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Immigrants to New Sweden

Kalmer Nyckel
Sailed from Gothenburg beginning of September, 1639
Captain Cornelius Van Vliet
Sailed from Amsterdam February 7, 1640
Captain Pouwell Jansen
Arrived in New Sweden April 17, 1640

Peter Hollander Ridder
A Dutchman, living in Finland, sent out as Commander of the Colony, replacing Peter Minuit who perished at sea.

Joost van Langdonk, factor, Dutchman
To take the place of Henrick Huygen in New Sweden

Gregorius Van Dyck, Dutchman

Reorus Torkillus, clergyman - returning

He became sick at Fort Christina on Feb. 23, 1643. He improved, however, probably continued his services for some time and was used by Printz in a mission to the Indians. He died Spetember 7, 1643 at the age of 35, leaving a wife and child behind.

Herman Willemsen, shipmate

Per Gunnarsson Rambo, freeman
Probably from Rambo, Noretheastern Sweden

Per Andersson
skipper on the Speel-yacht

Anders Swensson Bonde
Served as constaple (gunner) at New Gothenborg from May 1, 1643, until Sept. 1, 1653, and returned to Sweden with Printz in 1653. He returned to the colony in 1654.

Mans Andersson, freeman

Jon Thorsson, freeman

Anders Larson Dalbo, provost-marshal

Probably from Dalbo on the island of Gothland, or he may have come from Dalarna. He was a tobacco planter in 1644. On November 1, 1647, he was hired by Printz to serve among the soldiers as provost-marshal at the rate of 6 R.D. a month. He served until November 15, 1648, when he left. He entered the service again about December 15, 1650.

Sven Larson Maarbo, laborer

Sven Gunnarsson, freeman

Probably a brother of Per.

Lars Svensson, freeman

Martin Guttersson (Gotterson), laborer

Returned to Sweden on the Orn in 1654. Died in Sweden in the autumn of 1654.

4 mares, 2 young horses and a number of farming implements.

On the return voyage to Sweden in May, arriving in July, 1640, several soldiers and people returned from the colony, among them Hendrick Huygen and Mans Kling, the only Swedish officer in the colony and a number of soldiers from the first expedition.

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The Swedish settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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