Raccoon Saloon

The oldest hotel still in existence in Marlborough, the Raccoon Saloon, got its name from the family of raccoons that once lived there - coming up through an opening in the wall and being fed by the enthusiastic patrons. This was primarily during the ownership of Gus Mondello. Prior to Mondello, the Riverview Hotel was owned by two generations of Moses McMullenses.

According to the "Commemorative Biographical Record of Ulster County" printed by Beers, Moses McMullen was born September 18, 1822 in Plattekill. In 1854 he went to the village of New Paltz and took the management of the "Put Corners Hotel". In 1857 he moved to Marlboro and leased the hotel which at that time was owned by Robert Spence. In 1862 he purchased the property.

Moses McMullen, the second was the popular landlord of the "Pleasant River Hotel" which was the name back then. He was born in 1852 in Modena. Moses the second had leased the "Eagle Hotel" in Wappingers Falls prior to returning to Marlboro where he kept saloon.

"He took charge of the hotel when it was all run down, and two years later bought the property, added to the building, and made such valuable improvements that it is now one of the best in the county, and a very popular place of resort for travelers." (Commemorative Biographical Record 1896)

Records indicate that Robert Moses bought the property from Robert B. Mapes and it was occupied by him (Mapes) as a public house or tavern.

The present owner is Rita Truesdale who has done much to preserve the nineteenth century ambiance. Sit at one of the window seats and, besides getting a beautiful view of the activity on the river, one can take in a lovely waterfalls which flows into the "sucker hole" and various small pools. The Raccoon has an extensive and tempting menu that goes far beyond the burgers which have claim to be "the best in the valley".

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