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    Digital Archives:
    Gazetteer of the State of New York, 1860
    by J.H. French, ©1860
    Includes information on first settlers and other persons; by county and township.

    Albany Area
    Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck,
         Volume 1 Deeds 1654-1678,
         by Jonathan Pearson, ©1869
         Volume 2 Deeds 1678-1704
         by Jonathan Pearson, Revised and edited by A . J. Van Laer, ©1916
         Volume 4 Mortgages 1658-1660, Wills 1681-1765
         by Jonathan Pearson, Revised and edited by A. J. Van Laer, ©1919

    Annals of Albany
    by Joel Munsell, ©1852-70
    10 volume set - Quick view of contents
         Volume 1, Index... pg 385
         Volume 2, Index... pg 371
         Volume 3, Index... pg 369
         Volume 4, Index... pg 395
         Volume 5, Index... pg 349
         Volume 6, Index... pg 353
         Volume 7, Index... pg 345
         Volume 8, Index... pg 359
         Volume 9, Index... pg 359
         Volume 10, Index... pg 451

    Collections on the History of Albany, J. Munsell (c)1865-1871
         Volume 1, This digital collection is missing Index and pages 328-501
         Volume 2, Index pg... 481
         Volume 3, Index pg... 469
         Volume 4, part 1, goes to page 270
         Volume 4, part 2, starts at pg 271 to end, Index page... 511

    History of Columbia County
    With illustrations and biographical sketches of some of
    its prominent men and pioneers
    Everts and Ensign, ©1878

    A History of old Kinderhook from aboriginal days to the present time
    by Edward A. Collier, ©1914

    Old Miscellaneous records of Dutchess County
    (the third book of the supervisors and assessores - lists of accounts )
    copied from Lib:C of Supervisors
    now in County Clerk's Office Poughkeepsie, NY, ©1911

    Dutchess Co. Early History,
    by Philip Henry Smith

    The History of Dutchess County, New York
    by Frank Hasbrouck, ©1909

    History of the Seventeen Towns of Rensselaer County,
    from the colonization of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck to the present time,
    by Arthur James Weise, ©1880
    Index... pg 143

    Schenectady County, New York; its history to the close of the 19th century,
    with Biograpical sketches
    by Austin Yates, ©1902
    Index... pg 247

    A History of the Schenectady Patent
    by Jonathan Pearson, ©1883

    History of Schoharie County and Border Wars of New York
    by Jeptha R. Simms, ©1845

    History of Montgomery and Fulton counties
    with illustrations and portraits of old pioneers and prominent residents
    by F W Beers & Co, ©1878

    The History of Montgomery classis, R.C.A.
    To which is added sketches of Mohawk valley men and events of early days,
    the Iroquois, Palatines, Indian missions, Tryon county committee of safety,
    Sir Wm. Johnson, Joseph Brant, Arendt Van Curler, Gen. Herkimer,
    Reformed church in America, doctrine and progress, revolutionary residences, etc.

    History of Washington County
    by Everts and Ensign, ©1878
    Orange, Sullivan, Ulster
    A History of the Minisink region;
    which includes the present towns of Minisink, Deerpark, Mount Hope,
    Greenville and Wawayanda, in Orange County,
    from their organization and first settlement to the present time;
    also including a general history of the first settlement of the county,
    by Charles E Stickney.

    The History of Orange County
    by Russel Headley, ©1908

    History of the County of Orange,
    with a history of the town and city of Newburgh; general, analytical and biographical,
    by Edward Manning Ruttenber.

    History of the town of New Windsor
    Orange County, N.Y.
    by Edward Ruttenber, ©1911

    A History of Deerpark in Orange County, by Peter E. Gumaer
    - Genealogies start on page 30.

    The History of Rockland County
    by Frank Green, ©1886

    Legends of the Shawangunk, and It's Environs
    Including relating to those portions of the counties of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan,
    by Philip H. Smith.

    A Brief History of New Paltz,
    by Du Bois, Cornelia Eltinge, ©1915
    (Ulster County)

    History of New Paltz, and its old Families from 1678-1820
    by Ralph Le Fevre, ©1909
         Appendix - giving additional information; wills, genealogies

    The History of the town of Marlborough, Ulster county,
    from the first settlement in 1712,
    by Charles H. Cochrane

    History of the town of Marlborough, Ulster County
    by C. M. Woolsey, ©1908

    Records of the Road Commissioners of Ulster County
    Volume 2, 1769-1795, Historical Records Survey, ©1940

    New York City - Manhattan
    The City of New Orange (now New York) as it was in the year 1673
    by Joseph White Moulton, ©1825

    History of the City of New York
    by David T. Valentine, ©1853
    General Index... pg 399

    History of the City of New York
    by Mary Booth, ©1860
    Index... pg 837

    Original book of New York deeds, 1673 to 1675
    From the New York Historical Society Collections, 1913

    New York of Yesterday, A Descriptive Narrative of Old Bloomingdale
    (The area formerly known as Bloomingdale, situated west of Central Park),
    by Hopper Striker Mott

    Revised History of Harlem (City of New York):
    Includes sketches of numerous families.
    by James Riker, ©1904

    The Dutch Grants, Harlem Patents and tidal creeks
    by John W. Pirsson, ©1889
    Appendix contains copies of Dutch deeds and records

    Colonial records of the New York Chamber of Commerce, 1768-1784
    with biographical sketches of members
    Index... pg 397, middle of book

    A History of the County of Kings
    including the old town and village of Brooklyn,
    the town of Bushwick and city of Williamsburgh from 1683-1884
    by Henry R. Stiles, ©1884; indexed
         Volume 1, pg 1 - 632
         Volume 2 part 1, pg 633-972
         Volume 2 part 2, pg 973-1408

    The History of the Town of Flatbush in Kings County
    by Thomas M. Strong, ©1908

    Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead Long Island, 1654-1880
    edited by Benjamin D. Hicks, ©1902
         Volume 1 1654-1685
         Volume 2 1686-1718
         Volume 3 1718-1749
         Volume 6 1777-1818
         Volume 7 1818-1874
         Volume 8 1874-1880, and Patents

    Oyster Bay Town Records
    by John Cox, Jr., ©1916-1929
       Volume 1 - 1653-1690
       Volume 2 - 1691-1704
       Volume 3 - 1704-1720
       Volume 4 - 1721-1732
       Volume 5 - 1733-1749
       Volume 6 - 1750-1763

    A Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of
    Oyster Bay, Queens County

    by Henry A. Stoutenburgh ©1904
         Pamplet 7 pg 535-632, genealogy
         Pamplet 8 pg 637-701, genealogy
         Pamplet 10 pg 835-966, history and index

    The Annals of Newtown, in Queens County, New York;
    containing its history from its first settlement,
    together with many interesting facts concerning the adjacent towns.
    Includes family genealogies and index - pg 429
    by James Riker, ©1852

    History of the town of Flushing, Long Island
    by Henry D Waller, ©1899
    Index pg 277

    Records of the Town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York 1656-1753
    by Josephine Frost, ©1914
         Volume 1
         Volume 2 1696-1708
         Volume 3 1709-1753
    History of Richmond County, (Staten Island)
    by Richard M. Bayles, ©1887

    Richmond County; Staten Island early records
    in Historical and Genealogical Miscellany of New York and New Jersey
    by John E. Stillwell, ©1903

    Records of the Town of New Rochelle 1699-1828
    by Jeanne Forbes, ©1916

    Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County
    by Rev. Theodore Leggett, ©1913

    Chronicle of a Border Town
    History of Rye, Westchester County 1660-1870,
    including Harrison and the White Plaines until 1788

    by Charles W. Baird, ©1871

    History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the County of Westchester,
    from its foundation 1693-1853

    (good general history on the county and settlers)
    by Robert Bolton, ©1855

    Long Island
    Antiquities of Long Island,
    by Gabriel Furman and Frank Moore, ©1875

    A History of Long Island; from its earliest settlement to the present time
    by Peter Ross, William S. Pelletreau, ©1905
         Volume 1
         Volume 2

    History of Suffolk County,
    with Illustrations, Portraits and Sketches of Prominent Families and Individuals
    W. W. Munsell and Co., ©1882

    Records of the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County
    Copied from the original records, in their order, under the direction of the
    supervisor and justices of the peace, and pub. by the authority of the town.

    History of the Town of Easthampton
    by Henry Parsons Hedges, ©1897

    East Hampton, Long Island Genealogy
    Descendants of Samuel Parsons 1650, by George Rogers Howell.

    Huntington Town Records by Brewster Sammis, town clerk, ©1887, Volume 1-3
       Volume 1 1653-1688
       Volume 2 1688-1775
       Volume 3 1776-1873

       Volume 4
       Huntington Town Records including Babylon 1776-1873
       Huntington Town Board 1873-1893
       by Charles R Street ©1889

    Records of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island with other Ancient Documents
    by William. S. Pelletreau, ©1898

    Town of Southhampton, Long Island, Records in the Town Clerks office,
    by W. S. Pelletreau, ©1874-77
         Book 1, 1639-1660
         Book 2, 1660-1717
         Book 3, 1717-1807
         Book 4, 1809-1870
         Book 5 - Ancient loose documents

    The Early History of Southampton, Long Island
    with Genealogies
    by George R. Howell, ©1887

    History of Southold, Long Island, its first century
    by Rev. Epher Whitaker, ©1881
    Index pg 329

    Town of Southold, Long Island
    Personal index prior to 1698, and index of 1698, by Charles Benjamin Moore.

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