St Andrew's Cemetery - New Berlin - Section A

St Andrew's Cemetery - New Berlin
Section A

* Section A is located at the southeastern corner of the cemetery.

* It is bounded on the East by South Main Street, on the South by the fence to the next property, on the West by a drainage ditch and on the North by the access road from South Main Street.
* To reach section A, enter the cemetery from South Main Street, and it is the first section on your left.
* Rows are numbered from South Main Street. Stones are listed from North to South, from the access road to the fence.

 A 01 Washington, Mary                                                        
          (west side)
      Lincoln, Abraham                                                        
          (east side, bust on north & south sides)
          Erected by Caleb G Hall, 1897, Mfd by Daule & Wright, Oneonta NY
 A 01 Bancroft, Daniel W                         d 19 Sep 1827  @      10m  8d
          Son of Daniel & Dimmis
          Sleep on sweet babe & take thy rest God called ??
 A 01 McIntire, Experience                       d 11 Sep 1821  @  51y  6m 12d
          No human works can there appear, to justify the soul
          External Life although so dear, your savior gives the whole
 A 01 Lockman, Alonzo                            d 09 Mar 1831  @       9m  2d
 A 01 Lockman, ??                                d 12 Aug 1827                
          In memory of an infant daughter of Isaac & Abigail Lockman
 A 02 Burlingame, Esthere                        d 24 Nov 1825  @       3m  6d
          Daughter of Isaac & Sophronia
          (The carver placed letters above row and split names to fit the rows)
 A 02 Waters, William M                          d 02 Mar 1854  @  22y        
          Son of Martin H & Alhalinda
          (Includes fancy carving)
          2 stones north of William H Waters, 'Father', 'Mother'
 A 02 Watters, Alice A                           d 06 Jun 1825  @   4y  2m  4d
          (There is no question about the carving on either last name
          of the above 2 stones)
 A 02 Watters, Eliza J                           d 04 Jan 1852  @   1y 10m  4d
      Watters, Andrew                                                         
      Watters, Albert                                                         
          (Small stone cross, no inscription legible)
 A 03 Miller, Lany Jane G                        d 01 Mar 1845  @   7y        
          Daughter of Isaac & Lucy Ann
          To sea in one short hour decayed, The hope of ?? years
          (long verse, rest unreadable)
      Miller, Elizabeth                          d 07 Jul 1839  @       1m 15d
          Daughter of Isaac & Lucy Ann
      Miller, I Jr                b        1848  d        1889                
      Miller, Isaac               b        1808  d        1889                
      Miller, Lucy A              b        1813  d        1895                
 A 03 Davis, John W                              d 19 Dec 1847  @  23y  8m    
          Son of Ezra & Sabra
 A 03 Davis, Ezra                                d 02 May 1893  @  67y        
 A 03 Davis, Lot C                b        1856  d        1928                
      Davis, Lillie F             b        1862  d        1920                
          His wife
 A 04 Miller, George                             d 09 Jun 1875  @  69y        
      Miller, Evelina                            d 19 Jan 1858  @  35y  5m    
          His wife
 A 04 Miller, Ross J              b 29 Jul 1849  d 23 Aug 1849                
          Son of T & R Miller
 A 04 Miller, Thomas              b 24 Feb 1810  d 25 Jan 1902                
      Miller, Ruth                b 24 Feb 1810  d 25 Jan 1902                
          His wife
 A 04 Furman, Angelia                            d 28 Jan 1840  @   1y  5m  3d
          Daughter of Franklin W & Sybel
          (long verse)
      Furman, Sybel                              d 20 May 1842  @  22y        
          (example of unusual figure carving)
          Come all my friends that in Christ's glory shine.  For I must go &
          leave my dear babe behind.  Husband & friends dry up your tears.
          For here I must lie until Christ appears.
 A 05 Johnson, Mehitable                         d 09 Oct 1861  @  60y  7m    
          Wife of Levi
 A 05 Miller, John                               d 07 Apr 1836  @  70y        
      Miller, Laney                              d 12 Mar 1843  @  74y        
      Miller, John Jr                            d 27 Aug 1883  @  79y        
      Miller, Henry                              d 17 Jul 1827  @  25y        
      Miller, Margaret                           d 03 Jul 1875  @  77y        
          (2 small stones: J.M, L.M.)
          (3 small stones: M.M, J.M, H.M.)
 A 05 Mason, Orrin                               d 11 Sep 1819  @      10m  4d
          Infant son of Jehemiah & Jehannah Mason
 A 05 Mason, ??                                  d 09 Nov 1818  @           2d
          Sleep on sweet babe in these your tombs.  Infant daughter of Mr &
          Mrs Mason.  God saw twas best and called you to your homes.
 A 05 Wickes, ??                                 d 05 Oct 1818                
          an infant son of Benj & Amy
      Wickes, ??                                 d 11 May 1819  @   2y 10m    
          How sudden death has stopped our breath and took us both away.
          O Lord, prepare our parents dear for they must follow me.
          (Unusual old stone)
 A 05 Wicks, Waity                               d 30 Sep 1821  @  19y        
          (old urn and willow)
          Daughter of Benj and Amy Wicks
          No more shall sorrow cost her down, no more shall fortune on her
          frown.  A stranger now she is to pain, more then you have lost.
          She's surely gained, raised to be memory by H Thompson.
 A 05 Wickes, Ray                                d 17 Sep 1825  @  41y        
          My flesh shall slumber in the ground, till the last trumpet joyful
          sound Then burst the chains with sweet ??, and in my Savior's imnage
          rise.  (Note:  This may be a 'coffin man' stone)
 A 06 Wilcox, George                             d 19 Sep 1828  @   5y        
          Ere pin could blight or sorrow, Death came with friendly care.
          The opening bud in heaven, And bade it blossom there.
 A 06 Worth, Mary Noble                          d 15 Sep 1827  @  23y        
          Whose eternal part became a seraph.
          Death is a debt to nature due, which I have paid and so must you.
          (Signed by S. R. Ford, Sculptor)
 A 06 Jackson, Surmantha                         d 18 Dec 1841  @  41y        
          Wife of Cyrel M Jackson
          We think on the who've left us, we see thy vacant seat.
          And but thou had been with us, our blis (sic) had been complete.
 A 06 Jackson, Clarissah                         d 17 Mar 1824  @  22y        
          Jesus can make a dying bed, feel soft as downy pillows are.
          While on his breast I lean my heart, and breathe my life out sweetly
 A 06 Baker, William                             d 06 Jul 1819  @       7m  6d
          Son of Jacob & Content
          Suffer the little children to come unto me
          And forbid them not for such is the kingdom of God.
 A 06 Baker, Mary Ann                            d 02 May 1823  @       1m  4d
          Daughter of Abraham & Polly
          Here lies the infant of a mother's breast.
          Likewise that of a father dear
          But she has gone to take her rest
          And ?? with Christ must appear.
          (This stone has been repaired)
 A 06 Baker, Sarah                               d 06 Jan 1825  @  74y        
          Wife of Abm
          Farewell dear friends I must be gone
          I hav eno home to stay with you
          I'll take my staff & travel on
          Till a better world do view
          Farewell Farewell Farewell
          My loving friends farewell
 A 06 Baker, Abraham                             d 14 Aug 1834  @  82y  7m    
          He has gone the way of all the earth
 A 07 Miller, Elijah B                           d 18 Aug 1851  @   1y  3m    
          Son of Nathaniel W & Juliett
 A 07 Miller, Elijah B                           d 04 Apr 1850  @  67y        
          He died in peace in the hope of joyful resurrection
 A 07 Miller, Charles V                          d 31 May 1835  @  10y  1m  4d
          Son of Elijah B & Ruth Miller
 A 07 Brewer, Polly                              d 27 Feb 1808  @   1y  2m  5d
          Daughter of Jacob T & Ester Brewer
          Ripped by the chilling hand of death, a lovely flower here wilting
          be lie the mortal part is lodged beneath the spirit mounted to the
          skies ??
 A 07 Lucas, Flora J                             d 23 Nov 1852  @   1y  5m 18d
          Daughter of Wm & Elizabeth Lucas
 A 07 Nobles, Abner (Mr)                         d 03 Mar 1814  @  35y        
          Behold and see as you pass by the land of darkenss, shades of
          silence where the gloomy prisoners lie.
          Raised by his son, Wm ??
 A 07 Brown, Anna                                d 13 Feb 1828  @  68y  8m    
          Wife of Joshua Brown
      Brown, Joshua                              d 26 May 1808  @  51y  4m    
          It is the fate all men must die.  Will death no ages spais (??)
          then let us all to Jesus fly and seek a refuge there.
 A 08 Wilcox, Roswell                            d 01 Jun 1830  @  31y        
          Sacred to the memory of...
          Through a long and painful illness, he manifested the true
          fortitude and resignation of a Christian. And when the lon g
          expected summons came he calmly resigned himself to the cold
          embrace of the ruthless messinger.
      Wilcox, Joseph                             d 26 Mar 1836  @  68y        
 A 08 Genung, Gilbert                            d 14 Feb 1830  @  79y        
      Genung, (infant)                                                        
          (unknown year, Jul 28,@ 8d)
      Genung, Ebener R                           d 08 Oct 1814                
          Here lie 2 babes of G Genung waiting for him to come
 A 08 Genung, B?                                                              
          GAR marker CO 8, 114th NY Inf
 A 09 Pritchard, Mary C           b 04 Apr 1823  d 26 Jun 1881                
          Wife of A. L. Pritchard
          (has foot stone with initials M.C.P.)
 A 09 Clark, Maria                               d 04 May 1838                
          The oldest daughter of (long, needs to be scrubbed to read it) Box
 A 09 Clark, Polly                               d 23 Jun 1861  @  67y  3m 22d
          Wife of Rouse Clark
 A 09 Clark, Rouse                b 07 Feb 1845                 @  54y        
 A 09 White, Almira                              d 22 Jan 1878  @  25y        
          Daughter of Samuel & Isabella White
 A 09 White, Isabella                            d 16 Mar 1822  @  20y 11m 24d
          Daughter of Samuel & Isabella White
          Blessed are the pure in heard for they shall inherit the kingdom.
          None knew thee but to love thee.  None named (??) praise.
          Raised to her memory by Capt R. Clark
 A 09 Ross, Sally M White                        d 30 Jun 1832  @  33y        
          Wife of Royal Ross and daughter of Samuel and Isabella White.
 A 09 White, Isabella                            d 16 Mar 1844  @  75y        
          Wife of Samuel White
 A 09 White, Samuel               b        1811                 @  50y        
          Who died June ?? 1811 in the 50th year of his age
          (Verse is unreadable)
          (War of 1812 marker)
 A 09 White, Alanson                             d 25 Nov 1857                
          (has sunk badly)
 A 10 Marshal, Catherine                         d 22 Jan 1821                
          In memory of Miss Catherine Marshal
          Daughter of Mr Marshal and Mus ?? Downing
          A God that lifts our comforts high or sinks them in the grave ??
          And when he takes away, He takes but what he gave.
 A 10 Downing, Arnold                            d 16 Mar 1817  @  25y        
          In memory of Mr Arnold Downing
          This humble grave though no proud structure grace yet truth and
          goodness sanctify the place.  Lo!  Soft remembrance drops a pious
          tear and holy friendship is a mourner here.
 A 10 Goodrich, Jeremy                           d 09 Jan 1830  @  62y        
          Sacred to the memory of Mr Jeremy Goodrich
          Is this the fate that all must die?  Will death no ages spare?
      Goodrich, Lydia                            d 00 Apr 1833  @  53y        
          Sacred to the memory, Wife of Jeremy
          Beyond the narrow veil of time, Where bright celestial ages roll,
          Do scenes eternal, scenes sublime.  Hope points the way and lead
          the soul.
 A 10 Downing, Marshal            b 07 Apr 1840                 @  50y        
      Downing, Abigail            b 20 Sep 1841                 @  93y        
          Beneath this monument I lie, entombed in silent dust when Christ
          shall ?? dead may I be found among the dust.
 A 10 Hill, Barnel                               d 24 Nov 1832  @  72y        
          Revolutionary War vet marker
          Friends no physicians could not save my mortal body from the grave
          ?? the grave came I here ?? command to appear.
 A 10 Hill, Perry J                              d 21 Oct 1817  @      11m 25d
          Suffer all children rest in the ground.
 A 11 Haight, Elizabeth                          d 18 Dec 1821  @   1y 11m 18d
          Daughter of Wm & Margaret Haight
          Lie here sweet babe & take thy rest.
          God called thee home when he thought best.
     *    (unmarked broken stone)
     *    (unmarked broken stone)
 A 11 Wightman, Emily                            d 10 Jan 1875  @  48y 11m    
          Daughter of John & Nancy Wightman
 A 11 Wightman, Nancy                            d 28 Nov 1868  @  76y  3m    
          Wife of John W Wightman and daughter of Stephen Colegrove
          Soldier of the revolution
      Wightman, Electy                           d 25 Mar 1826  @   2y        
          Daughter of John W & Nancy Wightman
          (broken chain on double stone)
 A 11 Wightman, John W                           d 20 Aug 1846  @  62y        
          Friends nor physicians could not save my mortal body from the grave.
          Nor can the grave confine me here, when Christ my savior doth appear.
 A 11 Wightman, Louisa M                         d 07 Mar 1839  @  19y        
          Daughter of John & Nancy, in memory of
 A 11 Wightman, Albert                           d 18 Jun 1838  @       5m 18d
          Son of John & Nancy Wightman
 A 11 Smith, Jame R                              d 25 Sep 1816  @   6y        
          (broken stone)
          Son of Almanson & ?lmira Smith
 A 11 Stanton, Sally                             d 15 Jul 1803  @  24y        
          Wife of Benjamin Stanton, in the 24th year of her age
 A 11 Francis, Erastus                           d 11 Sep 1820  @  24y        
          Son of David & Clarissa
          Death comes and there is no defence.
          Its time there's no can tell.
          The Lord doth call and I must ??
          And bid my friends farewell.
     *    (broken stone, no face)
 A 11 Thorington, Ardelia L                      d 11 May 1819  @  20y        
          The lovely young Ardelia once had friends.  But fortune smil'd
          deceitful on her birth.  For in her helpless years deprived of all
          of every stay save innocence and heaven must the fair saint to
          worlds immortal climb forever lost to see the sins of time.
 A 12 Matteson, Roxana M                         d 08 Apr 1853  @   5y  2m    
      Matteson, Charles B                        d 13 May 1859  @   6y     23d
          Daughter & son of William ?? Matteson
 A 12 Hamilton, Thomas                           d 08 Nov 1846  @  55y  1m  9d
          (Could be 1816 instead of 1846, but 1846 fits better with spouse)
 A 12 Hamilton, Mercy B                          d 01 Oct 1853  @  62y 11m 25d
          Wife of Thomas
 A 12 Root, Josiah (Capt)                        d 22 Aug 1817  @  51y        
          In memory of, in the 51st year of his age, American Legion
          Lord, I command my ?? to the  accept the sacred trust.
          Receive this nobler part of me and watch my sleeping dust
 A 12 Cone, Anne F                               d 10 May 1865  @  62y        
          Wife of Benjamin
          We hope to meet thee in the better lands when life's brief race
          with us is o'er and join the anthems of the blest upon that bright
          and distant shore.  When we shall ?? to die no more.
 A 12 Cone, Benjamin                             d 20 Aug 1858  @  62y        
          Dearest father thou hast left us.  And thy loss we deeply feel.
          Yet we hope again to meet thee.  Where no farewell tear is shed.
 A 12 Root, Mary                                 d 28 May 1821  @  10y  5m    
          Broken stone behind Josiah Root
          Daughter of Josiah and Temperance Root
          Happy soul thy days are with ??  All thy mourning days belong ??
          Go by angel guards attended to the sight of Jesus.
 A 12 Cone, Emily (Mrs)                          d 22 Apr 1830  @  30y        
          Wife of Benjamin
          How sweet she shone in social life.  A daughter, mother, friend and
          wife.  She's done with all below the sun.  And shines before the
          highest throne.
 A 12 Bingham, Emily A            b 12 Jan 1835  d 11 Sep 1865                
          Large stone.  Smaller stones nearby for Emily A & Adelia M.
      Bingham, Adelia M           b 04 Nov 1868  d 29 Oct 1888                
          They were so pleasant.  Wives of Washington Bingham.
     *    Chipped slate stone with no markings.
 A 12 Hillman, Esther Marie                      d 23 Jan 1826  @      10m    
          Daughter of Noah & Harriet
          Farewell my child, the dews shall fall at morn & evening are thy
          pall and roses when the vernal year revive upon the bush appear.
 A 12 Grant, Joshua                              d 22 Feb 1824  @  70y        
      Hillman, Levi               b        36 @                               
      Grant, Esther H                            d 20 Jan 1852  @  80y        
      Cole, Polly H               b        28 @                               
 A 12 Hill, Tracy                 b        1822  d        1871                
      Hill, Catherine             b        1822  d        1900                
 A 12 Hill, John                                 d 13 Jun 1826                
          (there is an epitah, unreadable)
 A 12 Hill, Caleb (Mr)                           d 26 Jun 1814  @  60y        
          (there is an epitah, unreadable)
 A 13 Thompson, George W                         d 16 Aug 1831  @      10m    
          Son of Alfred & Harriet Thompson
 A 13 Thompson, George A                         d 18 Oct 1838  @   3y  4m    
          Lie here sweet babe & ?? thy rest.  God called thee home ?? ??
 A 13 Wilkins(on), Tabitha                       d 05 Apr 1819  @  33y        
          Wife of Brownell Wilkins
          And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write ??  are the
          dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yea saith the spirit
          that they may rest from their labors & their works do follow them.
          Rev 14th chapt 13 verse.  Adieu my friend dry up your tears.  Here
          I just lie until Christ appears.  (This may be Wilkinson as the
          stone is broken and letters run from one line to the next).
 A 13 Smith, Maria                               d 03 Feb 1842  @  35y        
          Daughter of Aaron & Jane Smith
 A 13 Decker, Cornelius                          d 16 Apr 1829  @  64y  7m    
          Friends nor physicians could not save my mortal body from the
          grave. Nor can the grave confine me here when Christ my all bids me
     *      Broken stone, no info
 A 14 Pendleton, Simeon (Mr)                     d 20 Dec 1822  @  68y        
          Hark from the adolful sound mine ears attend the cry men come view
          the ground when you must shortly lie.
 A 14 Pendleton, Simeon (Mr)                     d 28 Jun 1828  @  53y 10m    
          Thou art gone to the grave but ??  vain to deplore thee.  When God
          was thy ransom the guardian thy guide.  He gave thee he took thee &
          he will restore thee.  And death hath no sting since the Savior
          hath died.
     * How come 2 above with same name??
     * slate stone peeled, no info
     * slate stone peeled, can't read
 A 14 Duran, Ebenezer (Mr)                       d 21 Jun 1833  @  78y  8m    
          (can't read epitah)
 A 15 Lindsey, Willard                           d 10 Nov 1826  @  21y        
          Son of William & Susannah Lindsey
 A 15 Light, Henry                               d 21 Aug 1847  @  82y        
 A 15 Light, Deborah                             d 13 Apr 1857  @  79y        
 A 15 Light, Elias                b        1802  d        1880                
          Erected by Phoebus Lodge No 82, Oneonta Lodge No 466, Butternuts
          Lodge No 575, masonic symbol.
 A 15 Light, Mary Ann                            d 06 Dec 1842  @  25y        
          Wife of Elias Light
     * unmarked broken stone
     * unmarked broken stone
 A 15 Thomas, Edward T                           d 10 Jul 1840  @  39y        
          Son of Francis & Dolly Thomas
          Thou art gone to the grave but we may not ??  thee.  The silence
          and darkness encompass the tomb.  The Savior has passed its portals
          before thee.  And the lamp of His love ??  they light through the
 A 15 Banks, Mary F (Thomas)                     d 13 Sep 1870  @  48y  4m 19d
          Daughter of Francis & Dolly Thomas
 A 15 Teal??, Viola E                            d 10 May 1871  @  14y  6m    
 A 15 Thomas, Dolly                              d 17 Jan 1855  @  72y 11m  2d
 A 15 Thomas, Francis                            d 20 Feb 1854  @  83y  9m 15d
 A 15 Maynard, Nancy                             d 16 Dec 1841  @  29y        
 A 16 Gregory, William O                         d 16 May 1840  @   8y  4m  9d
          Son of Samuel & Phebe J Gregory
          Friends nor physicians could not save this mortal body from the grave
          Nor can the grave ??
 A 16 Hill, Cornelius                            d 17 Sep 1826  @  56y        
          Princes this day must be your bed, in spite of all your ??
          The tall the wise the reverend ??, must lie as low as burs
 A 16 Thrasher, Wm                               d 23 Aug 1824  @  73y        
 A 16 Cole, Amanda M                             d 26 Jan 1831  @   2y  2m 11d
          Daughter of Eliot & Sally Cole
 A 16 Cole, Abigail                              d 27 Feb 1826  @  14y 10m    
          From hence no traveler return
 A 16 Cole, Fredrick                             d 13 Jul 1822  @   2y  6m 18d
          This much lamented little son, has gone to rest with Christ alone.
 A 17 Trumble, Martha                            d 04 Jul 1810  @   5y  2m    
          Daughter of Robert & Sally Trumble, how short the race our ? run,
          Cut down in all her bloom ?
 A 17 Fuller, Sarah Jane                                                      
          Dau of Wm & Rebecca Fuller, stone has sunk, some unreadable
     * top of stone is missing, no names
 A 17 Saulpaugh, Sarah E Jay                     d        1841                
          Wife of Philip Saulpaugh
      Saulpaugh, Philip                          d        1841                
          Erected by Thomas B & George W, sons of Philip & Sarah E Saulpaugh
          (has an anchor, cross with '1892', a white bronze or zinc monument
 A 17 Newgion, Margaret                          d 24 May 1823  @   2y        
          Dau of John & Ann Newgion, peacefully gentle shade
 A 17 Newgion, George J                          d 09 Oct 1899  @       3m  5d
          Son of John & Ann Newgion, there is rest in Heaven
 A 18 Stockwell, Reuben           b 18 Dec 1831                 @  45y        
      Stockwell, Adelia H                                       @   3y        
          The sudden darts of death are hurtled with sad dismay and send our
          friends to mingle with the day.  'Twas this command that sent the
          rod. Be still & know that I am God.
     * broken stone, unreadable
 A 18 Ellis, Frances A                           d 12 Aug 1851  @   3y  4m 19d
          Dau of Clark & Jane Ellis
 A 18 Jeffrey, Eleanor                                                        
          Dau of John & Isabella Jeffrey
     * broken stone, unreadable
     * broken stone, unreadable
 A 18 Sheldon, Ambrosia                          d 11 Aug 1823  @   2y     15d
          Dau of Isaac & Polly Sheldon.  Death oft destroys the parents joys.
     * unreadable
 A 19 Edmonds, Myra               b        1881  d        1904                
          Wife of O Linn Angell??
 A 19 Angell, O Linn              b        1879  d        1933                
 A 19 Prosser, Caroline           b        1842  d        1917                
 A 19 Pardee, Esther              b        1849  d        1909                
          May go with Pardees in row A 20
 A 19 Pardee, George A            b        1840  d        1921                
          May go with Pardees in row A 20
 A 20 Angell, Ancel A                            d 08 Dec 1884  @  31y  7m 19d
          Son of Ancel-1 & Maria N Angell
 A 20 Angell, Lucinda                            d 11 May 1887  @  32y        
          Wife of Ancel-2 A Angell
 A 20 Angell, Maria N                            d 06 Mar 1861  @  32y        
          Wife of Ancel-1 Angell
 A 20 Angell, Ancel-1                            d 28 Jul 1903  @  82y  4m    
 A 20 Backus, L Maria                            d 10 Dec 1907  @  82y        
          small stones:  AA, LMA, LENA, MHA
 A 20 Wilson, Carey Mickel        b 13 Sep 1917  d 14 Jan 1970                
          NY Armz U S Navy, WW II (may go with next row?)
 A 21 Wilson, Percy J             b        1876  d        1964                
      Wilson, Cora H              b        1891  d        1976                
 A 21 Pardee, Sidney H            b        1914  d        1992                
      Kaul, Ellen P               b        1910                               
      Kaul, Elizabeth P           b        1937                               
 A 21 Pardee, Frederick H         b        1873  d        1950                
      Inez, Pearl                 b        1876  d        1959                
 A 21 Bell, Harvey                b 18 Jul 1933                               
 A 21 Owens, Mary B               b 12 Oct 1928                               
 A 21 Bell, J H                   b 01 Oct 1909                               

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