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Historical Documents

  • Documents relating to New Netherland 1624-1626
    In the Henry E. Huntington Library
    Translated and edited by A. J. F Van Laer, ©1924.

  • West India Company Table of Exports and Imports, 1624-1635
    NY Historical Society

  • Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts Selections
    - by A. J. Van Laer, Archivist. ©1908

  • Key to Names of persons in the early Dutch records
    - by Jonathan Pearson

  • Digital Archives:

    Catalog of Records of the office of Secretary of State, New York
    compiled by F. G. Jewett, 1898, Albany, New York

    Bibliography of New York Colonial History
    Albany, University of the State of New York, ©1901

    New York State Library Report - Bibliography 46
    The translation and publication of the manuscript Dutch records of New Netherland,
    with an account of previous attempts at translation, ©1910, A. J. Van Laer

    The 1911 State Library Fire And Its Effect On New York Genealogy

    "Sparks" from the New York State Capitol Fire
    Albany, N.Y., March 29, 1911

    Report of the Library Fire and Salvaged Documents
    NYS Library 94th Annual Report ©1913

    Guide to ten major depositories of manuscript collections in New York State
    (exclusive of New York City) ©1941.

    New Netherland in 1627
    Letter from Isaack de Rasieres to Samuel Blommaert,
    found in the Royal library at the Hague,
    by Isaack de Rasieres, b. 1595.
    Translated by J. Romeyn Broadhead from the original Dutch

    The Charter of Liberties granted to patroons and colonists. A.D. 1629,
    and miscellaneous extracts, translated from Dutch by Nederlandsche West-Indische compagnie.

    Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland, 1638-1674
    by E. B. O'Callaghan, ©1868
    Index... pg 527

    Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts, 1630-1643
    Translated and Edited by A. J. Van Laer, ©1908
    Index... pg 851

    Calendar of Historical Manuscripts
    Part 1, Dutch Manuscripts 1630-1664

    in the office of the Secretary of State, New York, edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, ©1865-1866
       Register of the Provincial Secretary 1638-1662;
       Council Minutes 1638-1665; Correspondence 1646-1664;
       Ordinances, Fort Orange Records, Writs of Appeal 1647-1664;
       Curacao Papers 1640 to 1665; Delaware Papers 1645-1681;
       Patents and Deeds, 1630-1664
       Index... pg 389

    Calendar of Wills 1626-1836
    in the offices of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany,
    and of the Secretary of State,
    Berthold Fernow, ©1896

    Index to Volumes 1-3 of translations of Dutch Colonial Manuscripts
    In the office of the Secretary of State, New York, by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan,©1870

    Colonial Records, General Entries Volume 1, 1664-65
    New York State Library Bulletin, May 1899, pg 53-204
    with Calendar, pg 55-72; and 187-204

    Minutes of the Court of Rensselaerswyck 1648-1652
    Translated and edited by A. J. F. Van Laer ©1922
    Index... pg 219

    Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck
    Translated and edited by A. J. F. Van Laer, ©1920-23
         Volume 1, 1652-1656
         Index... pg 309
         Volume 2, 1657-1660
         Index... pg 313

    The Records of New Amsterdam,
    Minutes of the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens 1653-1674

    Translated by E. B. O'Callaghan, Edited by Berthold Fernow, ©1897
         Volume 1, 1653-1655 Court Minutes
         Volume 2, 1656-1658 Court Minutes
         Volume 3, 1658-1661 Court Minutes
         Volume 4, 1662-1663 Court Minutes
         Volume 5, 1664-1666 Court Minutes
         Volume 6, 1664-1666 Court Minutes
         Volume 7, 1673-1674 Court Minutes and 1657-1661 Administrative Minutes
         Includes Index to Volumes 1-7, starts on page 269

    Minutes of the Orphanmasters Court of New Amsterdam
    by Berthold Fernow, ©1902, 1907
         Volume 1 - Minutes of the Orphanmasters 1655-1663
         Volume 2 - Minutes of the Executive Boards 1661-1664.
            Executive Minutes of the Burgomasters of New Amsterdam.
            Records of Walewyn Van Der Veen, Notary Public 1662-1664.

    Dutch Records in the New York City Clerks Office (1651-1664)
    in Holland Society Yearbook, 1900
    Contents include:
       Orphan Masters' and Surrogates' Records
       Register of Notary Salomon La Chair
       Register of Notary Walewyn Van Der Veen
       Schepens' Register
       Powers of Attorney, Acknowledgments, Indentures of Apprentices, Inventories, etc
       Index to above 190

    Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Renssealerswyck;
    Notarial Papers 1660-1696

    by Jonathan Pearson, Revised and edited by A . J. Van Laer, ©1918

    The Dutch Records of Kingston, Ulster County 1656-1684
    (aka Esopus, Wildwyck, Swanenburgh,)
    by Samuel Oppenheim ©1912
         Volume 1, Index... pg 172
         Volume 2 (wanting)

    The Documentary History of the State of New York
    by E. B. O'Callaghan, ©1849-51 Quick view of contents
          Vol I
          Vol II
          Vol III
          Vol IV

    Report of Documents Relative to the Colonial History of New York,
    procured in Holland, England, France.
    The final report of John Romeyn Brodhead, agent of the State of New York.

    Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York,
    procured in Holland, England and France by John Romeyn Brodhead,
    edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, ©1853-1861
    Volume 1 Holland Documents 1603-1656
    Volume 2 Holland Documents 1657-1678
    Volume 3 London Documents 1614-1692
    Volume 4 London Documents 1693-1706
    Volume 5 London Documents 1701-1733
    Volume 6 London Documents 1734-1755
    Volume 7 London Documents 1756-1767
    Volume 8 London Documents 1768-1782
    Volume 9 Paris Documents 1631-1744
    Volume 10 Paris Documents 1745-1774
    Volume 11, General Index to Volumes 1-10

    Volume 12
    Documents relating to the History of the Dutch and Swedish Settlements

    on the Delaware River, by B. Fernow, ©1877
    Combined Index - see page 585 in Volume 13

    Volume 13
    Documents relating to the history and settlements of the towns
    along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers 1630-1684,
    by B. Fernow, ©1881
    Combined Index page 585 - for volumes 12 and 13

    Volume 14
    Documents relating to the History of the Early Colonial Settlements
    principally on Long Island

    by B. Fernow, ©1883
    Index... pg 775

    Ecclesiastical Records, State of New York, 1621-1810
    (See complete listing at New Netherland Church Records)

    [later dated documents continued at Colonial New York]

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