1654 Gyllene Haj - New Sweden Immigrants
New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
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Immigrants to New Netherland, New Sweden

Gyllene Haj
(Golden Shark)
Left Gothenburg April 15, 1654
Missed the entrance to the South River and
Arrived at New Amsterdam September 12, 1654

Some of the families who could not find room on the Orn, went on this ship, and a few soldiers and servants also came on this expediton, but the exact number is not known.
On the way, many people became sick. They arrived at Porto Rico on June 30th, where new supplies were brought on board. The people went on shore the following day. On August 15 the Haj left Porto Rico for New Sweden. By mistake, they passed Delaware Bay and arrived at New Amsterdam. The ship was put under arrest by Director Stuyvesant. Most of the people on the ship, remained in New Amsterdam, persuaded thereto by Stuyvesant. It is probable, however, that many of them went to New Sweden after 1655.

Hans Amundsson Besk - with wife, 4 children and 2 servants
Appointed Captain at first but proved himself incompetent as not many persons liked him. He was replaced by Hendrick von Elswick. As he had private claims in Porto Rico to look after, he applied for persmission to go on the voyage, assisting Elswick in whatever way he could. He died on the voyage while in Porto Rico, July 2nd and was buried on the island.

Commander Hendrick von Elswick
After attempting with all his might to effect a settlement then losing the colonists to Dir. Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam, he returned to Sweden.

Sven Hook, Lieutenant

Anders Matheus from Amsterdam,shipmate
While the ship made a stop at Porto Rico for fresh supplies, Anders tried to run away. Elswick was compelled to put him into irons in prison until the ship sailed. Elswick writes it was through the carelessness of his mate that the ship was led into an unknown passage behind Staten Island, and caused the ship to be put under arrest.

Bengt Olsson, second mate

Bengt Ericksson, upper boatswain
remained in New Amsterdam

Johan Ericksson, boatswain

Sven Hakansson Brodd
Hired at Stockholm in 1653 to serve in New Sweden for a wage of 4 R.D. a month. He probably stayed in New Amsterdam. [Possibly the samer person as Sven Hackeson Brad on the Kat 1649.]

Jan Jansen, caprenter from Alckmar, Netherlands
Engaged at 12 R.D. a month. Remained in New Amsterdam.

Jacob Johansson, boatswain
remained in New Amsterdam

Eric Joransson, boatswain
remained in New Amsterdam

Berent Josten, sailmaker from Bergen
Engaged at the rate of 13 florins a month and 2 months in advance.

Carl Julius, secretary
Went to New Sweden from New Amsterdam November 30, 1654

David N....., soldier

Sigfrid Olofsson, boatswain

Johan Olofsson, sailor

Anders Svensson, boatswain

Olof Torkelsson, boatswain

The expedition from Gothenburg was delayed for want of a couple of sailors and a ship carpenter. Some of the sailors had proven themselves incapable of doing their work, these were discharged and others hired in their places.
The following were hired in Stockholm in 1653, before the Haj came to Gothenburg and whose presence is not determined in New Sweden, therefore, in all probability they did not make the journey, (with one exception).

Gustaf Johansson
Mickel Matson Melos
Nils Norman Ostensson
Nils Olofsson, skinner
Johan Peterson
Lars Erickson Stake

Matheus Stijrman, ship carpenter
[ Elswick was in need of a ship carpenter and engaged Jan Jansen [above]. Therefore it is probably in error that Matheus Stijrman is listed as the carpenter who stayed in Amsterdam, as the author A. Johnson lists him with 'those whose presence has not been determined', pg 723.]

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Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, Amandus Johnson, ©1911.

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