1701 Petition to King William, III
New Netherland and Beyond
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Petition of the Protestants of New York
to King William, III

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City of New York 30 December 1701
To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty

The humble Petition and address of Your Majesties Protestant subjects
in your Plantation of New York in America.

Most Dread Sovereign,

We your Majesties Protestant Subjects in Your Plantation of New York in America, having too many reiterated Information of our being calumniated and misrepresented to your Majesty, with hearts full of grief, Loyalty, and the highest duty and regard to your Majesty humbly pray the Freedom to acquaint your Majesty.

That as soon, as we knew of your Majesties happy accession to the Crown, we entertained the joyful tidings with hearts full of alacrity blessing Almighty God for our great deliverer.

And, as we cannot still without Dread and Horror reflect upon the ruin and calamities that were likely to swallow us up, when your Majesty brought us deliverance; so we are influenced with a lively and grateful sense, that our Religion and Liberties are in the greatest safety under your auspicious Reign.

We do assure Your Majesty that the divisions and differences that have happened amongst your subjects in this province were never grounded upon the interest of your Majesty, but the private corrupt designs of some of the Pretenders to your Majesties service who had laid hold of an opportunity to enrich themselves by the spoils of their Neighbors.

The oppressions and hardships we underwent took an end by the arrival of Your Government, and during the whole course of the late war, with Your Majesties gracious assistance we cheerfully sustained its burthen, some of us in our persons, and all of us by our purses, and by the fortunate influence of Your Majesties Empire, conserved this Your Colony entire from any conquest of the Enemy.

Being conscious to ourselves of nothing more than an entire affection and faithful adherence to Your Majesties Royal person and interest, it was the greater surprise to find our selves by the late Earle of Bellomont without reason or colour turned out of places in the Government, and those generally filled with persons least qualified for their posts, and to add to our misfortune, and evidence the injuries we have suffered, we find our selves to be branded most unjustly with characters of disaffection and infamy; although with all dutiful submission we underwent the first, yet the latter as being an offense to truth and touching us in our good names, and the interest all faithful subjects ought to have in a just Prince, we cannot, but be extremely sensible of.

Your Majesties subjects could not at first foresee the ends designed but the measures taken were of that nature as to give us just apprehensions of evil, great partiality in appointment of Officers, manifest corruption and injustice in all Elections, and that so open and barefaced, as the greater number of the people could not but see the destructive projections not less than the injurious means used to attain them, being nothing else, but abusing Your Majesties glorious name, and under pretext of your Majesties service, by the Legislative power, to divest many of your Majesties good subjects of their just rights and possessions and to share and divide the same amongst themselves and their confederates, with many other sinister, indirect and unjust proceedings, easily to be proved, but too many to enumerate at present to Your Majesty, thereby greatly offending Your Majesties good subjects and tending to render Your Majesties Govern' in these parts scandalous, vile and cheap in the Eyes of your people; although these Methods had long since been determined, if they had not lately met with new supports.

We humbly implore Your Majesties justice in relieving us from these evils, and take this opportunity of assuring Your Majesties that amongst the vast numbers of mankind, who have willingly subjected themselves and taken shelter under Your Majesties dominion, none are more heartily devoted to pray for Your Majesties long and prosperous Reign over us, than Your Majesties most obedient, most humble and most dutiful subjects and servants.

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