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Central New York Genealogical Society
Box 104, Colvin Station
Syracuse, New York 13205

 CNYGS Conference

New York City Records

October 1, 2005 -- (8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.)

Location: at the Jamesville-DeWitt Middle
School's Large Group Instruction Room,
6280 Randall Road, Jamesville, N.Y.
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Leslie Corn, MA, FGBS, is a fifth-generation Manhattan native, a professional genealogist, and a Fellow of the New York Genea- logical and Biographical Society. She writes the New York City Research column for the New England Historic and Genealogical Society's website.

Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FASG, is a Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and Utah Genealogical Association. A Certified Genealogist since 1981, he has been a full-time professional genealogist since 1978.

    This is a special, full-day program about New York City research, with presenters who are outstanding, well-known and learned genealogists. Leslie and Roger want you to know that, while some of you might not have New York City interests, the material in their presentations is applicable to other research areas, not only in terms of the kinds of sources they will discuss, but also their techniques and methodology will be useful for your research issues.


8:30 -- Registration.
            CNYGS Members, no charge.
            Guests -- $5 each for morning and afternoon sessions.

9:15 -- Introductions

9:30 -- Biting the Big Apple: A Taste of New York City Research.
  With emphasis mostly on 19th-century records of the City's five Boroughs, this is a "meat and potatoes" discussion of what area records there are, where they are, what is indexed, and what is published, with little-known sources, indexes finding-aids, information on how to use the records and case-study examples. Much of the discussion is applicable to other American big cities. Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FASG

10:45 -- Genealogical Treasures in the New York County Clerk's Office -- Division of Old Records.
   Using the case-study of a famous naturalized American, this presen- tation describes the major 19th and 20th-century holdings of this under-utilized and fascinating repository, and how to research there.
  Records included are his name-change, county-level naturalization, city directory listings, state censuses, corporate records, and lawsuits.
  Record-groups and research techniques also apply to most County Clerk's Offices throughout the United States. Leslie Corn, MA, FGBS

Noon -- Lunch. Please bring your own lunch, or eat out. Seating will be made available in the school cafeteria. A map of local restaurants will be available at the Registration Desk.

1:30 -- 19th-Century Passenger Arrival Lists and Naturalization Records.
    This session will discuss the history of naturalization and immigration, using New York City as an example, and the records chronicling these events, where to find them, and how to use them, with research examples to illustrate methods. Roger D. Joslyn, CG, FASG

2:45 -- Marriages Made In... New York: Civil, Religious, Published and, Often, Elusive.
    Using case-studies, including those of Phineas T. Barnum and Fiorello LaGuardia, a chronology of marriage laws from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, this presentation describes some of the lesser- known ways of finding marriage records, especially when the usual avenues don't work. There's a section about the differences between 20th-century marriage certificates and marriage licenses and how to search for them, and a description of the NYS Marriage Record Index (1881 -- 1954). Leslie Corn, MA, FGBS

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