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List of Deaths
From Albany Newspapers
1784 to 1798

The following newspaper notices were compiled from The Annals of Albany, by Joel Munsell, Vol. II, III, (c) 1852. The notes were taken from several unspecified Albany newspapers, recorded by the author. The first listed date is the date of the notice, and not necessarily the death date of the individual.

Nov. 5, 1784
Mrs. Lydia Bloodgood died, aged 22; wife of William Bloodgood.

May 7, 1795
Francis Carbine, formerly a merchant in Albany, died, aged 62.

Oct., 1794
Richard Cartwright, formerly an esteemed merchant in Albany, died in Canada, aged 73.

July, 1791
The punishment of forgery was death. One Samuel Cook, at the venerable age of 84, was executed in Montgomery county for that offense.

Dec. 30, 1784
Dr. Alexander Edgar, a surgeon's mate in the army, died and was buried in the Presbyterian burial place.

July 23, 1784
Capt. John Fryer, "a worthy citizen," died, aged 64, and was interred in the Dutch Church yard on the following day.

July 5, 1786
The supreme court closed its July session, when Caleb Gardner, convicted of passing counterfeit Spanish dollars received sentence of death. Two weeks afterwards, the sheriff advertised that the person then under sentence of death in the City Hall would be hanged on Friday the fifteenth of September; and that any person willing to undertake the execution, was desired to apply to the said sheriff.

March 30, 1795
David Groesbeeck died aged 67, "a pious and exemplary man."

January 1, 1795
Richard Hilton, "a worthy citizen," died in the 97th year of his age. He was the oldest man in the city, and had for many years been afflicted by an enormous wen on his left cheek, about 15 inches in circumference.

March 30, 1795
Mr. John Hudson died; the stage proprietor, whose vehicles plied between Albany and Schenectady. His widow continued the business.

September 15, 1795
Capt. John, one of the Oneida sachems, and the principal orator and public speaker of the nation, died and was interred in the Presbyterian cemetery. The deputation of chiefs and sachems of the Oneidas, then in this city, attended the funeral, and performed the solemnities thereof, according to the custom of their nation.

January 14, 1798
Han Joost, an Oneida warrior died suddenly in the city on Sunday evening, Jan. 14. He distinguished himself as a volunteer under Gen. Gansevort, during the siege of Fort Stanwix, in the revolutionary war, and composed one of that gallant party, commanded by Col. Willett, who in a sortie carried destruction through the enemy's camp. After the siege was raised, he returned to his wondering countrymen, loaded with the spoils of the enemy, and covered with glory.

August 19, 1795
Jacob Kidney died, many years high constable of the city.

August 8, 1797
Wouter Knickerbakker, for many years a resident of Albany, died at Saratoga, aged 84 years and 9 months.

June 21, 1794
Jacob J. Lansing one of the aldermen of the city, died after a short illness, aged 40. "He was an affectionate relation, a valuable friend, a firm magistrate, and a man who feared God."

September 9, 1784
"Departed this life, at Nisqueunia, September 7, Mrs. Lee, known by the appellation of the Elect Lady or Mother of Zion, and head of that people called Shakers. Her funeral is to be attended this day.

June 30, 1795
William McClement died, aged 28.

May 11, 1795
William McFarlane died, aged 34. "To the character of an honest man he added the qualifications of a pious christian."

July, 1789
At the July term of the supreme court, held in Albany, Elihu Smeeds of Pittstown in the county of Albany, indicted for the murder of Ezekiel Mitchell, and convicted of manslaughter, was adjudged to receive thirty-nine lashes, at the public whipping post, and be imprisoned three calendar months.

March 4, 1795
Isaac Packard died, "respected and esteemed as an ingenious mechanic and an honest man."

October 28, 1794
Aaron Pennel died, aged 25; had resided in the city five years, and "sustained the character of an amiable and honest man;" was buried in the cemetery of the Presbyterian Church.

April 11, 1794
Pomp, a negro convicted of arson, and several times respited, was hung; and his dying confessions were sold at No. 2 Pearl street.

October 12, 1795
Abram Powers, baker, died.

April 20, 1785
Abraham Roseboom, a very respectable citizen, died.

November 8, 1784
Died, at Port Roseway, Nova Scotia, Alexander Robertson, one of the proprietors of the first paper printed in Albany.

October 11, 1795
Jonathan Shepherd died, and was buried in the Episcopalian burial ground.

October, 1798
Thomas Shipboy, formerly an eminent merchant in this city, died on Monday, October 8, and was buried on the following day. He lived in the house next below the American hotel, now occupied as a confectionery store, with a modern front. He also did business and lived in the house at 56 State street, afterwards occupied by Christian Miller.

August 20, 1795
John Bradstreet Schuyler died at Saratoga on the 19th August, and was brought to Albany same day; and on the following day was interred in the vault of his brother-in-law, Hon. S. Van Rensselaer.

October 1, 1784
Alexander Smith was committed to the city prison for the "wilful murther of his brother, Isaac Smith," on the 29th September, at Saratoga Lake.

May?, 1784
Lord Sterling died in Albany and was buried under the Dutch church. An euloquium was written by John Lovett upon his character, and published in Woodworth's Reminiscences of Troy.

March 1, 1795
Barent Ten Eyck died, aged 81.

September 14, 1795
Henry Ten Eyck died. "He was a citizen much respected and esteemed, and in his death the public have sustained an irreparable loss."

September 9, 1793
Jacob C. Ten Eyck died, aged 88, and was interred in the cemetery of the Dutch Church. Among the many offices he is represented to have filled with dignity and efficiency, were those of mayor, and judge of the common pleas court.

October 27, 1784
Samuel Thompson died.

July, 1789
Francis Uss, convicted of breaking open and robbing a store in Poughkeepsie, was publicly hanged.

March 1, 1795
Arent Van Curlaer died at Mapletown, Rensselaer county, aged 107. We do not learn whether he was a descendant of the ancient commissary.

August 8, 1793
Matthew Visscher, counsellor at law, died aged 42. He was called into public life at an early age, and took an active part in the revolution. He was clerk of the city and county many years, and was highly respected for his fidelity and patriotism in the public service.

June 2, 1795
John M. Watson, died, aged 29, and was buried in the Presbyterian cemetery.

October 1, 1795
Henry Wendell died, aged 63. He was formerly sheriff of the county of Albany, and many years a respectable inhabitant of the city.

December 26, 1790
Rev. Eilardus Westerlo, senior pastor of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, died aged 53, in the thirty-first year of his ministry. He was greatly respected for his piety and learning, and his funeral was attended by a large concourse of the people of the city and neighboring towns, who followed his remains to the vault of the Van Rensselaer family, where he was interred.

May, 1795
Jacobus Wynkoop, a merchant of this city, died aged 75. "He took a decided and active part in the revolution, and was esteemed a brave and worthy officer."

June 30, 1796
Abraham Yates, Jr., mayor of the city, died, aged 73.

March 1, 1795
Albertus Yates died at an advanced age.

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