Background Information on Project to
Background Information on Project to
Transcribe 1848 and 1851 Pompey Tax Lists

Back in May of 1997, a friend and I traveled from Dallas, Texas to the Onondaga/Madison County area to visit for the first time the place inhabited by my Allen, Dean, Pease, and Burr (and perhaps Cook) ancestors. The Pompey Town Historian Sylvia Shoebridge and I had corresponded and she ensured that we were met by Nancy Edwards who escorted us to two cemeteries where I was thrilled to place my hands on the tombstones of at least two generations of my Dean and Allen families.  Nancy then showed me some of the archives of the Pompey Historical Society which included the original books of the 1848 and 1851 tax lists for the town.  I offered to transcribe them and she mailed copies of the originals to me. Later in the ensuing years Lisa Moffa and I corresponded too,  prior to the time that Diana Law and I met at the Salt Lake City Family History Center and struck a deal to complete the transcription project, to be somehow made public by the Central New York Genealogical Society.

Although the copies of original data that I received had many ink blots covering up data, I have transcribed the original records as close to the tax assessorís handwritten entries as possible. I know from personal knowledge of my ancestors who are on these lists that some of the names are misspelled on the original tax lists, but have gritted my teeth and refrained from changing anything from the original entries!

I want to express my thanks to Nancy Edwards, Lisa Moffa, and Diana Law, and to my dear friend Ed Millis who helped proof-read and verify tax numbers. And to thank everyone in the CNYGS for publishing so much wonderful information in Tree Talks.

As the former president of the Dallas Genealogical Society, I can appreciate all the work that it takes to create an excellent publication on a regular basis.


Shirley Sloat
Dallas, Texas

1848 Pompey Tax List

1851 Pompey Tax List