Delaware River Settlements 1637-1682, Table of Contents
New Netherland and Beyond
New Netherland
Delaware River
Colonial New York
New York State

Settlements on the Delaware River
Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

History, General Description
Immigrants, Ship Passenger Lists
Social Customs
Illustrations, Images

History, General Description
  • The New Jersey Colony before 1699
    by William M. Clemens, Editor Genealogy Magazine, 1926.

  • The Delaware Colony before 1699
    by William M. Clemens, Editor Genealogy Magazine, 1926.

  • Immigrants, Ship Passenger Lists
  • Bibliography of Ship Passenger Lists
    New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania

  • Ship List Index 1637-1663

  • Emigrants to the Colonie on the Delaware

  • New Sweden Ship Passenger Lists 1637-1655
    with an index to names

  • The Prince Maurice Shipwrecked in 1657

  • Settlers, Notables
  • Settlers to New Amstel, 1659-1662
    List of Persons to New Amstel not recorded on ship list.

  • Colonists removing to Maryland

  • 1693 Inhabitants of former New Sweden

  • Sir George Carteret

  • Vitals
  • Moravian Church Register 1748 - New Jersey
    Including the private record of Brother Abraham Reincke's baptisms
    performed 1745-1752.

  • Maps
  • Delaware River Settlements

  • 1611-1655 Sweden-Finland Map
    Showing districts where the Delaware settlers came from.

  • 1638-1655 New Sweden

  • Social Customs
  • Dating of Historical Documents

  • Currency-Coin in New Sweden

  • Dialect and Language, Spelling

  • Illustrations, Images
  • Old Swedes Church, Wilmington Delaware

  • The First Church, Newark, New Jersey

  • Links
    User Friendly Free Sites

    Public Archives, Land Grants, Maps and other Documents
    at the Official Delaware State Government Site

    New Castle, Delaware - A brief history

    The New Sweden Finns
    A collection of Articles

    Ship Passenger Lists for the Henry and Francis 1685

    Kindred Trails
    Main Links to Delaware History, Genealogy.

    The Swedish Colonial Society
    Much historical information, churches, maps, genealogies

    Old Swedes Church History
    some cemetery records.

    The Roll Family Windmill
    Some information on New Jersey and other families

    Delaware Gen Web site

    Pennsylvania Gen Web site

    New Jersey Gen Web site

    Digital Archives:
    Extract from Wagenaar's "Beschryving van Amsterdam",
    relating to the colony of New Amstel, on the Delaware. Translated by J.R.Brodhead.

    Documents relating to the History of the
    Dutch and Swedish Settlements on the Delaware River

    by B. Fernow, ©1877
    This is Volume 12 of Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York
    (Combined Index - see page 585 in Volume 13 - Settlements of Towns along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers)

    The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware 1638-1664
    by Amandus Johnson, ©1911
         Volume 1
         Volume 2

    Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware,
    from their first settlement in 1636
    by Rev. Jehu Curtis Clay ©1858

    Bergen, New Jersey Church Records
    Transcribed Records:
         Marriages, 1664-1801 in Documents relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey,
            by William Nelson, ©1900
         Baptismal Records 1666-1788 in Holland Society Yearbook 1913
         Church Members, First Settlers, and Burial Records in Holland Society Yearbook 1915

    Records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, 1697-1773
    Wilmington, Delaware
    Translated by Horace Burr,(c) 1890

    Some of the first settlers of "the forks of the Delaware" and their descendants:
    being a translation from the German of the record books of the
    First Reformed Church of Easton, Penna., from 1760 to 1852
    by Rev. Henry Martyn Kieffer, ©1902

    Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey,
    Calendar of Wills, administrations
         Volume 1 1670-1730
         Volume 2 1730-1750
         Volume 3 (wanting)
         Volume 4 1761-1770
         Volume 5 1771-1780

    History of the Land Titles in Hudson County, New Jersey, 1609-1871
    (including alphabetical list of Marriages, Births and deaths from the Records of the Reformed Church in Bergen)
    by Charles H. Winfield, ©1872

    Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen counties, New Jersey
    by Cornelius B. Harvey, ©1900

    Historical and Genealogical Miscellany of New York and New Jersey
    by John E. Stillwell, ©1903
         Volume 1 Settlement and Settlers
         Volume 2 Settlement and Settlers
         Volume 5 Early Settlers and their Descendants

    History of the county of Hudson, New Jersey,
    from its earliest settlement to the present time,
    by Charles H. Winfield

    The History and Antiquities of New England,
    New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

    by John Warner Barber
    Indexed, see Contents
    Biographical Sketches start on page 575

    History of Delaware, 16091888
    by J. Thomas Scharf, ©1888
         Volume 1
         Volume 2

    History of Delaware County
    by Henry G. Ashmead, ©1884.

    A History of the State of Delaware
    from its first settlement until the present time, containing a full account of the
    first Dutch and Swedish settlements, with a description of its geography and geology.
    By Francis Vincent ©1870

    Annals of Pennsylvania
    from the discovery of the Delaware, 1609-1682.
    By Samuel Hazard

    Copyright ©1999-2016