Wylie Cemetery, Town of Coventry, Chenango County, NY

Wylie Cemetery

Town of Coventry

Chenango County, NY

Wylie Cemetery is located on Rt. 235 between Harpursville and Coventry. The unfenced portion is situated in someone’s front yard but I found them to be very friendly and agreeable to let persons wander around looking for deceased ancestors. Coincidentally, some of which are mine. I finished taking the names of the occupants in the fenced in part and was forced to leave the rest for another day due to the rain.

This is a very small cemetery with many badly damaged headstones and I believe that some have been completely lost over the course of time. There are many spaces large enough for graves between the headstones that still stand. Some of the stones are in very good shape and I even found one monument that was made of what appears to be some sort of molded metal in pristine condition.

I recorded the names starting with the row closest to the road and worked from left to right, and front to back. There are a few head and/or footstones that still stand but are completely illegible. Having said all this, here is what I could make out on the remaining stones.

Row 1.

Here lies Wiley, James - son of William C. & Mariah Mandau. - He died Feb. 23, 1823 &AE 10 mo.

Row 2.

(Footstone) H. W.
(Footstone) E.W.
(Footstone) J. A.W. - ** lying on ground, partially buried

Row 3.

Here lies Wylie, Dea. James - Died May 9, 1806 & AE 84 yrs - ** several lines at bottom, illegible
Wylie, James - Died Feb. 16, 1822 & AE 89 yrs
(Wylie), Mary, his wife, died May 25, 1825

Wylie, Daniel - Died May 2, 1857 - aged 79 yrs.
(Wylie), Lucy, his wife, died June 14, 1837 - aged (?)5 yrs

(Wylie), Jane A., daughter of Samuel & Minerva Wylie - Died Mar 13, 1849 - Aged 17 yrs

Wylie, Samuel S.
(Wylie), Elizabeth - Died ------- **rest of stone is buried in ground

Wylie, Joseph - Son of James & Sally Wylie - Died Dec. 9, 1845 - Aged 12 years

(Wylie), Hannah - daughter of James & Sally Wylie - Died Oct. 7, 1845 - Aged 21 years

**first three lines illegible - son of Sam Wylie - Died April 2, 1824 - Aged 23

Wylie, Samuel - Died Aug. 12, 1845 - ** stone broken in half, resting in front of another stone which is illegible

**broken stone only bottom half, possibly the bottom of Samuel’s from above

-------- son of -------- and Minerva Wylie - Died June 7, 1831 - Aged 4 years

Row 4

(Footstone) SON
(Footstone) MOTHER
(Footstone) FATHER

Row 5

Wylie, George - 1821-1900
(Wylie), Mary Jane, his wife - 1827-
(Wylie), George P., their son - 1862-1883

Wylie, James - Died April 10, 1854 - Aged 86 years - ** several bottom lines illegible

Row 6

(Footstone) Floyd
(Footstone) Julia

Row 7

Wylie, John - Died Mar. 25, 1884 - Aged 86 years
(Wylie), Esther, his wife died Aug. 11, 1879 - Aged 76 years

Wylie, Floyd - 1839-
(Wylie), Julia, his wife - 1842-1876
"I had never thought of parting,
never thought that death could come
Bearing you my precious darling,
from my bosom and my home."

** Molded metal monument four sides, three empty
** side 2 - (Wylie), John T., son of John B. & Amelia M. Wylie - Died May 23, 1887 - Aged 23 years

(Footstone) John T - ** made of same metal as monument

** broken obelisk lying on ground, no visible writing

(Wylie), Minerva, wife of Samuel Wylie - Died Mar 5, 1852 - ** stone broken in half

Wylie, Almira - Died Nov. 14 (?), 1836 - ** stone broken in half, lying flat on ground

This is a reading of the Wylie Cemetery, Town of Coventry, Chenango County, NY. Taken on 11 November 2002 by Donna Gurney.
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