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Sad Letter from M.P. Butler and Eliza Butler
Sent to their sister and Charles & John Butler at Grand Blanc, Fairfield Post Office, Oakland County, MI

Le Roy, April 6, 1833

Dear Brother

I have too long neglected writing you. one reason is that because there has been quite a number of letters written to you ... from this ... though it seems .. you that you have not read but very few. I am this day ....priviledges with the reading of yous of the 16th of March directed to the stage .. seems to be the request of the friends that I should write you the second letter bearing the heavy tidings of the death of sister Harriet which you may have read before this reaches you in Mt Goodenow?? letter written the day of the funeral - .. Harriet is gone although she was entwined around our hearts by a thousand enduring ties...we must without a murmuring thought submit to the hand that has separated us hear for we hope to meet again where all is ... and eternal life - she left us evidence in her last moments that she had her reason and that her hope in Christ was firm as an anchor to her soul & her mind calm as the last rays of the setting sun, a few days before her death when I called on her she said to me I have been reflecting upon my past life & I find the love of this world to be the most aggravating din in the sight of a holy god of which I have been gilty of to my knowledge. O said she it is idolotry & what can be greater ( ... Dear brothers & sisters take this thought to our own hearts as a kindly admonition ... for the future that most prevailing din of pro... christians) little Hellen Maria Pollys only daughter died the 6th of March & Harriet on the 13th Polly seems to bear up under it all with christian firmness. Harriet's boddy was brought to our meetting house in Le Roy where the funeral as attended by a large number of her old friends and was buried by the side of Hersey & Mother. Mr Orem requested me to get the picket extended so as to inclose the three & say to you that if he could tell you might expect him out to Michigan this summer but wishes to have Sarah Ann return here before he goes & Polly wants ... tonight? returns will ...

Milton ... has took wife a Miss Johnson I believe he is not going out until fall, I supose father wrote you about my .... Zuseny ? J?M? Goad?ney. I have sold my real estate, house & shop but reserved the ... of the whole one year I am determined to get out of debt if it takes te last dollar, whether I should have any left or not I can not tell yet, We both will probably leave this place, we are now thinking of the west, we are all in tollerable health & keep up good courage. please write me a letter about the country in Michigan & Ohion if I have not forfited your good wishes - your ...affectionate brother, M.P. Butler

Le Roy, April 5th, 1833

Dear Sister

It is with no small degree of feeling hat I now ... you .. so solemn and interesting occasion. We had anticipated your feelings, yet we trust you will not mourn as there without hipe,, Harriet becomes so ...... to the will of god and so willing to die that none can wish her bad. again to meet the temptations of this sinful world nor to suffer its pains and sickness any longer. O no my ... girl: although you have lost a very dear and affectionate sister let me intreat you not to give way to g(rief?) if it is no occasion of sorrow when the righteous die. She will surely come ... to her grave like a .... of ... fully rife. ... let us lift our hearts in gratitude to God that he manifested himself so graciously ... in that trying ... During the afternoon of the day that she died she frequently prayed that she might depart before the seting of the sun. She died just after dark. In coming out have among her friends her last wish in that .... to be gratified we have repeated opportunities of visiting her and from my own observation I should not think that she suffered as much as commonly falls to the lot of persons with the consumption. Her ... out haver very much injured her at the time. Polly had just got her parlor finished and Harriet had the first use of it. She was there five weeks. I will say to the credit of Mr. Stager family that she not only had every necessary attention but everything was done to sooth and gratify and Mr. Owen from afflicted and dear brother Owen truly deserves a place in our affections. The Lord has greatly pro.... him in earthly things but has laid his hand heavily upon him and (Maria?) him the ... of all earthly things. His health is quite poor, little John is at home with Emily who takes good care of him. Before you receive this I suppose you will have read Mr. Goodenow's letter with all the particulars. This is truly a changing world. Our generation passeth away and another cometh. On the night following Harriet's funeral John S. Skinner's wife died in chi.... of the diabetis. Very mournful indeed were the circumstances of her sickness and death. Her friends now think that Mrs. was not herself for a few weeks previous her death and that We/Mr? ... not atall realize her ...tion. I fear I have trespassed too long on your patience by my long letter yet I would tell you that we have a minister Rev Daniel Newell .... for six months it seems to be a time of more interest than has been felt for some months past. By accounts from Lochisten? we learn that the Lord is family out his ffinit? in powerful manner. Deacon O family are ... going out. I think I shall write again by them. I answered your letter last summer immediately after receiving yours ...you .... acknowledged it in any of the letters written since. I fear it was not a pleasant one or it has not reached you. Mary wrote likewise. Please give my love to all the friends in Michigan. Mary send her love. Your affectionate sister, Eliza S. Butler.

P.S. father and mother were here to ... appeared ...



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