johanson Rutare (trooper) - born in Kynna district

Oluf Benckson Hiort - born in Swedish "hysing"

Oll Hakeson Buur - born in Mandaal

Olff Swensson Repslagare, ropemaker - born in Uddewal

Mans Josephson Falcke - born in Angermanland

Beria Parson Ugla - born in Tesberg parish

Haken Larson Skoster - born in Kynna district

Erik Andersson Drake - born in Angar parish

Gosta Parsson Krabbe - born Angar parish

Anders Carlson Gedda - born in Gioteborg

Lars Olofsson - with wife and a daughter and two boys - born in Nerikie

Jon Olofsson - born in Wermerland

Anders Parson Kiarma - born in Vesberg parish

Daniel Olufson Buurman - born in Stockholm

Bjorn Toolfson Flygare - born in Vesberg parish

Borje Hakensen Rennare - born in Vesberg parish

Oluf Tjorberson Sachtmodig - born in Sio parish

Hendrich Benckson Buller - born in Danish "hysing"

Printe Nielson Jeagare - born in Gioteborg

Ingrij Par's daughter - born in Lundby parish

Sigrij Oluff's daughter - born in Borg parish

Britha Oluff's daughter - born in Borg parish

Karin Par's daughter - born in Osterbatn in Vass

Sigri Niels's daughter - born in Langland parish

Margareth Hans's daughter - born in Bolnes parish

Annika Hans's daughter - born in Finland

Maria Benck's daughter - born in Arbaga

Margaretha Niels's daughter - born in Vesberg parish

Karin Niels's daughter - born in Vesberg Parish

Cristin Jons's daughter - born Bongsund

Ingrij Lars's daughter - born Bongsund

Brita Swen's daughter - born in Mariestadh

Anna Lars's daughter - born in Sioo parish

Wife Elie Oluff's daughter, with a little child born in Skara

Ingebar Banc's daughter - born "pa hysing"

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Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.
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