1642 Swan - New Sweden Immigrants
New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
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Immigrants to New Sweden

In the Swan
Left Stockholm August 16, 1642
Sailed from Gothenburg November 1, 1642
Skipper Lambert Pietersen
Arrived at New Sweden February 15, 1643

Anders Andersson Homman from Saltuna socken
Served as soldier until March 1, 1648, from which time until 1653 he served as trumpeter.

Johan Gustaffson from Kinekulle, Sweden
Served as soldier until 1653, when he probably became a freeman

The following arrived here in 1643 on either the Fama or the Swan,
ships sailing toghether from Stockholm:
Sven Andersson, drummer
Served until 1655

Nicholaes Bock (Borck), corporal

Lars Andersson, soldier from Saltuna socken, Stockholm
He served here until September 1, 1653, and returned to Sweden with Governor Printz.

Joen Nilsson (Nielsson), soldier from Skaraborgs lan

Lars Jacobsson, soldier

Elias Gyllengren, constaple at Ft. Korsholm
Served as soldier until March 1, 1648. Served as constaple from March 1, 1648, until July 31, 1651, when he returned to Sweden. He came to New Sweden again in 1654.

Jurgen Schneeweiss soldier

Peter Meyer, soldier from Gothenburg
Removed to Maryland in 1661 with wife and children and was granted permission by the council to serve there.

Constantinus Grunenborgh, soldier from Mark Brandenborg

Peter Jochimson (Jochum) soldier from Slesvik-Holstein

Isack von Eyssen (van Eisen), from Stockholm
Served as solder until August, 1643, when he was made a corporal at a wage of 6 R.D. a month.

Jacob Svensson from Askeryd socken
constaple at Christina

Michel Nilsson (Nielsson), blacksmith

Thomas Jurgensson, carpenter
Returned to Sweden with Printz

Marten Martensson Glassbijten, freeman

Nils Andersson, from Mallpa in Kinna (Kinda) hundred
He served here as a soldier until the middle of March 1649, when he died, owning the company 35:42 R.D.

Anders Andersson, the Finn
Was sent here from the Castle of Elfsborg as a punishment. Returned to Sweden in 1653

Knut Peerson, secretary
Died before the autumn of 1653.

Eric Andersson, the trumpeter
Served until July 1, 1645 when he became a free man. He returned to Sweden in 1648. Arrived back in New Sweden on the Orn, 1654.

Compiled from:
Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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