Apr - Jun 2002 Chenango County New York Queries

Apr - Jun 2002 Queries
Chenango County, New York

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Julie Biolo Thu Apr 4 06:57:59 2002
I am searching for the marriage date of Welcome PHILLIPS and Louisa ANGELL. Louisa was born 18 Aug 1813 in Scituate, Providence, RI and died 27 Feb 1882 in Shawano, Shawano, WI. Welcome was born about 1826 in New York. They had 6 children, 4 of whom were born in NY. The oldest was Caroline born in 1844. She is my gggrandmother.
Thank you for your help. Julie Biolo


Orva Jeanne Cluff Thu Apr 4 14:01:27 2002
I am looking for the family of Neil (Neal) KENNEDY. He lived in Washington Co. NY in 1790, 1800. He moved to Chenango Co. between 1808 and 1810. He is found in Smryna and Norwich. His wife may be Jane or Jennet. His children are Jane SMITH (Jonah), Selina WINSOR (Olney), Mary Ann BOYD (John?), Catherine PRESTON (James), James and Cornelius KENNEDY. He had one daughter never married named Elizabeth and possibly two more names Margaret and Selina. It is said he died running setting a gun for a bear trap and running into himself.


Jack Burrows Sat Apr 6 15:28:29 2002
In search of infromation on Amasa BURROWS and his wife Phiana NOWLIN. Particularly interested in Amasa's parents and siblings. Amasa and Phiana are buried in a cemetary north of Rockdale. Census information has them in Guilford from 1820 - 1860. Amasa died in 1876. Phiana in 1886


Laurence Lance Mon Apr 8 22:41:36 2002
Looking for LANCE people and in particular Emma E. DECKER born about 1858 who married abouit 1874 to Anthony LANCE of Blairtown (near Walnut Valley ) NJ. Please contact, Laurence Lance at [email protected] - thank you


MARK McCULLOR Tue Apr 9 22:22:54 2002
A Alexander McCULLOUGH relocated to the Chenango area around 1795. One of his sons (LEVI) McCULLOUGH was married in Norwich in July 1809 to an Isabell HAMILTON. I noticed a previous query from someone who was in search of a manuscript concerning the McCULLOUGH family which was written by a William Raleigh McCULLOUGH and allegedly housed in the Guernsey Memorial Library in Norwich. Is there such a manuscript? If so, how could a copy be obtained? Thank You Mark McCullor


Sheryl Pearson Sat Apr 13 03:07:22 2002
Searching for the names of the family of Oliver BENNET, engaged in agriculture, listed in the 1820 Federal Census in Chenango County, Plymouth Township, page 318. The household contains MALES: 1-to 10 years, 2-10 to 16 years, 1-26 to 45 years; FEMALES: 2-to 10 years, 1-16 to 26 years, 1-26 to 45 years. In particular, I am interested in finding information on Roswell Nelson BENNET, born 1816 in New York State whose father was possibly Oliver BENNET, a shoemaker. Roswell Nelson BENNETT is listed in the 1840 Federal Census in La Porte County, Indiana, born in New York. Thanks in advance.


Linda S. Smith Sat Apr 13 17:15:08 2002
Searching for Information on a Frederick CLINE d circa 1815, Smithville Flats, Chenango, Co. Married 2nd Lovina WOODEN. Both came from Mass. to Oxford. Had these children: John, Elisah, Sally, Seymour, Mary Ann, Lucy Ann, Lovina and Betsey. John, Elisha, John m. BENNETT girls. Need info on Frederick CLINE's parents.
Thank You, Linda


betty a smith Sat Apr 13 19:21:19 2002
These names belong to my mother, Clara May BRONSON, born 2-17-1916 Poolville, NY to Mable Emma INMAN + Floyd Uri BRONSON married in LaFayette, NY. There were 2 old sisters, Ruth Inman BRONSON, who married a Ray MINER, and a sister Anna Loraine BRONSON who married a FOSTER.
Floyd BRONSON has his wife Mable (INMAN) BRONSON put into The Marcy State Hospital ABT 1920, There she died Dec 23, 1948.
Clara May was my mother, who died in Onondoga Co, Ny In 1975.

Would like to complete my family Tree with more info on my grandmother.
Mable's father was, Charles August INMAN, married a Anna Sophia MACOMBER. Mable's grandfather was William Marshall INMAN married to Emma Jane BICKLEY.
Other Grandparents are:
William BICKLEY / Charlotte LAMPSHERE
Charles MACOMBER / Minnie HART / HEART

The BRONSON children were born on a farm just out side Poolville, NY. Clara is buried in Graham CEM, in Hubbardsville, Madison Co,NY
Would love to hear from any family on INMAN side. I am a family Historian and Geneolgist for my family. Help me put a new branch on my tree. Thank You, Betty


Steve Ferriss Sun Apr 14 17:56:58 2002
Hi, I'm looking for information on Cyrus CASS or CASE. He died in Norwich, Chenango, NY 12 May 1856.
Thanks for any assistance. Steve Ferriss


Diana Cruikshank Custrer Fri Apr 19 04:26:18 2002
Looking for information on who to contact to get a cemetery list for people buried in North Pitcher, NY Little church on Rt 26
Anyone know who the care taker is???
Thanks!! Diana [email protected]


Linda S. Smith Sun Apr 21 08:33:18 2002
Looking for any information on Elijah CLINE m. to Lydia. He is shown in the 1860 Census in the Smithville, Chenango, Co. N.Y. pg 513. Can anyone give me more information on this Elijah CLINE. i.e. Children, death dates, cemetery info. Please e mail me at [email protected]


Esther Sat Apr 27 12:11:43 2002
I am looking for any family members of Benjanin WEBBER and Laura BLISS I can find. They were married in Utica in 1913 but may have moved to another area.
Thanks for you help. Esther


cheryl colburn Sun Apr 28 19:03:50 2002
Looking for any information on Ruseell Gardner CARD. I am not real sure if the dates are right dob Feb 1824 dod 1900.


janie pine Mon Apr 29 23:43:08 2002
I am looking for any infromation on Daniel K. DIBBLE after 1910 . We know he died in Nov. of 1927 in Oxford. Would like to know what Cemetery he is in. Great grandfather of my husband!!
Thank you very much. Janie Pine [email protected]


Robert Dice Tue Apr 30 07:20:40 2002
I am looking for info on Jeremiah SHAW born around 1829. Jeremiah's wife's name was Mary and they were married 1854-1857. Their daughter Cora (born 1858) is mother ggmother. She married David MILLS (1876-78). Around the time of David and Cora's marriage and my ggmother Cora's birth, they moved to the Syracuse area.
Please email me at [email protected] with 'any' info.


Paula Schaefer Tue Apr 30 16:34:38 2002
Hi all I am looking for information on John WILSON. His son Ahira was born Chenango county, 1822. Not sure of his wife's name. 1855 Allegany county census, states John was born in Connecticut. As I say his son in 1822 was born in Chenango county. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Paula


Elmer Case Wed May 1 22:21:19 2002
I'm looking for any information on Edward CASE born around 1871 in Ohio and lived in Conventry,Chenango County,NY according to a 1920 Federal Census. He is believed to have died about 1921 I assume in the same area. His wife Irene is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetary in Norwich, NY. He had siblings Arnold, Verne, Irving, Edith, Elmer, and Norman. Any information such as where & when he died, any other relatives such as brother or sister or especially mother or father would be a big help to get thru this brick wall. e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks very much.


Ingrid Petersen Sears Thu May 2 05:01:10 2002
I have been looking for family trivia for a long time. I am hoping that you can help me. I am looking for my grandfather and his side of the family. It is like they never existed.
I know my grandfather Rue C. HOLDRIDGE moved to New York from Pennsylvania. It is said that he was born in 1887 in Pennsylvania. Died in 1957 or 1958 in Afton, New York. I have no knowledge of when he moved to New York. I know he met and married my GrandMother Maisie Belle MURDOCK. They had a farm in Afton, New York. My Grandpa had a milk route. They had 4 daughters of natural decent, and 2 sons ( twins ) adopted from their child Elizabeth.
1. Marguerite HOLDRIDGE
3. Elizabeth ( Betty ) May HOLDRIDGE b: December 17, 1919 d: January 19, 1991 ( my mom )
5. Everett HOLDRIDGE ( adopted )
6. Ernest D. HOLDRIDGE ( adopted )

The problem I am having is with the spelling of the last name. HOLDRIDGE has several ways of being spelled. I know three ways are on my moms birth certificate. Family name is listed as HOLDREGE as is grandpa's name. Then they have my grandma's name spelled HOLDRIDGE, my mom's is spelled HOLDREDGE. Each one of the twins has a different spelling for his last name as well. This is getting really complex to build my family tree.
It is as bad as the PETERSEN branch from my dad's side of the family. So far it is spelled PETERSEN / PETERSON / PEDERSEN / PIETERSEN / PEDERSON.

I have traced the MURDOCK ( Grandma's } side for quite a ways. The 1700's.
Here's hoping that you can help me find my grandpa.


Lynn KImble Thu May 2 20:18:11 2002
I am looking for any information on George C. KIMBALL, born New Berlin 1803 (?) and died at the Alamo. The only other information I have on him is that his father was Chester KIMBALL, born in New London Ct and died in Michigan; mother Lucy SATTERLEE. Not sure how he ended up in New Berlin long enough for George to be born. George died in 1836 in Texas. Thanks


Marilou Craft Sat May 4 13:38:05 2002
I am looking for information on the above surnames. My Father Robert VAN DUSEN and his brother Rexford VAN DUSEN were born in New Berlin. I know that Jay Thomas VAN DUSEN their father and that Mary Summers BRADLEY was their mother. I know that Jess S. BRADLEY was their great grandfater and that he owned a business with a man by the name of HARRIGTON. I know that Jess S BRADLEY married a woman by the name of Emily DEMMING. I also know that he remarried after Emily's death. I have very little Information as to who my father Robert VAN DUSEN's, grandparents were from his father side. I am unsure as to how the MEDBURYs Aand BEADSLEY fit into my roots. Any and all information someone might have that will help me put my roots and family tree together, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Chuck Tyler Sat May 4 14:16:14 2002
Looking for any info on a Leonard A. TYLER, born Providence R.I. 1906, lived in Norwich, Chenango County, in 1962. Any city directory entries providing clues to his career, family, etc. would be greatly appreciated. He was my father. We lost track of him after he and my mother were divorced. He died in Miami in 1978.


Bonnie Jacobsen Sun May 5 12:41:13 2002
Searching for information on BASSETT family of Smyrna/Syracuse. Louis/Lewis/Lucius H. BASSETT, born Dec 1859 in Syracuse, died either in 14 June 1929 in Syracuse. His death notice says he is buried in Smyrna "Next to his parents". I need to locate his grave and get the information on his stone and those of his parents.
Can anyone help? Bonnie


Tammie Collins Tue May 7 19:23:29 2002
Searching for information on the parents of George B FOOTE (1815-1895) & May Sophia WELD (?-1881), married 2/6/1833 in or near Coventry, NY. They had the following children:
May (1840-1813) who married Nelson COHOON (1835-1919)
LeRoy (1842-?)
Amelia (1845-1932) who married Adelbert BARTON (1845-1947)
Monroe (1847-?)
Appollos (1854-?) who married Ada ? (1850-1901)
Florence (1857-?)
Lillian (1860-?)
Adelbert & Amelia (FOOTE) BARTON were my great-great grandparents
Much of this information was passed on to me by my grandmother, Bernice Amelia BARTON - I verified some of the dates when I visited the Chapel Cemetery in Coventry.
May's father may have been Capt Calvin WELD (1788-1844) as his headstone was close to May's and the dates would work. There was no stone for a wife for Calvin. Also curious - what was he a captain of??? Stone just says "Capt Calvin WELD" with the dates.
FYI - an earlier query I posted listed May's last name as WELCH - I have since verified that it is indeed WELD, not WELCH. Any help out there????


Gail Huisheere Fri May 10 07:33:56 2002
The 1800 Federal Census lists an Augustus & a Samuel BINGHAM both living in Hamilton Twp., Chenango Co., NY. I am seeking information about these individuals and their families. Is this the same Samuel who later settled in Jefferson Co., NY? Are Augustus and Samuel from the same family? Did either of these men have a son, Augustus, born ca 1809-1810?


Polly LYNN Sat May 11 15:27:38 2002
Seeking information about Guinnette BUTTON (wife Nancy BAKER), father of Nathan BUTTON (born 1808 died 1878 in Plymouth NY, wife Abigail), father of Burlington BUTTON (born 1828 in Plymouth). Burlington married Almira MUDGE. I have heard there is a book on the BUTTONs. Anyone have it and willing to send me the pages on my ancestors? Thank you!


Polly LYNN Sat May 11 15:31:40 2002
I have some original information on GRAHAMs and HARRISONs in Chenango County. My two familes arrived in about 1845 (not the earlier HARRISONs) and left in 1920s.


Pam Hugie Tue May 14 20:04:15 2002
Aaron ROBERTSON is listed in the 1800 NY census in Chenango County with a wife and one dauther. Does anyone know if he might be the Aaron ROBERTSON who married Ruannah CYPHER and father to William ROBERTSON b. about 1799 and later relocated to New Brunswick? Any information on ROBERTSONs in the county around 1800 would be appreciated. Any help in deciding if this Aaron is mine would be appreciated. Thanks, pam hugie


Susan Clark Wed May 15 06:18:15 2002
I'm looking for information about the family of Russell and Mary (DEWEY) CLARK, who lived in Chenango in the early 1800s. Their children might include Alfred, James Madison, Clarissa, George C., Windsor Otis, and Aaron Dewey. Aaron was probably the namesake of Aaron DEWEY, Mary's father. An Aaron DEWEY who lived in Smithville at the time of the 1830 census was most likely Mary's father or brother. The DEWEYs and the CLARKs probably both moved to Chenango from Connecticut. Any information confirming the relationships between these people would be greatly appreciated. Russell was born in Connecticut, and he moved his family to Ashtabula County, Ohio, probably about 1830. Also seeking leads on Windsor CLARK, possible son or nephew of Russell, who also moved to Ashtabula.


Michael S. Terrell Wed May 15 14:40:17 2002
Hi, I know where and when Lyman TERRELL died and is buried Greenwood cemetery...not sure where in there though. I don't know his place of birth. What I am looking for is his parents names,and brothers or/and sisters listed/mentioned..or other family members(grandparents etc....?).....also his children ( I know of Horace,George and Maryann ) but am wondering if more are listed /mentioned somewhere. Horace and George both fought in the Civil War and Maryann married and moved to Sherburne,NY.......I am making a trip to Utica,NY June 3rd to June 14th ....I will be in New Berlin somewhere in that time space........


Jane Scott Sun May 19 16:59:54 2002
Looking for information on S.H. DUCALON (40) and his wife Ella M. age 24 listed in the 1880 United States Census being in New Berlin, Chenango NY. He is listed as a FB minister - assuming this to be First Baptist. She is listed as a dressmaker. No children listed in 1880. I did find a child buried in St. Andrews Cemtary in New Berlin, Sarah Lucil DUCOLON died 14 De. 1886 age 6 mons 20 days. How would I get a list of the Baptist churchs in the area and if they did a history of the church was a list of information about their ministers. any information would be of help or a direction I can go to.


sue Mon May 20 09:26:44 2002
Am looking for a marriage for Benjamin SMITH and Abigail CASWELL about 1831. Her father was Darius SMITH who was in Chenango Co. in the 1830 census, and by 1840 he was in New Hudson, Allegany Co. NEED help!!! Anyone who could check the early marriages for me, would be wonderful. I do not know who Benjamin's father was??? If you have access to a 1830 census index, please check for a Clark SMITH, whom I suspect might be Benjamin's father??
Thanks so much Sue [email protected]


albert l. haman, III Tue May 21 08:44:46 2002
Does anyone have information on Abbie GAZLAY, born on 10 March 1828, and married in Smithsville in the early 1850s, She died in Baraboo, Wisconsin in 1920, married to Henry Rogers RYAN.


Sherrie Henderson Wed May 22 00:35:53 2002
I am looking for ancestors of Arnold Westley FULLER born in Chenango Co., N.Y. in 1802. He was married to Sarah GREENE. Sarah GREENE died abt.1845 and Arnold FULLER went to Oregon abt.1845-1846. Looking for his parents, brothers, sisters,etc. Any help is appreciated, thank you. Sherrie Henderson


Darlene Thu May 23 08:02:10 2002
I'm looking for descendants of my great-great-uncle, Peter ROGERS (1844-?). I believe his wife's name was Mercy, he served in the Civil War, and he lived in Rockdale, Chenango County, in 1916. I'm trying to sort out some rather bizarre family legends, and I'd love to trade stories with descendants or anyone researching this line. I am a descendant of Peter's brother, Eli ROGERS.


Steven Bassett Fri May 24 10:26:57 2002
I am seeking information about my 3rd great grandparents William and Rebeccah (WASHBURN) BARTON who lived in Chenango County prior to 1850. They appear in the 1850 Michigan Census. Their oldest daughter is my 2nd great grandmother. One of their sons, Reuben was born in Chenango County in 1830, another son, Ezra, shows up in the 1850 Census. Any information would be appreciated


Ken Brown Sun May 26 20:23:35 2002
Researching the family of Oliver and Patience (SWEET) DYER from Rhode Island to New Berlin 1795 - 1850. Children (probable) Jeremiah and Mary Jane (SMITH) DYER; Nehemiah and Nancy (BLACKMAN) DYER; Arthur DYER; Isaac and Celinda (DYER) PHILLIPS.


Janet Turnbull Tue May 28 13:15:52 2002
Frederick James TURNBULL, born 1859, in Pitcher, NY. Parents were George B. and Mary (BUTLER) TURNBULL. I'd like to share information. Thanks.


Ann Christmann Fri May 31 12:05:51 2002
I would like to locate the graves of Joseph KENYON / KINYON, died in 1844 and Prudence (WILCOX) KENYON / KINYON died in 1879.
They lived in the New Berlin area.


robin spencer Thu Jun 6 19:26:31 2002
I am looking for any information regarding my father's parents: Orson A. TIFFANY and his wife Carrie (FRANKLIN) TIFFANY. I know from tombstone info Carrie died in 1918, Orson in 1939. I would like to know when they were married, actual birth and death dates, if known, and their parents names if known. Their children were Pearl, Norman, Herbert, Thomas, and my father; Henry.
I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Robin Spencer


John A. Aiello Fri Jun 7 21:14:58 2002
After years of searching for James FULLER, I have finally found him in your beautiful County ... James FULLER was born in Otsego Co, NY circa 1828, the son of Daniel Webster FULLER, Sr. and Sarah A. UTTER. He was the third of ten children. He married Esther A. WILDEY (27 Nov 1828 - 16 May 1870) on 1 Sep 1848 in Bainbridge, Chenango Co, NY. Esther was the daughter of Stephen WILDEY (14 Aug 1805 - Sep 1890) and Helen LUM (23 Nov 1806 - 26 Jul 1872) and was I believe the eldest of six children, and to the best of my knowledge the only one to marry. James FULLER died on 03 Feb 1895 in Masonville, Delware Co, NY and was buried in the WILDEY Family plot in Bennettsville Cemetery, Bennettsville, Chenango Co, NY. I have discovered most of this information from your County's Website after I discovered that James had died in Masonville and was buried in Bennettsville. I do not know if James FULLER & Esther WILDEY ever had any children. Now that I know where to look I'll check the 1850, 1860, and 1870 Census'. I have a bit of a puzzle though. The New Berlin Church records Esther Fuller as dying on 05 Jan 1871. Could be a different Esther Fuller, but the age is the same. Anyway, any help with these families would be a great help. Thanks.


debbie hoag Sat Jun 8 12:00:08 2002
Am seeking help with information on Stephen C. HOAG. I found one in the 1850 census, and he has a child also Stephen C. HOAG. He (I think) is my husband's greatgrandfather. Quite a find for us, as we have been looking for years. There is only one discrepancy. the Census indicates he is 8 years old, and we have info that our Stephen Charles HOAG was born May 16, 1840, so am looking for validation of some sort. If you can help, please contact me. Ever grateful- Debbie


Sue P. Sat Jun 8 19:14:36 2002
Looking for any information on Bernard CASEY & wife Margaret (HAYES) CASEY. Bernard was the son of Bernard Sr. & Mary O'CONNELL - lived in Smithville Flats. Children; John, Francis, Susie, Elizabeth.

Elhanan BARROWS & wife Sarah (STANLEY) BARROWS - sons Calvin (married Arvilla PAGE - daughter of Luther PAGE & Anne (TRACY) PAGE) & Rev. Alvin BARROWS
Any information would be most appreciated.


Sue P. Sat Jun 8 19:17:08 2002
Looking for descendants of Bruce SANFORD of either Smithville Flats or McDonough. I have portraits of both he & his wife & would like to have them go to their family. Please contact me via e-mail.


Barbara Sat Jun 8 20:03:08 2002
I am looking for information regarding Coral (STEERE) KENYAN or KENYEN; Edna (STEERE) SPRAGE or SPRAGUE. They are sisters. There was a third sister but I do not have her name. I am told that they all lived in the McDonough, NY area and that they were farmers in that area. They had a brother Floyd STEERE b.11/1880 & died 1964 also. Floyd was a sheet metal worker & a plumber. He was married to Florence. I do not have her maiden name, but know that she was born, 1-7-1898, Evansville, IN. She died 1985 - 67 yrs in the coming Jan. Floyd and Florence had three children: Eileen, Genevieve (both deceased) and a brother still living. They lived in the Binghamton, NY area. I would appreciate any help that you can give me in this area. I would think that there are some children or grandchildren of these people still living in the Chenango County Area. The only other information I have is that Florence's mother was from Poland. She was a seamstress and married an Austrian Colonel.


DOROTHY SUMNER Sun Jun 9 19:51:10 2002
Polly SMITH was b. in Chenango Co. N.Y. 1769. She m. Duty GREENE @ 1780/1785. They lived first in Stephentown, N.Y. in 1800 they moved to Wash. Co. Ohio where she died in 1824.


Diane Land Mon Jun 10 09:06:59 2002
I am trying to find out if Chloe COBURN b.7/16/1796 (possibly in Guilford, Chenango CO. NY) was the daughter of Nathaniel COBURN b. 12/8/1762 Windham Ct.This Nathaniel was possibly the fifer who marched Major Andre to the gallows in the Rev.War in 1780.If you have any info on this family I would appreciate it - Thanks - Diane


Michael Alexandrea Tue Jun 11 18:08:15 2002
I'm looking for any information on my grandmother who died in Norwich and was buried in New Berlin. Her name was Helen ALEXANDREA, any info will help.
Thanks, Michael


trish Wed Jun 12 09:50:36 2002
Am researching information for Ebenezer BUTLER, Riley BUTLER, and John BUTLER born in and lived in Chenango County, late 1700's and up through 1850. Any information much appreciated. Contact Trish [email protected] Thanks!


Tim James Wed Jun 12 21:52:03 2002
I have Asa Farnum EASTMAN b. Marbletown, Chenango County, NY, April 21, 1808. Does anyone know if Marbletown was or is in Chenango County and what it is currently called? Thank you, Tim James


Rex Touslee Sun Jun 16 12:36:16 2002
I am researching the TOUSLEY / TOWSLEE family. Darius TOUSLEY and Sarah (MARSH) TOUSLEY moved to Chenango County in 1805. Son Nathan TOWSLEE married Mahala TILLOTSON in Smithville and their son, Horace was born there in 1833. The TOUSLEY, MARSH,TILLOTSON and ROGERS families moved to Medina County, OH in 1838. Any information will be appreciated.


Tricia Clemens Mon Jun 17 06:42:11 2002
Am a descendent of Daniel CLEMONS born in Bainbridge about 1834 who removed to Addison, Steuben County about 1855. Death certificate lists his father as Abijah CLEMONS, mother not listed. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.


Eunice Davis Mon Jun 17 07:15:54 2002
I am looking for information on the family of Nicholas ROOT (b. 1770) married to Lois BARDEN, and in particular his son David B. (b.1813). I have additonal information and would like to locate a local geneologist who would be willing to investigate this family for me. I live out of the country and need someone to do the leg work!


Dave Mon Jun 17 12:24:48 2002
I am looking for the burial site of Lyman RATHBONE Sr. and Lyman RATHBONE Jr. Both died in the 1880s in the Preston/Oxford area of Chenango County. If anyone knows of or comes across their gravesite please let me know. Thank you.


Betty Mattingly Mon Jun 17 18:50:44 2002
Searching for the parents of Matthew C. DIMMICK born in NY about 1825 and he migrated to KY by 1852. He resided in Marshall County KY and married Jincey Eveline COLLEY in 1852 and their child William Andrew was born in 1853. We believe that Matthew came to KY with someone named Brown and they operated a business in Birmingham KY. Any leads would be appreciated. Betty


Anne P. Slatin Wed Jun 19 12:29:57 2002
Looking for any information on Minnie GRANT, born August 9, 1880, in Afton/Bainbridge. She married Irving PATTERSON. Minnie's father was a Baptist pastor in Afton/Bainbridge. What were her parents' names? Did she have any siblings?


Shirley Thu Jun 20 07:30:44 2002
I am looking for George NICHOLS born 1814 in New York. Both parents born in NY and Sarah (maybe Hetty Ann) (DELONG) NICHOLS. Born in New York. Could someone lookup 1850 Green, Chenango Co., New York census page 338 for George NICHOLS?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. Shirley


Diane Land Fri Jun 21 06:54:35 2002
I am searching for information on the family of Nathaniel COBURN. He was b.12/8/1762 in Windham Ct. He moved to Sudbury Mass. where he enlisted in the Rev. War. He was a fifer. He married Sally MOORIS and they lived in Fishkilll, Dutchess co . and Oxford (and possibly Guilford) Chenango CO. NY. He had Amariah b. 1782, Abel b. 1785, Sarah or Sally b. 8/19/1787, Joseph b. 1789, Joseph b. 1790, Clarissa b. 1792, Elistha, b. 1793, Harvey b. 1794 and Eveline b. 1796. He was on the Oxford CO. census 1800 with 9 children. What I am trying to find is another daughter Chloe COBURN. Chloe was b. 7/16/1796 in Guilford Chenango CO. We believe her father to be this Nathaniel. Her father was a Rev. War fifer. He was in the right place to be her father. However he has a daughter Eveline b. 1796. Could this be Chloe (middle name??)? Could they be twins? If anyone has any ideas or leads I would greatly apprectiate it. I am guessing they were Congregationalists as Nathaniel was baptized such.!
Does anyone know of any old Congregational churches in Guilford???
Many thanks for reading this! Diane


Mary Vespia Sun Jun 23 12:15:04 2002
Charles E. LYON born in New Berlin, Chenango County, NY after 1850. He married in Wisconsin in1878.
Father was John Charles Adolphus LYON, or Charles LYON, born in Brandenberg, Prussia in 1831 to Christ. and Mary LYON and came to the U.S. about 1850. Mother was Dora E.C. Unknown. The family moved to Chicago (when unknown). There may have been other children born in Chenango County.
Thank you for any information you can share.


Doris Falkenberg Tue Jun 25 13:45:42 2002
I am looking for information on the following all related:
George & Hannah (BURROUGHS) BINGHAM married in 1845. Children: Albro, Libby, Sarah.
Albro married Jennie (CORBIN) in 1883. Children: Ralph, Earl, Fannie, Florence (my grandmother)
They were from the Greene area. I found Hannah was from Bainbridge. I have no other information anything will help. Thanks


WARREN BAKER Wed Jun 26 14:18:14 2002
Trying to confirm or eliminate McLAUGHLIN names Chenango Co., NY in period 1850-1880. Anybody help ? Please.


Brenda Taylor Sat Jun 29 17:41:16 2002
I am trying to locate information on my gggrandfather Lyman B. COLE and his family. His obituary says that he was born in Gilbertsville, N.Y. on 9-22-1819 and died 5-13-1897 in Susq. Co., Pa. His obituary also says that he was bound out to a Deacon LULL when he (Lyman) was 8 years old. Lyman married his wife Jerusha HARDING in Guilford, N.Y. on 9/22/1842. They moved to Bridgewater Twp, Susq. Co., Pa. in 1837. I am interested in coming to Norwich to see if I can find any information on Lyman B. COLE. Do they have tax, birth, death, and suroget records there at the court house or Hist. Dept?
Thank you for any help you can give me. I'd like to come to Norwich the week of July 16.
Thank you!! Brenda


Pat Jorgensen Sun Jun 30 02:14:55 2002
Will "Joe"(who identified a person in the ROOT family photo), please contact me with your correct e-mail address? I may have info for you concerning Emma DIXON.

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