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Letter #1 to Miss Ethel Passmore
October 18, 1915
Postmarked Irvington, N.Y.

Dear Ethel -

Were you surprised that your present was late or did you expect it. I hope it will not make you enjoy it less.
I brought you a present last August so as to s... have it for you, but Roy changed his mind & wanted to send the things which are now on their way. How do you like housework instead of school. There certainly is as much to learn one place as the other. Only you are more fortunate than I was, as you have your mother to teach you. Don't you love to cook...

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Letter #2 to Miss Ethel Passmore
March 7, 1920
Paw Paw, Michigan

Miss Ethel Passmore
East Bethany, N.Y.
c/o Mr. Chas Peck

Dear Cousin Ethel:

I will now try to answer your ever welcome letter. I have been quite busy lately so haven't had time to answer it before. How is everybody back there? We are all well now. Bessie and Harry were up yesterday. They were well. Earl and Ella are well too. What kind of weather are you having? March came in like a lamb here, but it didn't last very long. The first three days of last week were just like spring. Nearly all the snow was gone but Thursday it rained all day, then turned to snow and snowed all night....



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