Pomfret Deaths

A Record of the Deaths in Pomfret - 1809-1810

Chautauqua County, NY

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Recorded on a preliminary leaf of a bound volume of assessment rolls, Town of Pomfret, 1810-1823.
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21 Jan 1809 Elisha Mann Died  
22 Jan 1809 Ephraim Peas Child died S[till] born  
2 Feb 1809 Miss Mann died  
14 Feb 1809 Burr Mann died  
21 Feb 1809 Veranus(?) Cole died instantly  
16 Mar 1809 Benjamin Barns Jnr['s] Child died S[till] born  
7 Apr 1809 Jonathan Smith died instantly  
15 or 16 Apr 1809 Isaac Roe's (Ross?) 2 Childred [sic] drownded  
28 Apr 1809 Daniel Warrens child died  
30 Jan 1810 Daniel Baldwins wife died  
4 Apr 1810 Benja Barns Jnr['s] child died  
22 May 1810 Luke Coons son died  
10 Jun 1810 Seth Cole died Seth Cole, whose death on 10 June 1810 is listed, was the son of Ebenezer Cole5 (John4, John3, James2, James1). His wife was Celea/Celia Sampson, and they had 11 children. Seth is buried in the Pomfret Pioneer Cemetery in Fredonia, Chautauqua Co.
from Pam Thompson
21 Jul 1810 George Pattisons wife died  
23 Jul 1810 Seth Snow Junr, the youngest son of Capt Seth Snow died 30 m. past 8 O'clock.  
23 Jul 1810 Rhodolphus Loomis's child died  
17 Aug 1810 Joel Giles Child died  
27 Sep 1810 William bellows Died of the hooping Cough aged eight months & one day.  


SOURCE - Assessment Rolls, Town of Pomfret, 1810-1823.