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The 1810 census
Edited by David Kendall Martin, M. A.

Realizing the need to make the records of the northeastern county of the State of New York more readily available, the CLINTON COUNTY HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION held a work meeting at which the general membership transferred the names appearing in the census (National Archives microfilm copy: M252 - Third Census of the United States, 1810, roll #30 New York: Allegany, Clinton, Dutchess, Sullivan, and Washington Counties) from lists prepared by Mrs. Garth Taylor and the editor on to individual slips, each bearing one name and its page number. These slips were alphabetized and transcribed on a master list. This list was checked against the original microfilm by the editor and Mrs. Martin and the entries for each name were transcribed. The resulting copy was finally spot-checked for accuracy during which check no errors appeared. Nevertheless, because of the handwriting and the orthography of the census, errors may well be present, both in the transcription and in the original census itself.

The 1810 census for Clinton County was prepared on manuscript sheets by three census takers: Samuel Hicks (Champlain, Chazy, and Mooers Township), Thomas Green (evidently replacing someone named J. (Bond?) crossed out, for Peru, and Melancton Smith (evidently replacing someone named J. Jones crossed out, for Plattsburgh). These sheets were made into booklets with their pages individually numbered. When the census was microfilmed, these booklets were taken apart, unfolded, and filmed two pages (usually) at a time. Either at this time or earlier, the pages were renumbered ln one sequence. As a result, most pages have more than one number and do-not appear in order in the film. For this transcription, we have used the large, dark numbers written by hand on (usually) the right margin of each page in a single sequence carried from the beginning to the end of the census.
The order of the pages as they appear in the microfilm is:
913 941 939 937 935 933 931 929 911 907 909 895 891 893
912 914 916 918 920 922 924 926 900 904 902 884 888 886
915 917 919 921 923 925 927 901 905 903 885 889 887 699
940 938 936 934 932 930 928 910 906 908 894 890 892 896
The contents are arranged in their original order: Title
Plattsburgh Township
file entry
Peru Township2
Champlain Township
Mooers Township
Chazy Township
end of certification
file entry

-page 884
-pages 885-98
-page 899
-page 900
-pages 901-11
-page 912
-pages 913-22
-pages 923-5
-page 926-37
-page 938
-page 939-40
-page 941
The possible columns for each page are headed, either on a printed form or by handwriting:

  1. Name of County & Town
  2. Names of Heads of Families
  3. Free white males under ten years of age
  4. Free white males of ten years and under sixteen
  5. Free white males of sixteen and under Twenty six including Heads of families
  6. Free white males of twenty six and under forty five including Heads of families
  7. Free white males of forty five and upwards including Heads of families
  8. Free white females under ten years of age
  9. Free white females ten years and under sixteen
  10. Free white females of sixteen and under Twenty six including Heads of families
  11. Free white females of twenty six and under forty five including Heads of families
  12. Free white females of forty five and upwards including Heads of families
  13. All other persons except Indians not taxed
  14. Slaves
  15. No. of yds woolen pr. an.
  16. No. yds. linen pr. anm.

The latter two columns appear only for Plattsburgh Town, while Peru Town has the slave column crossed out and "(name?) Looms" written in; although there are no entries for that town in this column. Very few pages bear headings for the columns.

In addition, several pages have notes of various kinds written on them. These notes are listed below and are in bold italics. There is a National Arcnives title card at the beginning before the first page of the census manuscript:

Department of Commerce
Third Census 1810
Population Vol. 5 Clinton Co. N.Y.

p. 884:
Clinton County N. Y. 1810 Filed 7th february 1811

p. 885:
printed form of headings with the two columns of looms added; at the top is written d. Jones (crossed out) Melancton Smith. In the left margin is written:

  • 1 Bloomery makes above 40 Tons Iron p.a.
  • 1 Carding Machine 8000 lb. wool.
  • 1 Nailing Machine by water
  • 1 Fulling Mill 5000-yds. Cloth
  • 1 Furnace Manufacturing in value $10,000 pr. Ann. of hollow ware
  • 2 Stocking looms 200 prs. pr. annum.
  • 1 Pottery.-
  • 2 Tanneries - 1000 Sides of Leather-
  • 83 Looms weave

These statistics apply to the Town of Plattsburgh.

p. 896:
  • 10,411 yds. Woolen Cloth
  • 12,885 do. linen & Cotton

These statistics apply to the Town of Plattsburgh.

p. 896:
subtotal Plattsburgh Town population; the figures apply columns numbered 3 - 14 as identified above:

525     226     283     323     144     487     192     256     223     115     20     21

After a few names a new subtotal was taken:

534     231     288     326     149     494     196     257     226     119     20     23

p. 898:
A final total of the various columns is given for Plattsburgh:

males females
under 10 ys 581 under 10 ys 539
from 10 to 16 250 from 10 to 16 213
from 16 to 26 306 from 16 to 26 274
from 26 to 45 352 from 26 to 45 251
over 45 160 over 45 133
1649 1410
other free persons 25 Slaves 28
Total 3112

The figures used for this Recapitulation are all first given as totals of the various columns. The page is subscribed:

I Certify the above to be a just and perfect enumeration of the Inhabitants within the division Allotted to me by the Marshall of the District of New York.
Melancton Smith,

p. 900:
New York Clinton Co. 1810 Flled 7th february 1811 Clinton Clerk [oddly, Clinton here is probably a name of a clerk, perhaps in Washington, D.C., as the census for Allegany County is endorsed the same way]

p. 901:
The printed form for the column headings is used here; the Slaves title is crossed out and"(Name?) Looms" is written in; J. (Bond?) is crossed out and replaced by Thomas Green.

p. 911:
statistics for Peru Town written in the left margin:

  • 3 Tanneries -
  • 2 Forges -
  • Manufactures about Ten ton of Iron each yearly-
  • one Fulling Mill manufacturs about 3125 yd of Cloth yearly
  • one Carding machine manufacturs about (--55.lbs.P.A....?)
  • 60 Looms Manufacturs of woolen and Linnen about 13300 yds of cloth yearly

Peru Town totals for the various columns:
Peru 348 167 178 179 99 357 162 171 171 81 - -

Champlain Clinton Co. New York 1810.

Schedule of the whole number of persons within the division allotted to Samuel Nicks. Here follow the column heads written in by hand; none are given for Slaves or Looms.

The column heads appear here, but none for Looms. A Recapitulation and endorsement are given:
Chazy 282 115 158 153 69 256 108 155 109 61 - -
Champlain 252 83 113 142 54 196 84 125 110 43 7 1
Mooers 59 18 35 29 14 63 27 23 31 12 - -
593 216 306 324 137 515 219 303 240 116 7 1

Males 1576
Fee Males 1410
Other persons 7
Slave 1
2977 Total 2977
over 20

Champlain December 7th 1810
I certify that I have taken the Census of the Towns of Champlain Chazy and Mooers agreable to the Direction of the Laws of the United States and have taken an account of the service manufacturing within the division allotted me -
[no sign of manufacturing statistics is found] I have also posted up in five

of the most public places in the Division. a copy of the Cencus by me Taken & herewith Send a Certificate Signed by [blank] that a Copy of the Schedule has been posted up in two Public Places in the Division as nearly accurate as I could obtain - I have chargd for taking the Census $1.25 per Every fifty persons - According the Extent of the three towns and without any more inhabitants. If any such charge is allowed I think the Charge of mine will be all which is Respectively submitted. Samuel Hicks
p. 941:

Filed 7th february 1811 Clinton Clerk [see note for p.900]

Individual production of cloth is entered only for the Town of Plattsburgh:

page head of family No of Yds. woolin pr. an. No yrds. linen pr. anm.
885 Peter Sailly 1000 2000
James Finch250250
886David Philps400400
Abraham Roberts100100
Joseph Roberts200200
Joseph C. Marsh150150
Daniel Robinson100100
Moses J. Jenner5050
887Daniel Rhodes5050
Ezekial Pierce150400
888Elijah Reed100150
Lambert Hopper150350
Lyman Manley60453
Wright Spalding65125
Esther Philps100200
John Rugar84170
David Peters5050
William Thompson115115
889John Brown5050
Widow Dudley 250 200
Moses Soper150175
Isaac S. Platt7525
John Roberts 3d6060
Henry H. Bullis3070
890Ezra Turner3070
Samuel Jackman1525
William Bedle 100 100
Jonathan Wait5050
Aaron Mason100100
Elijah Hammond3525
Henry Ostrander8070
John Freeland7575
Elisha Bradford250250
8 91 Robert Liddle5392
Smith Mead5050
Henry Crab5050
John Fordham75125
Francis Bourn500600
Stephen McIntyre5050
Ebenezer Balch100100
Thomas Ravelin5050
Ephraim Reed5050
892 Rowland Stafford Jr. 275 250
Cleveland Stafford 50 50
Isaac Allen 50 50
Roswell Barber 50 50
893James Lewis5050
Seth Bond5005000?
John Smith15025
George McFaden100100
Hosia Shaw 50 50
Jona Baker 150 150
Henry Dominy300200
William Dominy175175
James Norton100100
Isaac Shaw150175
894 Noel Kinsley 75 75
Henry Dominy Junr. 7575
Elijah Allen 150150
James Crook 5050
Nathanl Chittenden 7575
Jonas Allen 150150
895 Henry Shelden 200200
James McCready 200200
James Ellis 100100
James Farnsworth100100
896 John Dominy100100
Abijah Stowe5050
Thomas White 250250
Ephraim Moor150150
Luman Andrus100100
William Coe5050
Benjamin Moores 100100
897 Roger Knap 5050
Mcla L. Woolsey 234378
Daniel Hillyard 200200
Henry Penoy50 50
Joseph Doty 100100
Grant Beckwith 100100
898 (Jerom?) Canfield5050

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