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Early New Netherland Settlers
by Robert Gordon Clarke
This web page presents compiled genealogies, in descendant chart format,
of families that settled in New Netherland, between 1623 and 1664.

17th Century Ancestor Registry
at the Olive Tree Genealogy Website

Pioneers and Founders of New Netherland
from The New Netherland Register, by Dingman Versteeg ©1911-1913
Names include: Enjart, Van Aelsteyn, Van Meteran, Gardenier, Van Rosenvelt,
Van Voorhees, Zabrowsky, Reddenhausen, Hogeboom, Bogart, and Vosburg.

Contributions to the History of Ancient Families
of New Amsterdam and New York

by Edwin Purple, ©1881

First record book of the Society of the Daughters of Holland Dames,
descendants of the ancient and honorable families of New Netherland, ©1907

Genealogical Records of New York Colonial Dames
Manuscrpt entries of births, deaths and marriages taken from family bibles, 1581-1917

Register of New York Colonial Dames, 1893-1901

Genealogies of the First Settlers of the County of Albany
from 1630 to 1800

by Jonathan Pearson, ©1872

Early Settlers of Kings County to 1700,
by Teunis G. Bergen

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady
at Schenectady

Genealogical Notes (Bible Records) of New York and
New England Families
by S. V. Talcott
Contains the New York families of Beeckman, Benson, Bogart, Douw, Dox, Gerhard, Groesbeck, Hun, Lansing,
Marselis, Metselaer, Oothout, Quackenbush, Salisbury, Schermerhorn, Ten Eyck, Van den Bergh,
Van Bergen, Vander Bogaert, Van Deusen, Van Driessen, Van der Poel, Van Ness, Van Schaick,
Van Vechten, Vinhagen, Visscher, Wendell (see contents for more New England Families)

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs;
A record of achievements of the people of the Hudson and Mohawk valley in New York state,
included within the present counties of Albany, Rensselaer,Washington, Saratoga, Montgomery,
Fulton, Schenectady, Columbia and Greene
by Culyer Reynolds, ©1911
   Volume 1
   Volume 2
   Volume 4

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: Index to Families
At the Schenectady History Web Site

Anneke Jans Bogardus;
her farm, and how it became the property of Trinity Church
by Stephen P. Nash, ©1896

The Bergen family, or, the descendants of Hans Hansen Bergen,
one of the early settlers of New York and Brooklyn, L. I.,
with notes on the genealogy of some of the branches of the Cowenhoven, Voorhees, Eldert,
Stoothoof, Cortelyou, Stryker, Suydam. Lott, Wyckoff, Barkeloo, Lefferts, Martense, Hubbard,
Van Brunt, Vanderbilt, Vanderveer, Van Nuyse, and other Long Island families,
by Teunis G. Bergen, ©1876

Schoonmaker family births, marriages and deaths
copied from old church and cemetery records
by Daniel T Ronk, ©1917

Colonial New York: Philip Schuyler and his Family
by G. W. Schuyler, ©1885
Contains the connected families of Fort, Anneke Jans, Livingston, Schuyler, Scribner, Verplanck,
Van Cortlandt, Van Rensselaer, Van Schlichtenhorst
     Volume 1
     Volume 2

History of Cornelis Maessen Van Buren, with genealogies of Allied Families;
Abeel, Bogardus, Brodhead, Bronk, Burhans, Conklin, Conyn, De Witt, Douw, Du Bois, Fryenmoet, Hoes,
Hoogeboom, Hun, Huyck, Pruyn, Putnam, Quackenboss, Roosa, Schermerhorn, Ten Broeck, Ten Eyck,
Van Alstyne, Van Den Bergh, Van Der Poel, Van Deusen,Van Gaasbeck, Van Rensselaer, Van Slyck,
Van Vechten, Van Hagen, Vosburgh, Winne and Witbeck
by H. C. Peckham, ©1913

The American Genealogist,
being a Catalogue of Family histories and publications
containing genealogical information
by William H. Whitmore, (c)1875

Index to American Genealogies;
and to Genealogical material contained in all works, Fifth Edition
by J Munsells's Sons,(c)1900
A companion to The American Genealogist
Genealogical articles in American periodicals and kindred works
by J. Munsell's Sons,(c)1900

Supplement 1900-1908 to the Index to American Genealogies published in 1900
by J. Munsell's Sons
American Ancestry
giving name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled
in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A. D. 1776
by Thomas Patrick Hughes, ©1887-91
     Volume 1 - City of Albany
     Volume 2 - Columbia County
     Volume 3 - Embracing Lineages from the Whole of the U.S.
     Volume 4        "    "    
     Volume 6        "    "    
     Volume 7        "    "    
     Volume 11      "    "   
     Volume 12      "    "    

Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography
by James Wilson and John Fiske ©1892, D. Appleton and Company
     Volume 1 Aaron - Crandall
     Volume 2 Crane - Grimshaw
     Volume 3 Grinnell - Lockwood
     Volume 4 Lodge - Pickens
     Volume 5 Pickering - Sumter
     Volume 6 Sunderland - Zurita
     Volume 7, ©1900, Abbett - Young and Analytical Index
     Volume 8, ©1918, non-alphabetical with index

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