1642 Fama - New Sweden Immigrants
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New Netherland
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Immigrants to New Sweden

In the Fama
Left Stockholm August 16, 1642
Sailed from Gothenburg November 1, 1642
Captain Thering Hindricksen
Arrived at New Sweden February 15, 1643

John Printz
New Governor of New Sweden until 1652, relieving Peter Hollander Ridder who returned1 upon the arrival of Printz. He received 400 R.D. for traveling expenses and as compensation for his lost time in waiting for the expedition to begin. He left New Sweden in 1653.

John Campanius Holm, Reverend
Magister (chaplain)

Christer Boije

Gregorius Van Dyck, Dutchman - returning

Hans Janeke, barber-surgeon from Koningsburgh

He returned to Sweden at some point as he returned to New Sweden on the Mercurius in 1656.

Hans Luneburger, soldier from Stralsund,
(at that time Stralsund was a part of Sweden)
He died in New Sweden about the middle of June, 1650.

Johan Fransson from Viborg, bookkeeper

Johan Olofsson

Was hired in 1642 to serve as provost-marshal. Returned with Governor Printz.

Sven Skute (Schwenn Schutte), lieutenant

See Swan 1642 for additional persons arriving on this voyage.

1 Return voyage:
Also returning with Peter Ridder were Rasmussen,
Johan Hanssen the sailmaker
Rev. Christopher
Per Andersson
Bengt Thomasson
Johan Hindricksson
Olof Svensson
Claes Claessen
Lauren Andriessen Cuyper
Joran Olsson, provost-marshal
Johan Matson
Johan Papegoja
and others.

The Fama departed about April 14 and arrived in Gothenburg about the end of July, 1643.

Compiled from:
A History of New Sweden, Israel Acrelius, ©1874
Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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