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The Van Allen cemetery is on the west side of the Airport Road, behind the former schoolhouse.

Zuba Ann, wife of T. D., d. ______, stone broken


Francis H., son of Dudley and Hannah, d. January 21, 1828, in the 15th year of his age

Chapman Hannah, wife of Amasa, d. November 23, 1825, @ 28y

Jane, d. 1863, @ 63y 11m

Cleveland Mary A., daughter of Simeon D. and Jane, d April 30, 1847, @ 13y 3m 6d

Lydia Ellsworth, our mother, no dates

Coon William G., d. November 1862, @ 25y Civil War marker

Dimmis, wife of Elijah, d. October 9, 1877, @ 89y

Crocker Elijah, d. October 9, 1877, @ 89y
Crocker Emeline, daughter of Elijah and Dimmis, d. April 8, 1832, @ 12y
Crocker Hannah, widow of Simeon, d. September 3, 1847, @ 89y
Crocker Simeon, d. April 12, 1857, @ 71y

Eliza (Crocker), wife of J. R., and widow of William Van Allen, daughter of Elijah and Dimmis, d. April 15, 1846, @ 29y

Elderkin Eunice, wife of Jedediah, d September 3, 1872, @ 84y

Samuel, d. April 26, 1843, @ 76y


Laura (Chapman), wife of Anson W., and daughter of Ichabod and Olive Chapman, d. September 22, 1837, @ 35y 9m


Wallace W., son of Wilber and Lydia Ann, d. January 25, 1842, @ 3y 11m


Daniel, d. August 21, 1854, @ 73y

Hempstead Henry, son of Daniel and Mary, d. January 23, 1840 remainder of inscription is buried

Nancy, wife of Francis, d. October 16, 1855, @ 46y


Albert E., son of Lucius and Lucy, d. in the service of his county, January 6, 1864, @ 18y

Kinne Harry, son of Lucius and Lucy, d. in the service of his county, February 15, 1865, @ 21y
Kinne Lucius, d. December 21, 1884, @ 60y

Silas, d. November 26, 1862, @ 19y 6m 6d, Co. M. 9th NY H. Art. Civil War marker


Nancy M., wife of Henry, d. May12, 1848, @ 21y


Christopher, 1786-1867

McClellan Marg. Stewart, 1788-1869

Moses, d. March 9, 1825, in the 86th year of his age

McCollum Rosa Van Allen, d. December 19, 1828, in the 98th year of her age

Edmund, b. January 29, 1791, d. November 14, 1826 in the 36th year of her age

Mills Elizabeth, wife of Seth, d. April 6, 1819, @ 46y
Mills Elizabeth, wife of Noah, d. March remainder of inscription is buried unreadable
Mills Lyman, d. November 16, 1849, @ 56y
Mills Mary, wife of Lyman, remainder of inscription of buried
Mills Mary R., daughter L. and C., d. February 15, 1838, @ ____, remainder of inscription is buried
Mills Noah, d. February 1, 1831, @ 30y
Mills Seth, d. February 2, 1845, @ 75y

Margaret, daughter of Oliver and Sarah, d. November 16, 1814, @ 1y 7m

Platt Oliver, d. March 17, 1814, @ 26y 2m, 1812 marker

Lydia, wife of page, d. January 4, 1823, in the 32d year of her age


Charles, d. August 3, 1834, @ 51y

Smith Charles, son of J. and M. A., d. July 29, 1879, @ 37y
Smith Eve, wife of Teunis, 1770-1839
Smith Parthena (Ladd), wife of Charles, b. at Woodstock, Vt., February 12, 1790, d. at LeRoy, NY, February 7, 1881
Smith Teunis, 1760-1837 Revolutionary War marker by D. A. R., soldier New York

Alida, d. May 16, 1847, @ 80y


Augustus, 1848-1907

Sunderland Henry H., son of Augustus and Serah, 1879-1908
Sunderland Serah Rainey, wife of Augustus, 1874-1922

Moses, d. January 27, 1814, in the 24th year of his age


Rhoda, d. February 14, 1846, @ 69y

Van Allen

Edwin C., son of William and Eliza, d. March 12, 1836, @ 1y 5m

Van Allen Eliza (Crocker), widow of William Van Allen and wife of J. R. Elderkin, daughter of Elijah and Dimmis Crocker, d. April 15,1846, @ 29y
Van Allen William, d. February 25, 1842, @ 36y 3m 20d

Anna, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth, d. July 16, 1839 in her 42d year

Walker Charles, son of Loomis and Hannah, d. mar 2, 1834, @ 1y
Walker Elizabeth, d. October 20, 1877, @ 92y
Walker Elizabeth, wife of Isaac, d. March 27, 1819 in the 58th year of her age
Walker Ezra, son of Isaac and Elizabeth, d. January 7, 1817, in the 20th year of his age
Walker Hannah, widow of Loomis, d. September 13, 1880, @ 81y
Walker Isaac, d. June 6, 1845, @ 84y Revolutionary War
Walker Isaac, d. may 9, 1874, @ 85y 5m 15d
Walker Joseph, son of Isaac and Elizabeth, d. January 27, 1825, in the 26th year of his age
Walker Laurar, widow of Isaac, d. December 28, 1882, @ 65y
Walker Loomis, d. April 27, 1879, @ 66y A soldier in 1812
Walker Mary, d. March 19, 1833, @ 5y
Walker Mary M., daughter of Loomis and Hannah, d. March 19, 1833, @ 15y
Walker Mary M., d. October 1, 1853, @ 16y
Walker Sarah, d. October 9, 1853, @ 19y
Walker Silas D., son of _____ remainder of monument is buried

Deroy, son of Chauncey and Polly, d. July 30, 1824, @ 2y 3m 21d


Sarah, daughter of Henry and Sarah, d. July 11, 1822, @ 8m


Major Samuel M., d. July 14, 1823, @ 34y

Copied from the book "Tombstone Inscriptions from the Abandoned Cemeteries and Farm Burial of Genesee County" written by LaVerne C. Cooley in 1952.

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