Oct - Dec 2001 Chenango County New York Queries

Oct - Dec 2001 Queries
Chenango County, New York

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Robert Gridley Thu Oct 4 14:26:51 2001
I understand that Levi GRIDLEY, Eli GRIDLEY and Wyllys (aka Wyllis, Willis, Willys) GRIDLEY moved from Chenango County (Guilford I think) to Steuben County. My dates conflict but it would be between 1824 -1836. What families did they leave behind? How long in Chenango Cty Anybody working on GRIDLEYs?


Lola Sat Oct 6 09:36:49 2001
Searching for parents and siblings of George Washington GIBSON. I believe he may have been born in Chenango County, NY abt. 1815. His parents may have been Timothy GIBSON and Priscilla Lee, although I have found no proof of this. He shows up in the 1840 Russia Twp., Lorain County, OH census as Washington GIBSON.

George Washington GIBSON m. Cornelia FREEMAN 3 Nov 1839 in Lorain, OH. They had 8 children. Timothy b. 1846; Edward; Orange; Alanzo P. b. abt 1842; Josephine Jane b. 1853; Edgar b. abt 1858; William b. abt 1866 and Alice b. abt 1867.
If anyone has information on this family, I would love to hear from you. Lola


Nancy-Jo Nunez Tue Oct 9 08:20:26 2001
Looking for information on the Elisha WAMSLEY of Norwich, Federal Census Records between 1800-1830. Where was this Elisha from? Has anyone traced this line of WAMSLEY's in the town of Norwich?
Thank you very much. Nancy-Jo


Linda Fox Tue Oct 9 19:39:07 2001
The followiing information has been put together from contacts made last year. My line is German - Erastas BROWN -- Documentation for this is available...Would like to confirm the rest of these lines. Also my greatest desire is to find the father of Erstas/Erastus. Most of these BROWNs went to IA. Thank You.

1  	*ERASTAS BROWN	1800 - 1867
 		+*NANCY MARSH	1800 - 1877
 	2  	E.? BROWN	1810 - 1876 
 		+MARY BROWN	1810 -
 	2  	*GERMAN MARSH BROWN	1825 - 1902
 		+*ESTER GALE	1826 - 1868
 	2  	TALLMAGE E. BROWN	1830 - 1891
 		+ANNA L. MARSH	1830 -
 	2  	CHARLES S. BROWN	1841 -
 		+SARAH J. TULLE	1841 -
 	2  	WILLIS S. BROWN	1846 -

1  	*JOHN GALE	1791 - 1861
 		+*DOROTHY GODDARD	1792 - 1879
 	2  	ELVIRA GALE	1819 -
 		+MOSES FRANKLIN	1801 - 1886
 	2  	ELMENA GALE	1823 -
 	2  	*ESTER GALE	1826 - 1868
 		+*GERMAN MARSH BROWN	1825 - 1902
 	2  	PHILENA GALE	1829 -
 	2  	ADALINE? GALE	1829 -
 	2  	LEMUEL GALE	1831 -
 	2  	HORACE GALE	1835 -
1  	*JONAS MARSH	- 1847
 	2  	*NANCY MARSH	1800 - 1877
 		+*ERASTAS BROWN	1800 - 1867
 	2  	SIBLEY MARSH	- 1848
 		+HENRY BROWN	1800 -


Gail Covey Tue Oct 9 20:17:07 2001
Looking for a Samuel COVEY born1748-1755 in CT or RI. Also have seen COVEY name in Chenango Co., NY.


marilyn Wright Wed Oct 10 07:57:33 2001
Looking for information on Fred SNYDER of Brushton around the early 1900-mid 1900's


Debbie Hojaboom Fri Oct 12 18:29:09 2001
I'm looking for information on the HOJABOOM / HOGABOOM family. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.


Mary Fisher Hall Fri Oct 12 22:16:35 2001
My grgrandfather John E.M. FISHER, wife Charlotte Melissa (CONE) and his brother J. Nick FISHER, wife Nettie (CONE) owned a tannery in So. Otselic. In 1866 they bought it from a Mr. Elihu THOMPSON. Anyone know the exact location of tannery & might there be photos out there somewhere. An older brother J. Henry FISHER, wife Caroline (BELL) was a minister in So.Otselic, believe the Evangelical Church. Any info on the church and location of said church or sources where I might find such info. Plan to travel to So. Otselic next week and would like to look up these places.


kristin fox Sun Oct 14 16:53:07 2001
I am searching for information on my great grandfather Charles FOX who was born in Smyrna New York November 1847. He may of had a brother named William FOX or that may be his father. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Bruce F. McGlone Wed Oct 17 06:17:19 2001
Is there a photo available of my grandfather's former home in downtown Oxford? His name was Paul W. CROUCH and he was a (the?) dentist in Oxford from at least the 1950s to ~1970. I've not visited Oxford for ~20 years (he moved to AZ in the '70s and passed on while living there), but my mother (his daughter) was wondering if the home was still there and what its use was today. It was along the road to the (1965-era) high school. I remember pillars on the front porch, but my mother doesn't.
Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks. -Bruce in Michigan


Sarah Edith Vermilya Thu Oct 18 11:19:58 2001
I am looking for any information on the INGRAHAM's OR MILLIARD's. My Grandmother was Edith Louise INGRAHAM. Her parents were....George Henry INGRAHAM and Mary________?? (surname unknown). Mary died when Edith Louise was a young girl. They also had other children. Their names were Hattie, Fred, Henry George (known as George) and possibly more.. After Mary died, my great grandfather George Henry INGRAHAM married a woman by the name of Josephine________???? (surname unknown). When they married they also had a child named Floyd. Floyd INGRAHAM married a woman by the name of Kitty________??? (surname unknown). Floyd and Kitty opened a restaurant in Binghamton New York by the name of The Homestead Restaurant on the corner of Clinton Street and Front Street. My Grandmother Edith Louise INGRAHAM was born approximately 1878 in Oxford, New York. Edith Louise married John Danford MILLARD. My Grandfather...John Danford MILLARD use to work as a laborer on the Stratton farm!
Any information would be much appreciated.
Thank You, Sarah Edith Vermilya - [email protected]


Wendy White Mon Oct 22 12:18:59 2001
According to the History or Otsego County, Hubbard GOODRICH / GOODRIDGE moved from Otsego County to Otselic, Chenango County and lived there until his death. I have no date of death. Where is he buried? Did he have a daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, who married Timothy Perrin SUMNER?
I know it's a shot in the dark, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Bill Cable Fri Oct 26 08:07:02 2001
"History of Chenango Co." re S.New Berlin refers to Henry SCOTT settling there 1808 with father Stephen from Albany Co. Biography refers to 7 living children. Would like to know if they include Henry Jr. I seek a Henry said to visit Marie Mason SCOTT (1887-1927) in W.Windsor, Broome, NY & who may be her father?


Ruth Jordan Thoden Fri Oct 26 12:30:25 2001
Seeking information on Polly AKIN who was born 21 Aug 1781 and died about 1859. She died in Oxford, Chenango Co at home of her son. She married Austin ODELL who was born 8 Jun 1774 in Queensbury, Warren Co, NY. Please respond by email [email protected]


John L. Tue Oct 30 10:35:57 2001
HANCOCK, Zaida - death record and will


Andrea Hyde Rogers Thu Nov 1 17:18:51 2001
Parent's names. Children's names. Dates of births, where born and dates of deaths and where buried. Any info on Maude Cooper HYDE, daughter of Andrew Jackson COOPER, and E. Scott HYDE, son of Chauncey DeElton HYDE, (father of Mark DeElton HYDE). Maude and E. Scott are buried in the Hyde Family plot in McLean, NY, but one was born in Cincinnatus and one was born in Pitcher, NY. I'm at the library right now and don't have my notes with me. I have been trying for years to find out E. Scott HYDE's first name ----he signed everything "E. Scott HYDE"---my father, Mark, was their only child, and he died at age 54 in an auto accident in Cortland, NY on May 1, 1969. Chauncey DeElton HYDE, his father owned a furniture company in the DeRuyter area---(Union Valley????) I'm trying to get some loose links together for the DAR. I know that Chauncey served in the Civil War and was wounded----I REALLY want to figure out who his parents were. Thank you very much for any info you can give me concerning my father's family---my grandmother HYDE (Maude [or Maud]} was also the daughter of Sarah PALMEr. I think her father was a railroad engineer, but I may be mistaken. E. Scott HYDE had a sister name Nellie who is buried in Cortland, NY.---she was an artist, and possibly a dressmaker---one of her paintings and a write-up was donated to the Cortland Historical Society about 10 yrs. ago. Thank you so much. ps Scott and Maude owned a farm on the Cortland/Tomkins county line at the turn of the century, and were Episcopalians (spell?). I would also like to know the names of any siblings of my grandparents, if possible.


christi dickenson Sat Nov 3 01:11:15 2001
Looking for any and all information on the above surnames. They are from the Greene, Oxford and Lisle areas. Any information is appreciated.


Roland Morris Sat Nov 3 17:42:44 2001
Seeking information on my Great 5x Grandfather David MORRIS 1803-48 Farmer migrated from Owego,NY Inherited farm from father in law David CROCKER. David is the earliest ancestor I know and could be the key to older relations.
Thanks! R:) Milwaukie, Oregon direct phone 503 5197658


Kristal banks Sat Nov 3 20:13:30 2001
I am trying to find the journal of Erastus WENTWORTH, born 1813-1886 in Chenago, NY. He was a Methodist missionary to Foo Chau in China from 1855-?. He was a professor before the Treaty of Nanking allowed for him to join a group of missionaries in China. His wife Anna died within a few months of being overseas, and he raised his son from another marriage, Jimmy, and his daughter Anna LEWIS in China.


Nancy Sat Nov 3 21:38:41 2001
Who was Colonel GURDON of Preston and Norwich area in 1799? The name may also be GORDON / GORDAN / GORDEN. Thanks!


Annie Strawn Wed Nov 7 10:13:57 2001
I am looking for decendants of Isaac BACON who md. Nancy GOODRICH, the daughter of Hubbard GOODRICH and Susannah GRAVES. Nancy is buried in Otselic Cem.,Chenango Co. She died in 1872 and is buried by her parents. I can't find Isaac's grave. He might have died in Pittsfield, Otsego Co. before they moved to Chenango Co.


DAWN ROGERS Wed Nov 7 20:47:32 2001
I am looking for Ezra THOMPSON born in New York 1820. I am looking for his siblings and parents. I am also looking for Cyrus THOMPSON who was born in Chenango Co. I am told on 8 September 1806 and then married a Dolly SHEPHARDSON. They both came to PA in Wyoming Co. I have all down on these men but looking for them back.
Please any help anyone can give would be grateful. Thank you. Dawn doing the THOMPSON family tree.


Raylene Follett Sat Nov 10 10:05:20 2001
I am looking for the parents of Merritt FOLLETT (aprox birthdate 1877) Married LuLa MILLER (date of birth March 3, 1881 death Jan 5,1961) They had 3 boys Marshall (Oct 8, 1914 died Nov 7, 1968 My Grandfather) Mahlon,and Warren. 4 daughters,Myrtle (Married Eugene TRESDELL not sure of the spelling.) Ora (Married Glenn SHAPLEY) Hazel (Nov 23,1906 died Dec 1982 married Fred MILLS Born April 29,1904 Died Nov 1972) and Phoebe (Married a MARTIN) this is as far as I con go back so far. Thank you for all information sent. Raylene Follett


Peggy Powers Kronauge Sun Nov 11 13:40:04 2001
I am looking for information about my family who lived in Oxford and Norwich. My greatgrandparents were William and Mary Ann (AGAN) HOGAN. My grandparents were William F. and Helen (HOGAN) POWERS. If you have any information abou them or are related to them, please email me.
Many thanks, Peggy POWERS KRONAUGE


ML Sun Nov 11 16:58:49 2001
I am looking for the family of Perry BARR. He married Mary HANCOCK in Susq. Co Pa.They were living in Otsetic NY in 1900. (That is the year her father died.) In 1930 Perry was still alive but I am not sure about Mary. Mary was my ggrandmother's sister. I hope someone knows of this family. I think that they both are buried in Otsetic. I don't know if they had children or not. Thank for the help ML


Judson E . Vickery Sun Nov 11 17:47:23 2001
Has any one have more about this one? John W BARTLE and Margaret of Oxford. had sons (1) John Jr BARTLE (wife Lydia TUTTLE), (2)Peter BARTLE ( wife Sally VICORY had son Uri 1803-1890)(3) Uri BARTLE b about 1763 d june 2 1821, grave on old PERKINS farm Smithville. New York.


Judson E. Vickery Sun Nov 11 18:28:40 2001
I am looking for the connection from David PERKINS b 1764 or 1770 in Ct son Peter PERKINS b 1805 d 1891 to Oscar PERKINS d 1850 and Frank PERKINS b 19 Nov 1878 d Jan 1952 to Jeremiah PERKINS of Willett. Any bits will help.


Susena F. Hulbert Mon Nov 12 08:53:50 2001
Looking for information of Alberta Lucy BEERS and family--possibly from New Berlin, Norwich, Sherburne area. "Bertie" born about 1914--in car accident in West Laurens Sept. 14, 1930. Have diary from 1930.


Mark Tilyou Mon Nov 12 16:42:21 2001
The surnames of Albert D., John C., John D., and Mrs. Mary TILYON as shown in 1869-70 North Norwich Business Directory should read: Albert D. TILYOU, John C. TILYOU, John D. TILYOU, and Mrs. Mary TILYOU.

Joseph TILLOU of Duchess County moved to North Norwich about 1800, with his second wife Nancy Hubbard TILLOU, and their children. One of the children was John TILYOU, who himself had two wives before dying in 1856. John and his 1st wife, Mary Paul, had 4 children; Joseph [b. Oct 10, 1829], Benjamin [b. April 25, 1832 and drowned in 1858], Mahala [b April 6, 1834] and John C. TILYOU [b. July 5, 1836, and correctly listed in the county Civil War listing.] After the death of Mary Paul, John married his 2nd wife, Mary Burwell Guile TILYOU, and they had 4 children: Mary A. [b. Feb 27, 1841, died at 1 year]; Albert D. [b. December 4, 1842, d. May 26, 1910], Andrew [b. Dec 4, 1842, a twin to Albert; died at birth], and Abraham [b. Oct 30, 1845, d 1848.]

The business owners / farmers listed in the 1869-70 business directory would be Albert D. TILYOU and his mother Mary Burwell TILYOU [the 2nd wife of John] living on lot 35, and his half-brother John C. TILYOU living on lot 57. I do not have records of John C's children with Jane Brookins, but John D TILYOU would most probably be either his son or the son of his brother, Joseph TILYOU.

Albert D. TILYOU and his wife Sarah GORTON, and Benjamin Albert TILYOU and his wife Martha GOODRICH are buried in the North Norwich cemetary. There is a dual family oblisk: TILYOU and GOODRICH.

My name is Mark R. TILYOU, son of Benjamin Philip TILYOU [who was born in Norwich in 1928], who was the son of Ivon Benjamin TILYOU [born in New Berlin in 1904], who was the son of Benjamin Albert TILYOU [born in North Norwich in 1872], who was the son of Albert D. TILYOU. I am currently living in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

I would appreciate corresponding with others researching this family tree. Other children of Albert D. TILYOU included Addie E. (TILYOU) PHILIPS, Emma A. (TILYOU) MALLOY, and William A. TILYOU, who all stayed in the Chenango area.
Thanks. Mark Tilyou


R Church Tue Nov 13 14:14:13 2001
Looking for information on Sarah SLATER, wife of Daniel STRONG, mother of Ephraim STRONG. She was born in Rhode Island and died in Chenango Co, NY sometime after 1826 at the age of 67 years.


R Church Tue Nov 13 14:19:42 2001
Looking for information on David STRONG, husband of Sarah SLATER, father of Ephraim STRONG. David STRONG, a carpenter by trade, was born in New York and died in Chenango Co., New York in 1826.

Also looking for information on Ephraim STRONG, born May 6, 1816 in Chenango Co., New York. He moved to Indiana in 1837, later marrying Angeline HILL, then Eleanor KYLER. He died in 1888 in Columbia Twp., Indiana and is buried in Greenhill Cemetery.


Christine Thu Nov 15 07:47:20 2001
Esper HEIGLE: I noticed that Esper graduated from Central High School in 1951. I think we may be related. My grandfather was George P. HEIGLE. My grandmother was Mary (KHOURY) HEIGLE. We are from Utica, NY. I think you may be my father's cousin. Please email me.


Annie Strawn Sun Nov 18 19:43:59 2001
I am looking for information on Elizabeth GOODRICH, born Oct 17, 1801 md. Isaac BACON. Her sister, Nancy GOODRICH, born Jan 17, 1805. Md Samuel LINCOLN. They are the daughters of Hubbard and Susannah Graves GOODRICH.


Cheri Smith Mon Nov 19 10:46:57 2001
I am looking for information on Abram ALLEN. He is said to have been born in Norwich, Chenango, NY in approx. 1820's. I am looking for any information on his parents or date of birth.
Thank You Cheri Smith


Jean H COPE Mon Nov 19 21:38:28 2001
looking for g-g-g grandfather John HOUGHTALING b july 16 1816. There is a John HOUGHTALING and Cornelius HOUGHTALING family listed in 1840 census of Greene,Chenango Co, NY. Does anyone know any thing of these two families?


Lynda Darby Ozinga Fri Nov 23 08:15:33 2001
In 1930 a letter was written by Dr. Franklin B. Darby, stating: "Uncle Chauncey & Mary Ann are buried in the Green Cemetery, in the same lot as my father & mother." We discovered recently Rev. Chauncey & Mary Ann Short Darby are buried in Sylan Lawn Cemetery, Greene, Chenango Co, NY, next to his brother Lucius & Sarah Perkins Darby. We have previously thought Lucius had no children but now wonder if he might have had a son named Dr. Franklin B. Darby, who wrote this letter. Does anyone have anything that might show Lucius & Sarah with a son or children? Thanks for anything you might know!


Byron Palmer Fri Nov 23 10:04:37 2001
I am looking for information on Rueben PALMER early 1800's. Ruben was married to Esther THETGEE. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jane Sencer Fri Nov 23 14:21:32 2001
I am looking for the parents of Charlotte FOX, born abot 1803 in Sherbourne, who married James YOUNG. They were the parents of James YOUNG Jr. and Rosetta (YOUNG) FREEMAN. In the 1840 census, the YOUNGs lived next door to Amasa FOX. Could he be Charlotte's father? Any help would be appreciated.Thankyou.


Tammie Collins Fri Nov 23 17:47:40 2001
George B FOOTE (1818-1895) mar May Sophia WELD (?-1881) on 2/6/1833. They had the following children: Mae E, LeRoy H, Amelia, Monroe B, Apollos W, Florence M, Lillian S. I visited the Old Chapel Cemetery in Coventry this past summer and found their graves there, along with the stone of a Capt Calvin WELD who died 11/8/1844 at age 56 years. (Am assuming this may be May Sophia's father). There was no stone for any other WELD. Several stones for the FOOTE family (Blanche H, Clarence B, Henrietta M, Thomas B, Apollos W & wife Ida M, Gracie, Mary Elizabeth w/husband Nelson Cahoon, Apollos FOOT & wife Permelia, Isaac N).
Cemetery was in great disrepair, many stones were broken and/or unreadable, worn from age.
Am searching for any information on the parents of George and May Sophia. Their daughter Amelia's death certificate states they were both born in Coventry - so where are their parents? Does anyone out there have readings on any of the other cemeteries in the Coventry area? Thank you!


Penny Stewart Sat Nov 24 21:40:48 2001
Will share 1800s photo of Eunice STUART taken in Norwich, NY. No other info avail. Bought photo on ebay in hopes of reuniting with descendants/family.


Joyce Gausepohl Sun Nov 25 05:12:44 2001
Have a bible imprinted with Tom & Mary MARTIN, dated 1884. There were no records written in it, however there were a few papers as follows: indenture for Thomas MARTIN (1845) of Ireland, apprentice as a coach maker, also a certificate issued by Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Fund of Sangerfield & Marshall for Ed MARTIN (Civil War 1861-65).


Jane Stevenson Mon Nov 26 14:10:12 2001
Looking for William H. HATTEN, born in New Lisbon 1854. While still very young his mother died and his father took William and rest of siblings to New London, WI. Family may not have lived long in New Lisbon. In search of his parents names and where they were from.


Dean F. Bard Mon Nov 26 18:13:26 2001
I am seeking information about Horace BARD who lived in Chenago County in the 1880's. Horace was married to Eliza (SMITH) BARD and they had three sons, Richard, William and Walter. Walter was my grandfather, and he married Sarah WOOD. Sarah was from Wooster, I believe. Walter and Sarah were the parents of William and Floyd and they moved to Minneapolis prior to 1900, then to Western North Dakota, back to Minneapolis, then to Northern Minnesota about 1915. Floyd was my father, and I am interested in getting any information about Horace BARD, Eliza and their family, especially where they lived in Chenago County. Would appreciate any help.


Don Sanford Mon Nov 26 18:31:59 2001
I recently responded to an 1999 archived query from Charles Cooper who was looking for an Oliver BUTTS, early 1800's, who lived in the New Berlin area. My e-mail response was returned because the server rejected the address, user unknown. Perhaps he has changed his ISP. Anyway, I believe we have ties to the same family and would like to find him.

My 3rd Great Grandmother was Mahala BUTTS who was born in 1791 and died in 1850 in West Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY. She was married first to a man with a surname of BEAR, had three children by him and lived in Schoharie County. She came to Chenango Co., probably with her sister Hannah (BUTTS) VAN DUSEN, wife of Richard VAN DUSEN. She left her children with their uncle (probably her brother), Oliver BUTTS. She married second Allen BARSTOW probably in Chenango Co. in 1822.

Mahala’s child Betsey BEAR, came to Chenango County when a young woman and Married Stephen IRELAND in about 1834 or 1835.
Oliver BUTTS died 7 Sept. 1854 in Lafayette, Onondaga Co., NY and the court sent out a notice of probate to all heirs and next of kin.
I am searching for the parents and siblings of Mahala BUTTS and would be very grateful for any information on this family. Don Sanford


Ric Chrysler Wed Nov 28 18:23:19 2001
I am searching for information on the family of Martin WELCH and Hannorah "Nora" MURPHY. They resided in the town of Preston, or perhaps Oxford. I believe that Martin WELCH was born sometime between 1800 and 1820 (based on his daughter's birth in 1838). Hannorah would have probably also been born sometime around the same period. Their daughter Mary Anne WELCH (b.1838 in Oxford, Chen. Co., NY) married in 1863, Christopher BYRNE (b. 1824 in Kilpatrick, Meath, Ire.) and started a family in Friendsville, Susquehanna Co., Pa. All 9 of their children were born in Susq. Co., the first one in the year 1864 which means they probably moved right after marriage.
Martin WELCH appears in the 1869-70 Preston Business Directory with Oxford in parenthases. So I am assuming that he must have lived out his life at his homestead.
If anyone has any information on either the WELCH or MURPHY family, I would be much obliged if you shared that information. Thank you, Ric Chrysler (Binghamton) [email protected]


Carma Stone Sun Dec 2 00:39:47 2001
I am trying to determine what relationship made Abigail and my grgr aunt,Sarah, cousins.
In 1874 Abigail A. SEELY (1816-1900) sent a letter from New Berlin to her cousin, Sarah ALVORD, in which she cosoles Sarah who is grieving the death of her mother Lois Maria (MONROE) ALVORD (1816-1873). When the St. Andrew's Cemetery readings went online, I found Abigail buried there with members of the ANGELL family. A search in the New Berlin 1880 Federal Census indicates that Abigail's siblings were Maria C. ANGELL, Orrin ANGELL, Sophia DOWNING, and Adaline, the wife of David D. SKINNER. A search on the LDS site indicates that her husband was Henry SEELY.
Lois Maria MONROE (1816-1873) who resided in Chenango Co. with her parents, Lois (PARKER) and Josiah MONROE was married to James ALVORD in Norwich on August 20, 1837.


Duane C. Skeel Sun Dec 2 22:33:38 2001
I am looking for information on LUCAS Family. My connection is Elizabeth (LUCAS) SKEEL born in Smyrna, NY.
She is listed in 1870 Dunn Co. WI census as being 32 years old. So birthdate probably 1838. She would be my Great grand mother. Thank You


Linda Vernon Mon Dec 3 09:42:36 2001
I'm trying to find a TIBBITS family from Norwich, NY that had a son named Milo or Miles who married into the George Lyman TURK and Rose E. DUTCHER family.

George and Rose TURK are my g-grandparents. In George's obit (1932) the TIBBITS surname is mentioned and this Mrs. Milo TIBBITS is said to be the dtr. of George and Rose TURK. In Rose Dutcher TURK's obit (1940) Mrs. Milo TIBBITS isn't mentioned. It is therefore assumed this Mrs. Milo TIBBITS died between 1932 and 1940, because I can account for all of George and Rose's dtrs and who they married, except this Mrs. Milo TIBBITS.

Obituary of George Lyman TURK
Binghamton Sun Monday May 16, 1932

TURK - George L. TURK of 105 Park Avenue died Saturday Morning at the City Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Rose; four sons, George and Mahlon TURK of this city, John W. (or James W.) TURK, of Grand Gorge and six daughters, Mrs. (May Belle TURK) Percy S. BERGMAN, Mrs. (OrphieTURK) Francis E. NATHANS and Mrs. (Nancy D. TURK) J. H. CHASE of this city, Mrs. Milo TIBBITS of Norwich, Mrs. E. H. Slater of Chicago and Miss Grace TURK of Roxbury. The funeral will be held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank NATHANS, 36 (or 38) Frederick St. Rev. Theodore J. Dewees will officiate. Burial will be in the Chenango Valley Cemetery. Arrangements by M. J. Moriarity. Burial will be in the Chenango Valley Cemetery, Hillcrest, NY.

Obituary of Rose E. Dutcher TURK
Binghamton Sun Saturday Sept. 14, 1940

TURK - Mrs. Rose E. TURK, 82, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Francis NATHANS (Orphie J. TURK), 539 State St., Binghamton, NY; Thursday night at 10:15. Besides Mrs. NATHANS, she is survived by four other daughters, Mrs. Nancy (TURK) CHASE and Mrs. Percy (May Belle TURK) BERGMAN both of Binghamton and Mrs. Blanche STANKUS (should read STANKEVICZE) of Chicago and Miss Grace TURK of Roxbury; three sons, Mahlon J. TURK of Binghamton, J.W. TURK (James or John) of New Milford and George L. TURK of Castle Creek; 21 grandchildren and 12 g-grandchildren. The funeral will be held at 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at her home. The Rev. Theodore J. Dewees will officiate. Burial will be in the Chenango Valley Cemetery. Arrangements by J.F. Rice rest, NY.
Anyone??? Regards, Linda


Joe Burda Mon Dec 3 16:09:32 2001
I am looking for information about the JONES family that lived on JONE'S Hill Road between German and McDonough. I guess that they would be there around the mid 1800's, but that might not be correct. I am looking for information about this family or any information concerning the JONE'S Hill Road area. This area also is connected with SKILLMAN road, so around that time the SKILLMAN's must have been there too. Thank You.


Lynda Darby Ozinga Mon Dec 3 19:12:58 2001
Looking for any information on marriages, deaths, occupations, etc of the Lucius DARBY family shown on the 1850 & 1860 census of Greene, Chenango Co. Lucius (1813-1897),& Sarah PERKINS (1819-1855) buried in Sylvan Lawn Cem. Lucius 2nd wife, Mary ?, born 1827. Children Adelia DARBY born 1841, Henry T born 1843, Franklin B born 1846 & Willie C born 1855. Lucius was postmaster & merchant/farmer.


Lynda Darby Ozinga Mon Dec 3 19:17:22 2001
Looking for any information on marriages, deaths, occupations, etc of the Chauncey DARBY family, Baptist Minister in Greene, Chenango Co 1839-1845 at least. Chauncey (1816-1903),& Sarah PERKINS (1816-1902) buried in Sylvan Lawn Cem. Children Dr. Charles Hammond DARBY, 1843- 1910, moved to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1866 & died there; Dr. Franklin B. DARBY, 1846-after 1930, Orville Chauncey DARBY, born 1850.


Adrienne Ploss Wed Dec 5 06:33:51 2001
Searching for parents of William T. BEATMAN, b.1835, Afton or Coventry?, Chenango Co., NY; d.1920-1923, probably Fredonia, Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., NY. Buried probably in Chautauqua Co. He served 90th Infantry, NYS Volunteers (from Chenango Co.) during Civil War. He began collecting from his soldier's pension as an invalid in 1883.

Wm. first appears in 1875 Chautauqua Co., NY, census, Ripley township, Wm. T., 40; w/1st wife, Ella (maiden name STETSON or WATSON?), 22; son, Earl F., 1y1mo. (Ella b.Chenango Co., according to census records.) In 1880 Ripley census, Wm. also has dau., Grace, 1 yr. old. First wife, Ella, d.1 Jan 1891, buried East Ripley Cem., Ripley, Chautauqua, NY.

William second married Mary Adell KEITH (dau. of Orson KEITH & Philatia PLOSS)in Chautauqua Co., NY, and had dau., Mary Adell BEATMAN, Jr. (b.1894, probably Brocton, Portland, Chautauqua, NY d.California). Mary Adell, Jr. married __?__ STONE in California and had at least one son, Billie.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Karen Waterfield Wed Dec 5 12:34:19 2001
Searching for children of John U. (or M.) CASTLE, b. abt 1790 in Scotland, farmed in Sherburne Twp, Chenango Co. Wife Anna b. Mass. My line traces thru his dau. Eliza CASTLE who moved to Minnesota Territory by 1857. Other children include Lucy CASTLE, Mary CASTLE, Helen CASTLE, Cornelia CASTLE.


Marilyn Canfield Wed Dec 5 15:36:32 2001
Chester CHURCH, b. 1831 New Berlin, father Vernum? CHURCH, mother UNKNOWN.. Married Eliza Essie SHELDON of Utica, NY ca 1860..was in WIRT in Allegany County NY until death in Cuba NY in 1919. Had 2 children names unknown.
Would like information on children and parents..


PHYLLIS SELLS Thu Dec 6 07:12:01 2001
Annie McEACHERON or Anna BRANT - She was also married to Harvy BRANT then married a man named DARLING. Is there any information on Harvey's death and her marriage to this --- DARLING and when she passed away. I know where she is buried but don't know the year.


Caroline Schoch Sat Dec 8 19:37:31 2001
I see from browsing this web site that there is a Turner cemtery listed at the town of Preston. Would someone have a listing of the burials there? I am interested in those with theTURNER surname.


Gina Baldauf Sun Dec 9 07:55:50 2001
Looking for information on Benjamin Lionel HARTWELL who was born on September 16,1912 . He married Wanda Marie CORDNER. Father of Benjamin was Datus HARTWELL Born on October 3,1891 and his father was Benjamin HARTWELL born in 1852. Anyone who has other information on this family please contact me at [email protected] Thank you so much.


Betty G. Matthews Wed Dec 12 07:55:30 2001
My ancestor, Stiles HOTCHKISS lived in Smithville, NY, and he died there 11/10/1846. He is supposed to be buried in the Knickerbocker Cemetery. I would like to know if there is a marker there for him. His son, Spencer HOTCHKISS is also supposed to have been buried in the Knickerbocker Cemetery. He died 4/14/1870.
I would appreciate any information you can give me concerning this cemetery.


Susan K. Spies Wed Dec 12 10:08:31 2001
Seeking information on Joseph BREED and his wife, Anna HUTCHINSON, married in Hillsdale, Columbia County, NY, 1786. They lived in Linklaen, Chenango County where, I believe, all the children were born. Children were: William, b. 1787, m. Sophie LNU, d. 1833; Joseph, Jr., b. 1788, m. Charlotte BROWN, d. 1870; Andrew, b. 1789, m. Lydia FOSTER, d. 1856; Samuel, b. 1794, m. Lucy BABCOCK; Obadiah, b. 1795, m. Lucy COLE, d. 1877; Passie, b.?; Benjamin, b.?; Adnah, b. 1800, m. Minerva BURNHAM, d. 1885; Amos, b. 1800, m. Susan Bennett SOUTHMAID, d. 1868; Polly, b.? and Sylvia, b.?. Am interested in the children and their descendants as I am descended from Adnah. While some children remained in Linklaen, it appears that most moved West, Adnah to WI and Obadiah to IL, for example. Thanks for your help.


Chris Brinkley Wed Dec 12 23:06:42 2001
I am looking for any documentation of the relationship of my 3rd great grandfather, Allen TINKER, born Apr 2, 1815 in Preston, Chenango Co., NY to his alleged parents, Billings TINKER and Keturah DANIELS. They are both supposed to have died in Chenango Co. in about 1825, when he was about 10 years old.


Mark Stevens Sat Dec 15 12:13:26 2001
Looking for a marriage and/or death certificate or any other information on Meeta L. JACOBS whose second marriage was to Merle Dalton STEVENS. Meeta died in 1956 in Norwich after living there for most of her adult life. Merle married Meeta sometime around 1928-31 and then left her around 1933-34 after they had one son Homer Dalton STEVENS. Any help would be appreciated.


Byron Palmer Mon Dec 17 22:27:45 2001
I am searching for any information regarding Timothy PALMER. He is listed in Chenango Co., Green Twp. in the 1810 census. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


ckazimir Wed Dec 19 19:35:01 2001
Looking for any info on Charles WATERS and his wives Susan and Rachel; Hill WAKEMAN and ancestors; William D MUDGE and wife Elizabeth LEE; Franklin MUDGE and his wife Almira WATERS. Almira was the daughter of Anna ___ and an unknown WATERS. Thank you.


Patricia Reynolds Thu Dec 20 06:40:15 2001
I am the grandaughter of Gerald REYNOLDS and May ALLEN. Gerald was from Otselic and May lived in Pharsalia. I am looking to find records of their marriage. Gerald had brothers named: Frank, Wit, Huey and sisters Kate and Julia. I believe Gerald's mothers name was Sarah. Can anyone shed some light? Thank you.


cyndi Thu Dec 27 10:35:54 2001
I am looking for information on Henry GLOVER, born 25 Mar 1801 in Chenango Co., Ny. I don't have any other information on his family. He married Amy BLISS 19 Oct 1825, and moved to LaSalle Co., Illinois. Any information on the GLOVERs in Chenango would be a help. Thanks, Cyndi


Maria Johnson Fri Dec 28 12:43:44 2001
Looking for history on DAVIS Crossing?


Jack Burrows Sat Dec 29 17:01:35 2001
I am searching for information on Alpheus BURROWS. He is listed in the 1840 census as living in Guilford, Chenango. Any information would be appreciated


Lynda Darby Ozinga Sat Dec 29 20:20:07 2001
Lucius DARBY, son of Joseph & Asenath (TYLER) DARBY married Sarah PERKINS, abt 1839. They lived in Greene Village, Chenango Co, NY & their son Dr. Franklin DARBY, DDS, married Mary WHEADON. She may have been dau of Charles H. & Cordelia (SHORT) WHEADON, from Cortlandville. Cordelia (SHORT) WHEADON was dau of Hammond & Dorcas (WEAVER) SHORT. Cordelia's sisters, Mary Ann SHORT, married Rev. Chauncey DARBY, son of Joseph & Asenath DARBY. Sister Hellen SHORT married Edwin DARBY, also son of Joseph & Asenath DARBY. Appreciate any information on the DARBY, PERKINS, WHEADON, SHORT familes. THANKS!


Susan Anderson Sun Dec 30 06:20:50 2001
I am seeking the 1850 census info for Sidney BRIGGS. I found Sidney listed in the index as being on page 282, in the Town of Guilford...
Thank you so much for your time and help. It is much appreciated, Susan


Gian Norton Mon Dec 31 18:09:51 2001
I am looking for information on the following individuals:
Justin NORTON b. 3/18/1798 Rupert, VT; d. 1883 Eden, NY; m. 4/17/1831 Pitcher, Chenango Cty, NY
Laura FISH b. 12/4/1811 Pitcher, Chenango Cty, NY; d. 1896 Rochester, NY
child: James M. NORTON b. 7/25/1834 Pitcher, Chenango Cty, NY; d. 5/14/1925 Rochester, NY. married: Minnie CULVER
They may have resided at one time or another in the following towns near Pitcher: Eden, German.
Thank you for any help.

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