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Immigrants to New Netherland

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Please keep in mind immigrants may appear on several lists as they traveled to and fro. Names may also appear in other documents listed as First Settlers. Be sure to check all articles.

The use of surnames was not adopted at this early date and therefore, passengers may have several names they were known by in the historical records. It is best to use the patronymic1 name in searching for your ancestor on the ship lists. If you are unfamiliar with your ancestor's history before the use of surnames, you may want to check Robert Gordon Clarke's Web Page of families that settled in New Netherland between 1623 and 1664.

Variations of names and places are shown in parenthesis ( ). It is up to each individual to determine the correct information, as it is merely being referenced here as a courtesy to researchers.

Biographical information, if available, has been added next to the person's name on the ship lists.

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1The Christian name of the father was the basis of the last name of the son; example: the son of Peter Marten = Peterse/Petersen for the last name of the son.

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